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How to reduce fuel consumption?

How to reduce fuel consumption?
How to reduce fuel consumption?

Perhaps one of the main items of car maintenance is fuel consumption. Therefore, each car owner seeks to reduce this value and save their money. To do this, it is enough to follow some simple recommendations.

Fuel consumption

In addition, it must be remembered that the technical serviceability of the car has a huge impact on fuel consumption. For example, wedged brake pads and reduced tire pressure. Therefore, for starters, you can check at least these two parameters. This can be done by checking the air pressure in the tires regularly, for example once every one or two weeks. Monitoring brake pads is even easier to arrange. It is only necessary to periodically check their temperature. This can be done even with bare hands by touching the mechanism directly after a long movement without braking. It should not be warm, much less hot. If this is not the case, you should contact the nearest service station for advice and possible repairs.

Reduced fuel consumption can also be the result of measures to adjust the ignition timing, clean the fuel and air filters, repair the thermostat and much more. After all, negative conditions will inevitably lead to the fact that the enginemore power will be needed to cover the resulting losses, and, consequently, the specific fuel consumption will increase.

Reduced fuel consumption

The aerodynamics of the car, in particular, the resistance to air currents, has a significant impact. Therefore, when choosing and buying a car, it is necessary to give preference to the option with more streamlined body shapes. Even the type of gearbox affects fuel consumption! A manual gearbox (manual transmission) reduces this indicator, and an automatic transmission (automatic transmission), on the contrary, increases it (by about 1 liter per 100 km). A running air conditioner takes almost 15% of the fuel, because it needs a lot of power. Open windows increase fuel consumption by 4%. An additional roof rack installed on the roof of the car significantly reduces the flow rate of the car, which means it increases its resistance, which entails fuel consumption. In addition, this indicator is also affected by the inclusion of short-range and long-range headlights, a working radio tape recorder and any other electrical device.

GPS fuel consumption monitoring

Driving style is another important criterion. The optimal speed for country trips is to maintain a speed of 80-90 km / h. Exceeding 10-40 km / h entails an increase in fuel consumption by one and a half times!

Fuel consumption control (GPS-monitoring) allows you to track not only the consumption of fuel resources, but also the fullness of the tank, the location of the car at any time, route andspeed, downtime. For companies that install monitoring data on their company vehicles, this information will help track the movement of employees, which will increase productivity. The norm control of travel time will help prevent the driver from exceeding the allowed time behind the wheel, which will save the life and he alth of passengers.

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