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Cadillac XT5 car: review, specifications and reviews

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Cadillac XT5 car: review, specifications and reviews
Cadillac XT5 car: review, specifications and reviews

The crossover segment is the fastest growing segment. A significant proportion of it is occupied by medium-sized models. Among them are many both premium and relatively simple cars. One of the elite is the Cadillac XT5.


The XT5 is a replacement for the SRX, which has been in production since 2004. This machine was introduced in 2015 and went into production the following year. The car in question is a mid-size premium crossover or SUV. Name stands for Crossover Touring 5.

Cadillac XT5
Cadillac XT5

Place in lineup

The manufacturer did not accidentally give the car a new name. He positions the Cadillac XT5 as a new model, not as the next generation of the SRX. This is because the car has been completely redesigned.

In addition, the model in question has taken a new place in the manufacturer's assortment. With the arrival of a new director to the company in 2014, the brand began to change. Cadillac was expansion orientedmodel range and the development of the crossover segment, as it is the most intensively developing. For this, a promising line of four such vehicles was developed. Moreover, XT5 is assigned the role of its flagship. The even larger Escalade SUV will remain in the Cadillac lineup, but it is out of this line. In the future, it may be separated into a separate brand.


The transfer of the SRX to the new model is due, among other things, to the fact that the XT5 was built on the new C1XX platform. Thanks to this, the car has become even a little smaller and lighter. Its length was reduced by 1.6 cm, width - by 0.5 cm, weight became less by 126 kg. However, at the same time, the height (by 0.6 cm) and wheelbase (by 5 cm) increased, due to which the interior dimensions increased.

MacPherson-type suspension is installed in front, five-link in the back. All wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes.


For the body of the XT5, high-strength steel is used, and it is assembled using laser welding. In addition, the design has been optimized. All this also contributed to reducing the overall weight of the car while maintaining its rigidity. This makes the XT5 lighter by about 50 kg from its main competitors, while maintaining a similar physical size. These design features are explained by the fact that the manufacturer used the Audi Q5 compact crossover as a guideline.

Specifications Cadillac XT5
Specifications Cadillac XT5


The range of powertrains has also been updated. Instead of the 3.6-liter V-shaped six-cylinder engine of the SRX model, the new CadillacXT5 installed an engine of the same size, new for this car, but already used on CT6, ATS, CTS, Camaro. This is the LGX, which for the XT5 was derated from 335 to 310 hp. With the same settings, this motor is installed on the North American model GMC Acadia and Buick LaCrosse sold in America and China. It has the ability to disable two cylinders.

Cadillac XT5 price
Cadillac XT5 price

It should be noted that this engine was included in the top ten engines, according to Ward's.

Versions for the Chinese market are equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0L LTG engine. This engine is also common for the XT5 and ATS, however, for the model in question, it was also derated by 14 hp. up to 258 hp In addition, this power unit with almost the same settings (1 hp more) has been equipped since 2013 with the Chevrolet Malibu and the Chinese version of the Cadillac XTS with the same settings as for the ATS.


For both motors, there is one gearbox, represented by an 8-speed automatic Aisin AWF8F45.

Cadillac XT5 reviews
Cadillac XT5 reviews

The model is equipped with both front-wheel drive and plug-in all-wheel drive with two clutches.


As mentioned above, due to the increase in the wheelbase, the length of the cabin has increased. This is especially noticeable in the example of the distance between the rows of seats, which has become more by 8.1 cm.

In addition, compared to the SRX model, the Cadillac XT5 received better interior trim and better modern equipment. Installed a new versionCUE infotainment system that supports synchronization with smartphones. In addition, the interior mirror has been replaced by a display that works in conjunction with a rear view camera.

New Cadillac XT5
New Cadillac XT5

In addition, compared to the SRX, the volume of the luggage compartment has increased by 6 liters.


The body length of the car "Cadillac" XT5 is 4815 mm., Width - 1903 mm., Height - 1675 mm. Weight, depending on the engine, drive type and additional equipment, ranges from 1,808 tons to 1,976 tons.

310 hp V6 main engine provides acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds and allows you to accelerate to 210 km / h.

Additional equipment

Options include LED optics, surround view system, adaptive cruise control, automatic valet parking, power rear door, ZF electronically controlled shock absorbers, etc.


In the US, the price for the basic version is around $40,000. The cars sold in Russia are equipped with the same engine as the American Cadillac XT5. The price on the Russian market, depending on the configuration, ranges from 2.990.000 to 3.990.000 rubles. However, all of them are available only with all-wheel drive.


It's too early to judge the popularity of the Cadillac XT5 car, as sales of the model started quite recently. However, the benchmark for its technical characteristics is the previous model SRX. This car has not gained much popularity in the localmarket. Last year, only 346 of these machines were sold. However, the SRX received widespread distribution in North America. As a result, the Cadillac SRX became the manufacturer's best-selling model in 2010 - 2011, with over 50,000 of these vehicles purchased by customers, and the largest number of these vehicles (almost 69,000) were sold in the last year of production (2015).

Technical characteristics "Cadillac" XT5 correspond to premium mid-size crossovers. This defines competitors, the main ones being Lexus RX, Infiniti FX, BMW X5, Mercedes Benz GLE.


The model in question appeared on the market quite recently, given the low popularity of cars of this manufacturer in Russia, there are still very few Cadillac XT5 cars on the roads. User reviews about the features of operation and maintenance of this car have not yet accumulated. Only first impressions of new owners can be found. You can also take into account the opinions of automotive journalists who tested this car.

They note an unusual, recognizable design, high-quality interior trim materials and its functionality, modern equipment, good driving performance, comfort and low fuel consumption. According to journalists, in many respects the Cadillac XT5 is close to its European counterparts. The main disadvantage they consider the lack of choice of engines.

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