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Steering trapezoid: device, purpose. Vehicle steering

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Steering trapezoid: device, purpose. Vehicle steering
Steering trapezoid: device, purpose. Vehicle steering

The steering trapezoid on the "seven" consists of tips and central thrust. This mechanism ensures smooth and synchronous turning of both front wheels. The forces applied by the driver to the steering wheel are transmitted through the column to the gearbox. The latter allows you to convert the movement using a worm gear and rotates the steering knuckles through the steering rods.

If the tips and rods of the steering trapezoid break down, safety is reduced, which can lead to an accident. Therefore, the driver needs to replace these elements in a timely manner, inspect and monitor the condition. All work can be done independently or contact a service station.

Where the steering trapezoid is located

steering trapezoid

Tips and rods are located at the very bottom of the engine compartment. They are located almost near the partition, which is located between the motorcompartment and car interior. To carefully consider these elements, you need to turn the steering wheel to the extreme position.

In this position, you can assess the condition of the tips, as well as the anthers that are on them. Anthers are the most vulnerable links that fail under mechanical stress. If there is jamming of the steering column, then there may be a malfunction in the swivel joints. Even if power steering is installed on the vehicle, sticking will be felt.

How to identify a broken trapezoid

steering linkage VAZ-2107

To detect a malfunction of the tie rod ends, you need to carefully look for the following symptoms:

  1. Excessive or uneven tire wear.
  2. The appearance of extraneous sounds when turning the steering wheel.
  3. Increasing the free rotation of the steering wheel.

If the tie rods are bent, the tires will wear unevenly. At the same time, driving the car will become very uncomfortable, as it will constantly go to the side, even when driving on a perfectly flat road.

Please note that such a malfunction will occur even with normal wheel alignment. Therefore, before starting the repair, it is imperative to assess the condition of all elements of the VAZ-2107 steering trapezoid, for this, install the car on a viewing hole.

Rubber boots should not be cracked. The free play of all hinges must not exceed 1.5 mm. In case ifwhen exposed to the steering rod, a knock appears, this assembly must be replaced with a new one.

power steering

Most often you need replacement tips. The middle link does not usually fail, it breaks only in two cases:

  • when the car gets into an accident;
  • with a very strong impact on the suspension.

It is strictly forbidden to straighten and install old, worn-out traction. This will make it impossible to adjust the toe and camber, as well as increase the risk of getting into an accident.

Repair Tool

To replace one tie rod or the entire trapezoid assembly, you need to acquire the following tools:

  • a set of open-end and box wrenches, sockets;
  • with narrow-nosed pliers;
  • Tie rod end puller.

The last point needs special attention. Without this device, it is almost impossible to remove the tips.

car control

The fact is that the hinges of the tips are installed in conical holes. Because of this, the connection is very difficult to break. There are many types of pullers that can be used to disassemble the tie rod ends. It is best to buy a universal one, with which you can remove not only the steering tips, but also the ball joints.

Removing tie rods and tips

If you need to completely replace all the tie rod ends, then it will be much easier to purchase a VAZ-2107 steering linkage. The whole assembly assembly is much easierinstall, and most importantly - it is much cheaper than purchasing each part separately. All work must be carried out with a car installed on a viewing hole or overpass. Left and right traction change almost the same.

steering trapezoid linkage

The replacement procedure is as follows:

  1. Straighten and pull out the cotter pins, which prevent the nuts on the steering tips from unscrewing.
  2. Apply a generous amount of penetrating lubricant to all threaded connections.
  3. Using a socket on "22" it is necessary to unscrew the nuts that fix the tie rod pins.
  4. The puller must be installed on the rod end.
  5. At the end, turn the bolt or nut on the puller to completely squeeze out the tie rod end pin from the hole.

How the trapezoid assembly changes

If there is no special puller, you can remove the pin with a hammer. To do this, it is necessary to strike along the axis of the lever. It is advisable to pre-treat all elements with a penetrating lubricant. This will make the job a little easier.

In the same way, the second nut is unscrewed and the pin is pressed out. Only then can the steering tip or central link be completely removed.

When replacing the steering link you need to disconnect:

  1. Traction from the steering knuckles, which are located on the wheel hubs.
  2. Hinges from the lever on the steering gearbox.

In terms of time, it will come out much less than replacing alltips in turn. Power steering, if fitted to the vehicle, does not need to be removed.

Toe adjustment

steering linkage replacement

On the steering tips there are metal bushings, with the help of which their length is regulated. Therefore, it is with their help that wheel alignment can be established. If you change the trapezoid or traction, the convergence is bound to break. Therefore, when installing new elements, it is necessary to make sure that their length is exactly the same as that of the removed ones. To do this, using a tape measure, you need to take measurements before removal.

This minimizes toe-in violations, allowing you to get to the service station without any problems. It is not recommended to independently adjust the camber and convergence of the front wheels. The cost of this service is not very high, but with the help of computer stands, you can ensure the most accurate convergence, which will improve driving control.

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