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"Izh Planet-2" - the ideal of the Soviet motorcycle

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"Izh Planet-2" - the ideal of the Soviet motorcycle
"Izh Planet-2" - the ideal of the Soviet motorcycle

Despite the fact that more than 40 years have passed since the end of the production of this motorcycle model, it continues to travel along the bumpy roads of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries. It's about the motorcycle "Izh Planet-2".


The road motorcycle "Izh Planeta-2" was produced by the Izhmash plant in the period from 1965 to 1971. For 6 years of release of the model, the world has seen about 245,000 copies of it. Planet-2 was covered by a manufacturer's warranty for a year and a half or 15,000 kilometers.

The previous model "Izh Planet" was less powerful and comfortable. In addition to increased power, Izhmash engineers did not make significant changes to the new Izh Planet-2 motorcycle.

The subsequent model "Izh Planet-3" is considered the most reliable among all Soviet "Planets". The third model of single-cylinder motorcycles "Izh" has a more modern design compared to the previous one. Also, "Planet-3" is equipped with direction indicators, the motor has a reciprocating purge. New brake system and improved clutchare typical for the motorcycle "Izh Planet-3".


At that time, the motorcycle "Izh Planet-2" had modern parameters. Specifications are as follows: 346 cc two-stroke engine. cm drives a 155-kilogram motorcycle. Engine power - 15 horsepower at a crankshaft speed of 4,200–4,600 per minute. The fuel mixture enters the cylinder together with lubricating oil. After ignition, a compression of about 7 is created in a normal cylinder. Fuel enters the K-36I carburetor by gravity from a tank with a capacity of 18 liters, after which it is sucked into the cylinder by the reverse stroke of the piston.

izh planet 2
izh planet 2

Maximum speed - 105 kilometers per hour, while fuel consumption increases, and engine life is significantly reduced. The rotation of the crankshaft is transmitted by a two-row chain to the clutch, and to the wheels - by a two-way, four-speed gearbox through a multi-plate clutch system. From the box to the rear wheel, the rotation is transmitted by a chain, the gear ratio of which is 2, 33.

The softness of the movement is provided by the depreciation system. The front telescopic fork is equipped with a spring mechanism with a hydraulic shock absorber. The rear fork is pendulum, with the same shock absorber as the front. The motorcycle frame is non-separable, all-metal, tubular.

Repair and operation conditions

The motorcycle is designed so that it does not require special conditions, tools and equipment for its repair. It is desirable, but not necessary, to have when assembling the motor, setting the ignition:

  • solvent;
  • flat head screwdriver;
  • motorcycle Izh Planta 2
    motorcycle Izh Planta 2
  • metal brush;
  • cap heads;
  • collar;
  • compressometer;
  • micrometer;
  • multimeter;
  • blowtorch (ideally, it is with its help that fingers are inserted into new pistons);
  • sweep for 14, etc.

It would seem that not every garage has a list of appliances and tools. In fact, all of the above can be replaced with conventional tools. For example, press in fingers with a bolt of the appropriate diameter and a nut, and ring wires or any electrical appliances with a 12-volt light bulb.

Reviews about the motorcycle "Izh Planeta-2"

Mostly the owners of this motorcycle are in the category of "over 40". Of course, not all of them, but most of them were born and raised in the USSR, so they still own the technology of those times.

Modern youth inherit or buy similar models for restoration. Some examples of modernized motorcycles from the USSR can compete with modern bikes in terms of their technical characteristics and appearance.

izh planet 2 specifications
izh planet 2 specifications

As a rule, motorcycle owners claim the reliability and simplicity of the unit. Relative to the more modern Planet-4 models, or even more so the Jupiter-4, the single-cylinder Izh of the 2nd generation is particularly durable. After all, during the production of the latter was absentgreat competition and pursuit of power.

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