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How to choose a diesel car?

How to choose a diesel car?
How to choose a diesel car?

So you've decided to buy a diesel car. Which brand do you prefer? What to pay special attention to? That's what we'll talk about in this article.Most motorists often wonder about the advisability of purchasing diesel cars. After all, the cost of 95 gasoline and diesel fuel is almost the same? The difference is primarily visible in fuel consumption. And by the way, she's huge. Fuel consumption in cars with a diesel engine is almost two times less. In addition, technology is advancing, the differences between gasoline and diesel engines are blurring, in many ways diesel cars are even ahead of gasoline cars.

But diesel cars also have their downsides - this is the price and interservice mileage. In addition, fuel can not be found everywhere. In this article, we will look at three diesel cars that can be purchased in Russia.

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Volkswagen Golf is a premium diesel car

Leader and founder of his class. Since the beginning of its production, the Golf has undergone many changes, but the quality and reliability have remained at the highest level. It is also important that the Volkswagen Golf has been becomingthe best car of the year according to various reputable magazines and agencies.So, Golf can be purchased with a two-liter diesel engine. Despite the fact that the volume is small, the car behaves very confidently on the track, efficiency and dynamics are at a high level. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 10 seconds. Fuel consumption is 6.5 liters per hundred kilometers. Of the shortcomings, one can single out the lack of an automatic transmission. Otherwise, the car is great.

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Skoda Octavia Combi

The main advantage of the Skoda Octavia Combi is a thoughtful and spacious interior. Also striking is the trunk, which has a volume of 580 liters, which turns the Octavia Combi into almost a small van. A two-liter diesel engine is installed in the car, which gives the car dynamism and at the same time seriously saves fuel. The car is produced with a 6-speed DSG, which perfectly complements the technologically advanced engine. The diesel car accelerates to hundreds in 8.4 seconds, fuel consumption is 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

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Ford Focus

Leader of the domestic sales market. Ford Focus diesel cars are selling slightly worse than their petrol counterparts. The main reason for low sales is the high price of this version. But with a diesel engine, the car reveals all the facets of its capabilities. The two-liter engine makes the Focus the most dynamic member of its segment. Up to a hundred carsaccelerates in just over 9 seconds, fuel consumption is almost seven liters per hundred kilometers, equipped with a 6-speed robotic gearbox.

In Russia, the demand for diesel cars is quite low, even though they are very widely represented. Perhaps this is due to various stereotypes. It must be remembered that technology is advancing and today it is almost impossible to distinguish between diesel and gasoline cars.

Which diesel car to choose depends only on you and your desires. Good luck in your search for the perfect option!

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