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Wheels "Bridgestone": types, characteristics, reviews

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Wheels "Bridgestone": types, characteristics, reviews
Wheels "Bridgestone": types, characteristics, reviews

Every car owner knows or at least heard about the existence of Bridgestone tires. And this is not surprising, because the Japanese company, which has existed since 1931, thanks to the quality of its products, has won recognition from both professionals and ordinary motorists around the world, including our country. Bridgestone brand wheels, thanks to a wide range, can be selected for almost any operating conditions and driving style.

Bridgestone wheels

Summer tires

To operate the machine in the warm season, Bridgestone has developed a whole line of tires, these are:

  • Potenza;
  • Ecopia;
  • Dueler;
  • Turanza;
  • MY-02;
  • B-250.

Such a variety of brands is due to the fact that each of them has its own characteristics and individual characteristics, allowing the buyer to choose exactly the rubber that is most suitable for his car.


Wheels "Bridgestone" summer Potenza are sports-class tires that feel great both on asph alt and on a dirt road. This rubber is made with RunFlat technology, which allows you to continue moving even if the wheel is punctured.

Bridgestone summer wheels

Firm "Bridgestone" offers five options for tires of this type, differing from each other in the tread pattern and its design. This allows you to make an individual selection of the right sports wheels for your driving style for each motorist.

Ecopia tires

The main emphasis in tires of this type is on environmental friendliness. Therefore, Ecopia tires are primarily designed for urban roads.

bridgestone wheels reviews

The manufacturer has ensured that this rubber minimizes the friction of the tire on the road surface while driving, which, in turn, saves fuel, and quite significantly. So, for small cars, the savings are at least 7%. For medium and business class cars - 12%. Bridgestone did not forget about SUVs, however, for them, the amount of fuel saving on such tires will be about 3%.

In addition, during comparative tests with similar models from other manufacturers, Ecopia showed the best wet grip and high abrasion resistance. By the way, it is worth mentioning the fact that no other manufacturer has so far been able to achieve the same characteristics as Ecopia,including Bridgestone's direct competitors Michelin.

Dueler Tires

The Bridgestone wheels of this model are designed primarily for SUVs operating in urban areas.

Bridgestone brand wheels

In fact, these are tires that partially combine the qualities of off-road rubber and ordinary urban tires. Of course, they are not designed to overcome deep mud pits, but in moderate off-road conditions they feel quite confident. At the same time, on city streets, Dueler tires do not create discomfort in the form of increased noise and “crease” of rubber on corners, as happens with specialized mud tires.


Bridgestone wheels price

This type of rubber is considered universal and suitable for cars of various types. These tires use RTF technology, which, after a puncture, allows you to drive a certain distance on a flat tire to the nearest tire shop. In addition, these tires are virtually silent and have low wear rates.

MY-02 and B-250

Although these tires are considered sports, they are only nominally suitable for extreme driving. The fact is that during comparative testing with Michelin sports tires, Bridgestone wheels showed not very good dynamic characteristics and increased braking distance. Nevertheless, they surpassed their competitors in terms of working life, environmental friendliness and savings on consumption.fuel.

Sports Bridgestone

MY-02 has a wide profile and a reinforced frame, which is an important feature when operating on Russian roads, which are full of bumps.

Bridgestone B-250

B-250 is a guarantee of comfort, reliability, safety and, most importantly, environmental friendliness. Thanks to the combination of these qualities, many global automakers prefer Bridgestone wheels and install this type of tire on serial models of manufactured cars.

Winter tires "Bridgestone"

Bridgestone winter wheels are made of special materials that do not change their performance properties at low temperatures. The wheel tread is also meticulously crafted to provide the best possible grip on the road, regardless of the condition, hence ensuring the highest possible level of safety for the driver.

Traditionally, Bridgestone winter wheels are divided into two types: studded (Ice Cruiser) and non-studded (Blizzak).

Ice Cruiser winter tires

The latest generation of studded tires, the Ice Cruiser, have been developed specifically for harsh winters. Tires of this type, due to the unique design scheme and the location of the spikes, provide a decent level of safety even on long stretches of ice. Moreover, the manufacturers did not stop there, and on the latest generation Ice Cruiser, the number of studded lines in the wheel was increased from 12 to 16,making them even more efficient.

Bridgestone winter wheels

The tire itself is made of multi-component rubber, the structure of which tightly holds the spikes, preventing them from falling out. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser wheels are available in a wide range of sizes and profiles to fit any vehicle.

Winter tires "Blizzak"

Wheels "Bridgestone Blizzak" are presented by a series of models for various types of cars. For example, for sports cars, Japanese manufacturers have released the Blizzak LM-25 model.

The Blizzak Revo1 model is more versatile, it can be installed on both regular cars and SUVs.

Blizzak LM-80 tires are installed on both SUVs and crossovers. In this model, the tire sipes are made according to a fundamentally new technology, which makes it possible to further increase the car's cross-country ability. In addition, LM-80 rubber is quite economical, as it has ideally optimized tread and carcass shapes for the winter period.

For Russian roads, Bridgestone-Blisack WS70 wheels are perfect. This tire works great both on wet roads and when overcoming snow drifts and ice patches. And the range of applications for this model is quite wide, it is suitable for almost any type of passenger car, including minibuses.

The latest generation of Bridgestone Blizzak tires is the Blizzak Revo GZ. The composition of the rubber compound usedin the production of tires, a polymer has been added that further increases the resistance of rubber to temperature extremes and significantly reduces wheel wear during operation in the most extreme winter conditions. In addition, the new technologies used in the Blizzak Revo GZ made it possible to reduce the stopping distance of the car by 3% and increase traction by 15% compared to similar models of competing companies.

Bridgestone Blizzak

The entire Blizak line of tires is made of microporous rubber, which prevents the formation of a slippery film between the tread surface and the roadway, thereby providing maximum traction.

"Bridgestone", wheels: reviews

The modern tire market is replete with products of various companies and brands, in which it is easy to get confused and difficult to choose exactly what you need. For some buyers, the determining criterion for selection is the price, for others - quality. Moreover, it is very difficult to find a complete correspondence of one to the other. So, Bridgestone wheels, the price of which is democratic, are just such an option.

Most drivers who use Bridgestone products rate their tires 5 points (on a five-point system), highlighting the following advantages:

  • rubber grip;
  • good cross;
  • strong lateral surface (many manufacturers save on this element of the tire, which often leads to an explosion of the wheel);
  • quiet (even compared to summer tires);
  • value for money.

However, some drivers also noted disadvantages, expressed in a slight “yaw” of the car at high speeds, and also fuel consumption increased on some models of Bridgestone wheels.

Nevertheless, each review of car owners is made up of purely individual feelings, depending on many factors. However, hardly anyone can dispute the fact that Bridgestone wheels are a truly high-quality product manufactured using revolutionary technologies and under constant quality control of manufactured products. Thanks to this, the Bridgestone tires have a perfectly round shape and a high degree of preservation of all the initially inherent high characteristics even with severe wheel wear.

Price for Bridgestone wheels

Prices for tires "Bridgestone" depend on the type, size, and characteristics of tires. For example, the average cost of Bridgestone R14 tires varies from 1370 rubles to 6100 rubles. The price of R17 wheels ranges from 4,450 rubles to 15,000 rubles. Moreover, seasonality does not have a special effect on the cost.

In a word, Bridgestone's range of tires and their price can satisfy the needs of a buyer with any preferences and requirements.

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