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Tires "Yokohama Geolender": description, opinion of motorists

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Tires "Yokohama Geolender": description, opinion of motorists
Tires "Yokohama Geolender": description, opinion of motorists

Japanese brand Yokohama enjoys well-deserved love among motorists. Tires of this brand can be found on cars of different classes. The fact is that the company's products are incredibly reliable. The company received TSI and ISO certificates confirming the quality of tires.

Yokohama Geolender tires became the flagship of the company. The model went on sale back in 2006. During its development, the engineers of the Japanese brand used advanced technical solutions. It is because of this that the presented tires have not lost their relevance to this day.

For which machines

All wheel drive car

Yokohama Geolender tires were designed for all-wheel drive vehicles. They are ideal for pickups, crossovers and SUVs. The size range of tires clearly hints at such a scope. The brand manufactures these tires in 143 sizes. Planting diameters range from 15 to 20 inches. The corresponding vehicle segment is fully covered.


Tough rubber. Therefore, in the reviews"Yokohama Geolender" drivers recommend using these tires only at positive temperatures. Even a slight cold snap will cause the tires to completely harden. This will also negatively affect the quality of the clutch.


Many running characteristics of tires are directly dependent on the design of the tread. During development, the engineers of the Japanese brand endowed this tire model with a non-directional S-shaped symmetrical pattern.

Tire tread "Yokohama Geolender"

The central part consists of three stiffening ribs. Located in the middle has massive blocks with wavy edges. It is very tough. This allows you to maintain reliable stability during rectilinear movement. Car demolitions to the side are excluded. At the same time, some sizes even allow you to enjoy the sporty driving dynamics. The car, "shod" in the "Yokohama Geolender", sensitively responds to all steering commands.

Other ribs of the central part consist of multidirectional wedge-shaped blocks. Thanks to this non-standard approach, it was possible to improve the traction properties of tires. It is easier to set speed, the car behaves more stable during acceleration.

Shoulder zones consist of sparse massive square blocks. These elements take on the main load when cornering and maneuvering. The increased dimensions allow to increase the stability of each block during sudden dynamic loads. This helps the presented tires shorten the braking distance, more stable cornering.

Riding off-road

The Yokohama Geolender AT tire model features an incredibly high combination of high-speed and off-road properties. The presented tires behave confidently even in severe off-road conditions. The increased dimensions of the drainage elements allow the tire to remove mud faster. Adhering clods of earth simply fall off the surface of the tire under their own weight. The blocks excel in cutting through mud and provide the right level of traction.

Fight against hydroplaning

The advantage of the Yokohama Geolender G012 is its stability when driving in the rain. It was possible to achieve stable results thanks to a set of measures.

When developing the tread, the brand's engineers endowed it with a specific drainage system. It consists of longitudinal and transverse tubules. Moreover, each element received an increased size. As a result, tires are able to remove more fluid from the contact patch.

hydroplaning effect

When compiling the rubber compound, the proportion of silicon oxide was increased. This improved the grip of tires on wet road surfaces. The tires practically stick to the asph alt, there is no risk of slipping in principle.

Each tire block was endowed with wave-shaped sipes. These elements are responsible for the process of local drainage and increasing the number of cutting edges in the contact patch. Together, this improves the grip of the Yokohama Geolender tires on wet roads.


A distinctive feature of the model was an increased cross-country resource. In some cases, tires retain their performance up to 70 thousand kilometers. The brand's engineers have enhanced the durability of the Yokohama Geolender through a comprehensive approach.

The structure of carbon black

In the manufacture of the compound, the proportion of carbon black was increased in the rubber compound. With the help of this compound, it was possible to significantly reduce the speed of abrasion. The tread wears slowly.

The design of the tire itself also had a positive effect on improving performance. The fact is that the S-shaped tread pattern is distinguished by the stability of the contact patch in any driving vector. The tire wears evenly. Emphasis on the outer, inner shoulder or center is excluded. There is only one condition - pressure control.

In the manufacture of tires "Yokohama Geolender" the brand uses a multi-part carcass. The metal cord is bonded to nylon. The use of an elastic polymer compound improves the quality of the damping of excess impact energy. As a result, the probability of deformation of the steel frame is reduced.

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