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Window regulators VAZ-2114: connection diagram. Power window button pinout
Window regulators VAZ-2114: connection diagram. Power window button pinout

VAZ-2114 - a car in which a power window malfunction is a common occurrence. This is one of those troubles that does not interfere with driving, but pretty much spoils the nervous system of a motorist. The inability to ventilate the air in the cabin, reduce the temperature in the summer often reduces the composure that is so necessary for a person behind the wheel.

Varieties of power windows

Automotive manufacturers produce cars of different configurations. The cheapest of them have manual power windows. They create fewer electrical problems, but the inconvenience of using them lies in the fact that being in the driver's seat, it is impossible to open the window on the passenger side without being distracted from driving.

Manual window regulators, which are installed on the conveyor, have slight differences from electric ones. The mechanism itself, which lifts the glass, is exactly the same.

The difference is that the manual version has a gearbox that transmits the rotation of the window handle to the devicelifting glass, while in the electric version this function is performed by an electric motor. On the door trim, in place of the hole for the manual drive, there is a plug. In addition, the electrical wiring has an additional wiring diagram for VAZ-2114 power windows.

Manual windows

Glass lifting devices on the front and rear doors are similar. The difference is only in the size and proportions of the parts, while the principle of operation is the same.

The main part is the guide, in which the bracket that fixes the glass moves. The guide has mounting bolts at the top and bottom. With their help, it is installed in its position on the door. On the upper and lower edges of the guide, rollers are rigidly fixed, along which cables pass, setting the glass mounting bracket in motion.

cable window regulator

Another part of the power window is the mechanism that drives the cable. It consists of a roller and a gearbox, which is rotated either by a handle or by an electric motor (if there is an electrical circuit at the VAZ-2114 window regulator).

In order to keep the cables constantly lubricated and not contaminated, they are placed in rigid steel jackets that connect the system of three rollers together.

There are two threaded holes on the top of the glass bracket. Bolts are screwed into them, fixing the glass holder.

Lever power window

One type of window lift mechanism for the VAZ-2114, which, unfortunately, is notcomes from the factory, is a lever window regulator. This product is manufactured by Ningbo Stone.

lever window regulator

These devices have proven themselves as reliable and unpretentious mechanisms. Unlike cable windows, they have a greater lifting force. Glass frozen in winter is not a problem for them. They handle them with ease, while cable hoists experience significant stress on both the mechanism and the electrician.

One small minus of the linkage is that the glass lifting speed is not the same. The higher the glass, the smaller it is. This is due to the geometry of the lifting mechanism. Scissors are a good example. If you take them by the rings and push the ends to the sides as much as possible, and then bring the rings to each other, it becomes clear that the height of the cutting ends changes faster when the rings are moved apart as much as possible. Conversely, the rate of ascent decreases as the rings approach each other.

It is this circumstance that allows this mechanism to generate significant force. As you know from the lessons of physics, when you lose in the distance traveled, you win in strength. The same thing happens here: at the top of the range of motion, the distance traveled decreases and the lift force increases.

The mechanism is driven by an electric motor, and it is connected as standard to the VAZ-2114 power window circuit.

Stacked window lifter

Another good option for replacing stock mechanisms are rack and pinion power windows.Produced by the company "Forward" and have proven themselves on the good side. These devices are characterized by high lifting and lowering speeds. Just as in the case of lever mechanisms, they have more effort than regular ones. Despite the more modest dimensions of the electric motor, which is connected by standard connectors of the VAZ-2114 power window connection diagram.

rack window regulator

The secret of the reliability of the device is a simple kinematic scheme for transforming the rotation of the motor shaft into the translational movement of the glass mounting bracket. On the motor shaft is a gear that engages with the teeth of the rack. This minimized additional parts and simplified the design. And in combination with high-quality materials of manufacture, it ensured reliable operation.

Power window

The equipment of a car with electric windows contains additional bundles of wires that make up the VAZ-2114 power window circuit. In addition, a control button is displayed on the trim of the front passenger door. On the driver's door there is a block of buttons that control all windows that have an electrical connection for power windows VAZ-2114.

Wiring diagram

The scheme has the following elements:

  1. Mounting block.
  2. Front passenger door ESP button.
  3. Front passenger door lift motor.
  4. Driver's door ESP motor.
  5. Driver's door switch button.
  6. Ignition lock.

The letter "A" on the diagram indicates the wires going to the power supply of the circuit, and the letter "B" the wires going to the parking lights.

How to convert manual drive to electric?

If it is decided to install power windows instead of manual windows on the front doors, then you need to understand that you will not only have to install an electric motor, but change the entire mechanism assembly. It will be necessary to mount new wiring and modify the door trim: install a plug in place of the window handle, cut a hole for installing the control button.

How to connect a button?

Driver and passenger door buttons are connected to each other, as well as to the ESP engine and power wire. Correct power window button pinout:

  1. Pin 1 on the driver's door is connected to pin 6 on the passenger side. Terminal 1 on the passenger door is connected to the negative terminal of the ESP engine.
  2. Pin 2 on both buttons is connected to power.
  3. Pin 3 is a ground on the driver's side and a positive wire on the passenger side.
  4. Pin 4 in both cases goes to the size switch.
  5. Contact 5 is ground in all cases.
  6. The positive wire of the ESP motor corresponds to pin 7 of the passenger door button.
  7. pinout of control buttons

How to disassemble the VAZ-2114 door?

To get to the window lift mechanism, you need to remove the door trim. In addition, if you plan to replace it with an electric lift, then you need todismantle the opening limiter, since a bundle of wires will need to be brought into the door. To remove the trim, follow:

  1. Unscrew the three screws from the bottom that hold the plastic pocket of the casing.
  2. Remove the two screws holding the inner handle. To access the bolts, use a thin flathead screwdriver to pry out the round plugs.
  3. Remove the plastic lining of the door lock handle. To do this, pry it off with a screwdriver and, moving it a little to the side, pull it out of its recess.
  4. Unscrew the lock lock button.
  5. Remove the trim. This is done in the following way. A flat mount or a powerful screwdriver is inserted into the gap between the skin and the door frame. It should fit between the door clip and the door frame. Then you need to squeeze out the clip, not the skin. Otherwise, the clip fastening can be broken, and during the subsequent installation, the casing will not sit snugly in its place. Clips are installed around the entire perimeter of the door in the amount of 8 pieces. They need to be pulled out one by one.

After releasing the door trim, do not rush to remove it. If this is a door with an electric drive, then it is connected by a bundle of wires going to the power window button, the pinout of which consists of seven contacts closed with a plastic connector. To disconnect it, you need to press the latch with a small screwdriver and pull out the part that includes the wires.

Window regulator replacement

If the VAZ-2114 window regulator does not work, it can be replaced with a new one. To do this, do the following:

  1. Unscrew the key on10 three nuts that hold the glass guide.
  2. Using an 8 wrench, unscrew the three nuts that fix the electric motor or manual drive gearbox.
  3. Disconnect the glass mounting bracket from the glass holder. To do this, unscrew the two 8 bolts on the bracket.
  4. power window replacement

After that, you can pull the power window out of the door. The glass must remain raised. Otherwise, it will be impossible to remove the mechanism.

The new lift is installed in reverse order. However, do not rush to tighten the glass mounting bracket. First you need to make sure that the glass is in the correct position in the guides and walks clearly in them.

Reasons for poor performance

There are not so many reasons why the VAZ-2114 window regulator does not work well. Conventionally, they can be divided into mechanical and electrical. Consider the main ones:

  1. Skewing the glass. Often the cause of poor performance is not in the window mechanism itself, but in violation of the position of the glass relative to its guides. This can happen either due to the unscrewing of the bracket mount, or the raw rubber that fixes the glass in the holder has ceased to perform its functions. This variant occurs much less frequently.
  2. Dirty rubber guides. The glass moves inside the grooves formed by the rubber bands. These grooves tend to get clogged with dirt. It, like an abrasive, increases the friction force, which creates resistance to the movement of glass.
  3. Contaminated window mechanism. ATduring operation, drivers do not realize that maintenance is also necessary inside the doors. Especially it concerns the cable mechanism. Over the years, not only pollution occurs, but also the lubricant of the mechanism and cables dries out, which increases the friction force. The front left power window wears out faster due to more frequent use.
  4. The next reason is the wear of the plastic teeth of the mechanism drive. In this case, when you press the control button, you can hear how the electric motor works, but the glass does not move.
  5. Cable breakage. This is due to attempts to open frozen windows. With repeated loads exceeding the nominal, the cables begin to delaminate and gradually fail.

Electrical causes can be reduced to either a short circuit or a loss of contact in the VAZ-2114 power window circuit.

Replacement cost

Replacing power windows VAZ-2114 is cheaper than installing electric mechanisms instead of manual ones. If, in order to simply change the power window, you need to disassemble the door trim, dismantle the old mechanism and install a new one, then to install the electric version instead of the manual one, you need to partially disassemble the instrument panel, select the power source and extend the wiring from it inside the door. This work requires the intervention of an electrician. Because power cannot be taken from anywhere: the source must correspond to the power of the electric drive, and also in the event of a short circuit, the fuses must protect the maincar wiring. In addition, the power windows must operate with the ignition switch on.

removing the old windshield

Summarizing, in the first case, the qualification of the work is minimal, and it can be done without specific knowledge, while working with an electrician requires a specialist who needs to be paid.

The price of a VAZ-2114 power window ranges from 2.5 thousand to 3.5 thousand rubles, depending on the design and manufacturer. But as mentioned earlier: the lever and rack version is preferable. If you buy a device for one side only, then the left front window regulator will be more expensive, since it is more in demand.

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