"Mercedes S63 AMG 2" (coupe): specifications, description, overview

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"Mercedes S63 AMG 2" (coupe): specifications, description, overview
"Mercedes S63 AMG 2" (coupe): specifications, description, overview

“Mercedes S63 AMG” is the car that is the most powerful and most dynamic sedan among all luxury cars. It sets completely new standards in terms of dynamics, economy and technology. In general, the car is more than worthy. So it just needs to be talked about.

mercedes s63 amg
mercedes s63 amg

About Design

The appearance of a car like the Mercedes S63 AMG makes an indelible impression. It looks dynamic, exclusive, elegant, expensive. Its appearance is a successful combination of classic automotive architecture, perfectly calibrated smooth lines and sensual forms that are typical for cars produced by the Mercedes concern. In this image, the specialists used all the expressive means that are branded and traditional for AMG.

The voluminous overall radiator grill makes a special impression. The front bumper, equipped with large air intakes, effectively harmonizes with it. Also noteworthy are the glossy black deflectors.colors that not only look beautiful, but also provide excellent airflow to the cooling modules. If you look closely at them, you can see that they are made in a sporty style.

Materials and quality

The front spoiler was made in original silver-chrome finish. It is quite voluminous, and also successfully reduces lifting forces. Due to the same side body design looks more profitable and impressive.

It is impossible not to note the large alloy wheels, made in the corporate style of the tuning studio. Through them you can see the brake system, which is considered to be perfect. Also eye-catching are the V8 BITURBO nameplates, which are made in an improved, completely new design. They adorn the front fenders very well and are a nod to the eight-cylinder flagship engine under the hood of the Mercedes S63 AMG.

The rear looks very sporty, even aggressive. And this character is successfully emphasized by a black diffuser with a chrome-plated silver lining. The image is also complemented by a pair of chrome-plated double exhaust pipes. In general, this car has a really decent appearance, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. The designers did their best, and we can see the result today.

mercedes s63 amg coupe
mercedes s63 amg coupe


“Mercedes S63 AMG” has not only a stunning bewitching appearance, but also an incredibly stylish interior. The interior is amazing. The brand character is immediately feltMercedes. Inside, everything is rich, high quality, luxurious. There is a special atmosphere here. The interior is spacious, the dashboard is comfortable and ergonomic, the seats are incredibly comfortable, moderately soft.

Specialists have developed a completely new control logic, made the right ergonomic accents, improved equipment. The sport seats have been redesigned and feature electronically adjustable memory, lateral support and, of course, heating. The decoration used high-quality exquisite leather. Naturally, everything inside is also decorated with AMG nameplates. And on the armrest you can see the embossed coat of arms. All these are incredibly noble details that make the interior truly luxurious. And the look is complemented by such a detail as an analog watch, made in the design of IWC.

how much is a mercedes s63 amg
how much is a mercedes s63 amg

Interior fittings

“Mercedes S63 AMG” is a special car. And, accordingly, his equipment is the same. It is worth talking in more detail about what the interior of this car can please potential buyers. The sports steering wheel, for example, impresses with its embossed rim and perforated leather. Aluminum paddle shifters are also visible.

The TFT display with excellent resolution is also worth noting, by controlling which you can find out any information, from engine oil temperature to suspension parameters. In the upper part, by the way, the gear that is recommended to the driver is displayed. And below is the one that is currently enabled. Speedometer, tachometer andother dials are made in the corporate style of the tuning studio - the logo and red-silver hands with a clearly recognizable font are proof of this.


In fact, all of the above is only a small part of what the “Mercedes S63 AMG” (coupe) can boast of. In fact, the equipment is much more impressive. Door sills, floor mats, sports pedals (material - brushed stainless steel), interior lighting, driver fatigue monitoring system, collision avoidance option, multimedia, 10 powerful speakers, paintwork, preventive safety function, tire pressure warning, LED headlights … and all this is the basic equipment! Indeed, the list is commendable. A car like the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG has everything you need. Various other features and equipment are also available for an additional fee.

mercedes s63 amg 4matic
mercedes s63 amg 4matic

Individual offer

"Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe" can be equipped with more features. They are also worth talking about. So, for example, a tuning studio offers an exterior trim package with materials such as carbon fiber (salon, by the way, too), a brake system with composite ceramic discs, a carbon engine cover, red brake calipers, an AIR-BALANCE package, a 3D sound system, business -phone, “luxury” seats with massage function, folding tables, intelligent control system, etc. Well, as you can see, the Mercedes package is not offeredpoor. How much does a Mercedes S63 AMG cost in such an impressive outfit, it’s even scary for some to imagine. If the regular version, released in 2013, now costs about ten million rubles, then this one will cost about 15 million for sure. It is difficult to name a specific cost, since everything here depends on what functions a potential buyer wants to see in his car. But we can safely say one thing - such a machine will cost a lot.


This is the most important part of the discussion. It is logical to assume that the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, whose price is estimated in millions of rubles, will amaze with its performance. And it really is.

The developers managed to reduce the weight of the car by one hundred kilograms - a considerable indicator. Due to this, the dynamic characteristics have been significantly improved. A lightweight lithium-ion battery and a weight-optimized braking system were also installed. And most of the body is made of aluminum. The niche was decided to be made of carbon fiber. All this saved a lot of kilograms. It is not surprising that this car accelerates to hundreds in four seconds. And the maximum, which is electronically limited, is, as elsewhere, 250 km/h.

5, 5-litre twin-turbo powertrain boasts direct injection, twin-turbo, aluminum block pit, 4-valve gas timing, air-to-liquid cooling of air, engine oil, coolant, and transmission liquids. Plus, there is a systemgenerator control and useful features such as ECO Start/Stop.

mercedes benz s63 amg
mercedes benz s63 amg

S63 from BRABUS and S65

Of course, speaking of the S63, one cannot fail to note what a tuning studio like BRABUS did with this car. Specialists increased the volume of its engine to 5.9 liters from 5.5. And the power is 850 horsepower, which is really impressive. The maximum speed is 350 km/h (!), and it gets to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The figures are more impressive than those of AMG. But here is a matter of taste. Some like the classic comfortable AMG, while others like the aggressive, muscular body kit and simply wild BRABUS performance. By the way, not so long ago, in August 2015, the premiere of another novelty took place - the S65 AMG with a six-liter engine. Its cost is 14,800,000 rubles. Five million more than the base S63.

mercedes s63 amg coupe
mercedes s63 amg coupe


Transmission is also an important aspect. So, the car "Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic" is equipped with a sports 7-speed gearbox with three modes of operation. The first is C, controlled economy. The second is S, that is, sports. And the third is M, meaning manual gear shifting. Due to this mode, you can customize the automatic transmission for yourself. When a person selects mode C, the Eco Start/Stop system is automatically activated, which turns off the motor when the car is idle.

And in this mode, the motorist gets the opportunity to feel how softly theAutomatic transmission. Gear shifting is not felt at all.

S and M modes provide fast transmission operation, lively, so to speak, only the “Eco Start / Stop” function in this case does not work, it turns off. Gear shifting is very effective and silent even at full load. And all thanks to a short and precisely defined shutdown of the ignition and injection at full load.


Mercedes has always been famous for producing beautiful, reliable, technically advanced and, most importantly, safe cars. And the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic is no exception. This car has completely new safety standards. And it has been tested on numerous test drives. Both active and passive safety systems open up new driving horizons.

The Mercedes S63 AMG, whose performance is truly impressive, is an eloquent example of a car in which safety merges with comfort and coziness. In this model, this concept is called “intelligent movement”. New, advanced systems have made the car much safer (both for the driver and for passengers with pedestrians) and comfortable. The model is equipped with a package of assistance systems PLUS and a night vision system called Night View Assist Plus.

mercedes benz s63 amg 4matic
mercedes benz s63 amg 4matic

Things to know

Finally, I would like to say a few more words about other points regarding this car. For example,brake system. It provides the shortest braking distance and instant deceleration. And this is not surprising, because the car belongs to the category of highly dynamic.

This car has excellent driving performance. It completely absorbs any pits, road surface irregularities, copes with turns easily, sensitively responds to the slightest movement of the driver with the steering wheel. Rides great, handles flawlessly - this car is a real pleasure for the person lucky enough to own it.

Strong dynamics and fast acceleration are ensured by an all-wheel drive sports system that distributes torque as needed.

And finally, the lithium-ion battery mentioned above. It is an excellent replacement for the starter battery and support. Combining these two functions, it became smaller. Weight decreased by 20 kilograms! And yet, the S 63 AMG is the first mass-produced car in the world to use such a battery solution.

All in all, the Mercedes S63 AMG (coupe) is an amazing car. And clear proof of this is everything that was said about him above, as well as the rave reviews of those lucky ones who have already become satisfied owners of this Mercedes-Benz model.