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Winter tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000: reviews

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Winter tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000: reviews
Winter tires Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000: reviews

The problem of choosing winter tires for motorists has been and remains one of the most urgent. After all, if you make the wrong decision, then you can spend money on tires that will not be the best way to cope with snowy and icy road surfaces. In addition, there is a problem of studs falling out - for many models, they begin to be lost already in the second or even in the first season, which reduces the effectiveness of rubber. When all one hundred percent of the spikes fall out, the tires become virtually useless. Therefore, drivers are always puzzled - what winter tires to buy? And if you are looking for high quality combined with an affordable price and great durability, then you should look into the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires, which are designed specifically for harsh winter conditions. After all, it is worth understanding that winters are different, and in each country the concept of winter tires acquires its own meaning. If we talk about the harsh Russian conditions, then here you should definitely consider the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000. In this article you will find all the necessary data about this rubber.

General Description

ice cruiser 7000

Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 is a special winter tire,which you should pay attention to first of all if you live closer to the north of the Russian Federation or in any other northern country, where even extreme conditions are often on the roads in winter. After all, this line of studded tires was developed specifically to meet the requirements that are set for rubber in such terrain, at low temperatures and high levels of precipitation on the road surface. As for the model that is described in this material, it is the last in the above line, respectively, it is the best option that has collected all the highest qualities of previous models and improved them several times. You will be able to drive confidently on the winter road, regardless of whether it is snowy or icy, and all this thanks to the new winter tires. It will ensure the achievement of maximum handling on ice - you can brake quickly, take a good start without getting stuck in the snow, and turn safely without fear of skidding. But for now, it's all just buzzwords - read on to find out how the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires achieve such incredible performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Development process

ice cruiser 7000 reviews

Creating a new tire model is not a process that lasts a few days or even a few weeks. In the case of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000, it lasted about five years, during which experts at the highest level developed special technologies that would allowtake driving in harsh winter weather conditions to a whole new level. Thus, the five-year work was not in vain, and the manufacturer was able to present to the public the latest model, which in all respects surpassed not only its predecessors, but also similar tires from competitors. So if you are looking for a tire that can give you confidence on an icy road, if you are looking for a tire that will allow you to drive safely in harsh winter conditions, that is, with a lot of snow, as well as impressive layers of ice on the road, then Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 is the choice for you.

New version of spikes

winter tires bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 reviews

The Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 winter tires are a very attractive choice for motorists who often have to drive in the winter. However, what exactly they can attract your attention? What new technologies have been used that allow us to say that this model is much better than all the previous ones. There are several reasons for this at once, and the first of them is an updated version of the spikes. The new studs are made from aluminum and have a large number of facets, which ensures high performance on icy road surfaces. It also has a hardened center insert that boosts performance to the highest possible level. These studs reliably bite into ice of any thickness, which gives your car excellent traction with the road surface even whenweather conditions are actually extreme. These updated studs are one of the main reasons Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 winter tires are so popular and in demand.

Stud pattern

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 winter tires

It is worth mentioning separately not only the design of the studs, but also their location on the tread. In this case, it makes no difference whether you are using Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 205/55, 225/70 or any of the many other sizes available. All sizes use the same placement pattern, which forms sixteen lines of studs. For comparison=the previous model had twelve of these lines, but what does this mean? What benefits does the increased number of spike lines give you? The thing is that more lines favor the fact that more spikes are in contact with the road at the same time, thereby providing maximum grip. As you can see, the creators of this model took care not only to make new improved spikes, but also took into account their placement on the tread, which made this rubber even better and more reliable. So you should definitely give the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 91T a try, as you can immediately feel the difference in practice from standard inexpensive winter tires.

Spike resistance

ice cruiser 7000 205 55

As mentioned above, a very important role in choosing winter studded tires also playsreliability and durability of spikes. If you buy cheap tires, you can expect to be half studded by the end of the first season, and by the end of the second or third season your tires will be "bald". The creators of the new model Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 91T have carefully considered this aspect, so they presented motorists with a completely new approach to attaching studs. To reduce the percentage of spike loss during movement, the latest multi-level system was used, and each of the levels plays a very important role. First, when creating a tire, two different rubber compounds are used - one at the base of the tire, and the other in the top layer of the tread. Thanks to this, the spikes are attached much more firmly and reliably. Also playing a role is the central insert of the studs themselves, which has a specially adapted hardness index, which reduces the likelihood of the stud falling out, while not adversely affecting the performance of the tire. And, of course, it is worth noting directly the updated stud design itself, due to which the durability of using this rubber model is largely achieved. Many car enthusiasts know that they can choose Bridgestone tires with confidence and confidence - the winter Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 is another confirmation that this company never fails its customers and always offers them only the highest class products.

More about spikes

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 91t

The Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires are a very interesting model that you cantalk endlessly. And, given the fact that this rubber is winter, the most interesting aspect is the spikes, so they will be given the maximum amount of attention. It's no secret that winter tires show their performance directly in harsh weather conditions, that is, when the road surface is snowy or even icy. And, as mentioned above, it is the spikes that provide grip on such a road - without them, the car would slide, could not start, brake and turn normally. That is, the driver would not have control over his car, since the car would have no grip on the road, which is carried out by means of tires. That is why a detailed analysis of the spikes used in this model is such an important aspect. What is the general picture that describes the spikes of this rubber? As you can already understand, the spikes here are not just new - they are revolutionary, that is, they can become an example to follow in the further manufacture of new models. The main part of the stud, made of aluminum, is very reliable due to the updated design, which, in combination with a special rubber compound, reduces the likelihood of the stud falling out. Its edge is multifaceted, which provides more effective biting into the ice, due to which excellent grip is achieved. And the central insert in this case has a separate special composition, which simultaneously provides both improved stud attachment and its effectiveness on the road. As you can see, the spike itself was greatly modified, and its location onThe tread has been redesigned and the result is a rubber that gives the driver reliability and confidence on the road, even in the most frightening weather conditions. The Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires are naturally best tested on your own - but you can also check out the test results that have been carried out by professionals so you can get a good idea even before you go shopping.


ice cruiser 7000 91t

So, pro tests were done using Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 R16 tires, as well as other sizing options, to get the most accurate information possible. During testing, enough information was obtained to prove that all the properties attributed to this tire model actually exist. One of the most striking results was shown by testing the braking distance. For many models of winter tires, the braking distance can be more than fifteen meters when accelerating to a speed of 20 kilometers per hour on a special test ice rink. The previous model of this line had a good indicator for this parameter - 14.72 meters. However, during testing of the new model, it turned out that it outperformed the previous one by eight percent in this indicator - the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 205/55 tire had a braking distance of 13.69 meters. This is one of the best braking performance on ice among winter tires in principle, so you can be sure that if you purchase these tires, you will be able to reliably and safely drive your car inall weather conditions.

Spike Drop Test

Separately, it is worth talking about testing, which concerned the main problem of winter tires - the loss of studs. To conduct this test, we used data from several different advanced studded winter tires. According to these data, by the middle of the first season, most winter tires lose about ten percent of the studs, and by the end - already about 20-25 percent. At the same time, the performance of the model in question in the first season was much more impressive - even by the end of the first season, the loss of studs did not reach at least ten percent. By the end of the second season, Bridgestone tires were losing about 25-30 percent of their studs, while other types of rubber were already three-quarters bald. And by the middle of the third season, almost all the tires were without a single stud - but what about Bridgestone? This model by the end of the third season was marked by the loss of less than seventy-five percent of its studs, which is a very impressive result. So if you are a car enthusiast who is very concerned about the issue of studs falling out, then you can no longer worry about it if you purchase Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires. Reviews about them are also a very large and important source of information that you should definitely read.. This is a kind of another test, which, however, is carried out in more realistic conditions and on a much more impressive scale, since in the reviews you can find the opinions of hundreds of different people who have already managed to test the tires in question in practice and are readyshare my experience with you.

Positive Feedback

So, what reviews can you find on the Internet regarding Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires? Naturally, it is worth dividing the consideration of reviews into two parts - positive and negative. It should be noted right away that you will have to try to find specifically negative reviews - there are very few of them on the network, which is another proof of the high quality of this rubber. But at the same time, even when writing positive reviews, people can point out negative aspects that you should also pay attention to, because it is always useful to know even the smallest flaws. In the official press releases of the manufacturer, the cons, of course, will not be indicated - after all, companies need to sell their product, so they promote only the pros to the masses. And this is where user reviews come in handy. But, as mentioned earlier, first we will talk about the positive aspects that the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 winter tires have. Reviews primarily focus on the fact that these tires function perfectly on ice and snow. Moreover, some users note that the rubber copes remarkably even with very deep snow, in which the car would be stuck with almost a hundred percent guarantee on other tires. People also report that these tires have an ideal value for money, that is, it is almost impossible to find better rubber in this price range. If you are interested in the question of price, then buying this model will cost youabout six thousand Russian rubles, which is not very expensive, especially considering how effective this rubber is. And, of course, it is worth noting a large number of reviews reporting on the reliability of fastening the spikes. Motorists write that their spikes practically do not fly out, and you can drive the whole season without any loss at all. As you can already understand, such a description is the most flattering description of winter tires that you can think of. Combined with high performance in harsh winter conditions, this makes it one of the best models on the market today.

Negative reviews

Now you know the public opinion of those users who have already purchased and tested Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 winter tires. Most of the reviews on the Internet are positive, but there are also negative points that are worth mentioning. After all, it is very important to know what exactly can go wrong - driving in winter is many times more dangerous than in summer, so you want to have certain guarantees. But most of the negative reviews have no connection with driving safety, since many people note the noise of rubber in the column of negative qualities. And if you compare these tires with other, less efficient ones, you will notice that they are less pleasant to ride than most other models. The high performance of rubber has its price - it is quite noisy, which creates a certain discomfort in the car. Some reviews mayto find an opinion that after five years of use, the rubber compound itself loses its qualities, so the tires lose their elasticity - in other words, they "dub". The result is that the rubber may not have worn off yet, there are spikes, but the tires cannot be used due to the fact that they have lost their elasticity. However, this minus cannot be called significant, because most winter tires have a lifespan of two to three years, while the tires in question can be safely driven up to five years. In general, this model has practically no shortcomings, so you can safely purchase the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 - the reviews about them are mostly positive, and among the negative opinions you can only find joking remarks about the fact that this rubber does not cling over the ice while climbing a sheer cliff - an obvious humorous reference here is that these tires can provide your car with traction on the road surface in almost any conditions. And if you don't mind the extra noise, then this rubber will be your perfect choice for the winter.

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