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Chevrolet Niva: clutch. The device and repair of the clutch "Chevrolet Niva"

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Chevrolet Niva: clutch. The device and repair of the clutch "Chevrolet Niva"
Chevrolet Niva: clutch. The device and repair of the clutch "Chevrolet Niva"

The manufacturer installs a manual transmission on the Chevrolet Niva SUV. With its help, the driver independently regulates the speed of the car. Another important element of the Chevrolet Niva transmission system is the clutch. Let's look at its device and repair.

niva chevrolet clutch
niva chevrolet clutch


On Chevrolet Niva cars, the clutch is the most standard. Such kits can be seen on most domestic cars. This is a single disc dry mechanism. It is permanently closed, equipped with a central diaphragm spring and hydraulic backlash-free drive. It also consists of other parts. Which ones - we will consider below.


It is mounted on the crankshaft of the power unit. The part performs the functions of a drive disc in a vehicle's clutch system.

niva chevrolet clutch replacement
niva chevrolet clutch replacement

Pressure plate

This part is needed to press the driven and leading element to each other. Also, this disk can, if necessary,release slave. This part is connected to the body with springs. When the driver disengages the clutch, the springs act as a return function.

Diaphragm spring

During operation, this disk is affected by a diaphragm component, which is designed to provide the desired compression force. This is necessary for the transmission of torque. The outer diameter of this spring presses on the pressure plate with its edges. At the same time, the inner one is made in the form of metal petals. They are affected by the release bearing. Together with the disc and diaphragm spring, as well as with the housing, a single unit is formed, which is called the clutch basket. It is rigidly fixed to the flywheel.

Driven disk

This item is located between the flywheel and pressure plate. The hub mechanism of this part is attached to the input shaft of the gearbox with the help of splined joints. And this disk can move on its surface. For the smoothest engagement of the clutch, it has special springs. They soften shocks and vibrations. The clutch disc on each side has special friction linings. They are most often made from glass fibers, brass and copper wire. These components are pressed under pressure into a mixture of rubbers and resins. This compound can withstand high temperatures.

Release bearing

This is an intermediate mechanism between the drive of the car and the clutch. This element is located on the axis of rotation of the mechanism. When you press the pedal, it acts on the diaphragm spring. Directly bearing mountedin a special clutch, and the clutch fork drives it.

chevrolet niva clutch slave cylinder
chevrolet niva clutch slave cylinder

Typical clutch failures on a Chevrolet Niva

The clutch drive is a mechanism of several components. Like any other technical element, it can also fail. On a Niva Chevrolet car, the clutch works for a long time. However, this does not mean that it will never need repair. This mechanism may have certain malfunctions. Let's take a look at some of the most common failures. All of them are connected with slippage. In this case, the mechanism turns on and off not completely. The clutch will slip if there is a lot of wear on the friction linings on the driven disk. This happens due to high mileage of the car or its operation in extreme conditions. Also, the discs and friction lining burn through. In this situation, repair is not possible. Replacing the driven disk will help solve the situation.

The second malfunction is the presence of oil on the surfaces of the friction linings. This may indicate the failure of the gearbox seals. In this case, flushing the disc with replacing seals where necessary will help solve the problem. In addition to these faults, there are others. They lead to the fact that the clutch mechanism leads, or rather, it does not fully engage. There are several reasons for this. Incomplete inclusion can be observed with end beats or partial destruction of the driven disk. In this situation, it should be repaired or replaced. Also, this malfunction occurs if tooloosened rivets on friction linings. In this case, the only solution to fix the problem is to replace the clutch. At the same time, the Niva Chevrolet is driven to a viewing hole or a lift.

In addition, the presence of air in the system leads to such a breakdown. This problem is eliminated by pumping. If the disk is skewed or its surface warped, then replacement is also necessary. There are other breakdowns that may require the replacement of individual parts. Experienced motorists identify them by their characteristic symptoms. So, usually when you press on a faulty mechanism, a characteristic noise will be heard. If it occurs only when released, this is also a sign of a breakdown.

chevrolet clutch master cylinder
chevrolet clutch master cylinder

Chevrolet Niva clutch diagnostics

You can self-diagnose the clutch mechanism. To do this, you need to perform several operations:

  • The vehicle is in neutral.
  • Then start the engine and warm it up to operating temperature.
  • At the moment when the engine will operate at idle, fully depress the clutch pedal. Chevrolet Niva starts to work in reverse gear when you switch gears.
  • The process should be smooth, easy, without noise. If various squeaks or grinding are heard, this indicates that the mechanism is faulty.
  • You can check how the clutch functions while driving. This requires shifting gears and listening carefully so that there are no noises or anyextraneous sounds.

It has already been noticed about such a malfunction as slipping clutch. When the car picks up speed, the number of revolutions of the crankshaft should also increase in proportion to the speed of movement. A tachometer will help to identify a breakdown. If you step on the gas hard while driving and the RPM starts to rise and then drop slightly while the car is accelerating, then clutch repair is inevitable.

Bleeding the hydraulic drive

Incomplete shutdown was indicated in the list of typical faults. It has also been observed that the reason for this is the air in the hydraulic drive. You can solve the problem with the help of pumping. It is also necessary if a new clutch brake fluid (Chevrolet Niva) is poured into the drive. In order to perform this operation, you will need a set of motorist tools, several hoses, as well as a container where the liquid will then be drained. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a brake medium in sufficient quantity. The help of a neighbor or friend will not be superfluous.

The fluid level in the clutch actuator must reach the bottom of the filler hole. If for some reason it is not enough, you should add the agent. Then a hose is put on the valve of the working cylinder. The other end of it is lowered into a container with a prepared liquid. Next, the assistant presses the clutch and keeps it “on the floor”. Five presses, holds and releases will suffice. Finally, it is necessary to open the valve for pumping - liquid and air should come out from there. The operation must be repeated several times. We do it until all the air is out of the hydraulic system.

clutch pedal niva chevrolet
clutch pedal niva chevrolet

Replacing cylinders

The clutch master cylinder (Chevrolet Niva and Niva 2121 is no exception here) must be changed if the system does not want to turn off, or the inclusion is not complete. This happens most often due to fluid leaks. First of all, the brake fluid is pumped out of the reservoir. This can be done with a rubber bulb. Then the master cylinder is disconnected from the hose. Next, unscrew the nut that secures the pipeline, and then two more that hold the main element. Now it remains only to install a new cylinder. And put everything back together.

In some cases where the clutch does not fully disengage due to leaks, other work needs to be done. You may also need an assistant to complete them. Together you need to replace the clutch slave cylinder. "Chevrolet Niva" is being repaired as follows. First, loosen the hose tip on the cylinder. Then the bolts of the mounting bracket to the crankcase are unscrewed. The bracket is also dismantled. After that, the pusher can be removed from the fork along with the protective cap. The clutch cylinder is completely disconnected from the hose. Chevrolet Niva must get rid of the liquid: you drain it. It remains only to mount the new part and bleed the hydraulic drive.

Replacement of related parts

Sometimes you need to replace the hose that comes with the mechanism. To do this, use the key to hold the fitting. Meanwhiledisconnect the pipeline. The fitting bracket is also dismantled. Next, you need to drain the fluid from the drive. Then the hose tip is disconnected from the working cylinder. After installing a new one, the hydraulic drive should be bled.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the tank if deposits have formed on it. To do this, remove the cork. Unscrew the fasteners and dismantle it. Then you should visually check the walls. If there are no deposits, then after thorough washing it can be used further. When pressing the pedal, the driver may hear a loud noise. This is a sign of a failed release bearing. First, the checkpoint is dismantled. Then disconnect the bearing from the clutch fork and remove it. Next, install a new one, lubricate the splines and put the gearbox in place.

Chevrolet Niva clutch cylinder
Chevrolet Niva clutch cylinder

Better Grip

Chevrolet Niva is a popular car in Russia. Now the number of manufacturers that produce clutch kits for domestic cars is simply huge. But the owners of Niva Chevrolet single out only a few brands whose products are really of high quality.


This is a product of the German brand ZF. This kit has several advantages over others. It does not require any maintenance. The clutch disc (Chevrolet Niva is no exception) does not have asbestos lining. It perfectly withstands even high loads. The only drawback is the high price. As for the resource, the manufacturer indicates 100,000 km.

Niva clutch fluidChevrolet
Niva clutch fluidChevrolet


This is another manufacturer that produces products for Chevrolet Niva cars. The clutch is practically no different from Sachs. The main features are the build quality, a resource of up to 100,000 km. It is characterized by wear resistance even under heavy loads. Along with these manufacturers, domestic enterprises also produce clutch kits. However, their products are not of high quality and long life.

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