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Device, diagnostics and repair of the rear suspension VAZ-2106

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Device, diagnostics and repair of the rear suspension VAZ-2106
Device, diagnostics and repair of the rear suspension VAZ-2106

The VAZ-2106 car has more than 40 years of history. It began production in 1976 and was finally taken off the assembly line in 2006. Throughout this period, its rear suspension existed in its original version. This was due to the simplicity and reliability of the design, as well as its maintainability.

More than 10 years after the end of production, the “six” can be found on the roads. Until now, it remains the "softest" car. Thanks in part to its rear suspension.

VAZ-2106 rear suspension device

This design is a type of dependent suspension in which vertical movement of one rear wheel causes the position of the other to change.

The rear axle is mounted on the body by means of four longitudinal rods: two short, two long. The rods are connected to the body brackets throughrubber silent blocks.

The vibrations that occur when the car is moving are damped by springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. The springs are installed with their lower ends in cups welded to the edges of the rear axle through polyurethane or plastic gaskets. The upper ends rest against the body through rubber inserts.

suspension design

The rear suspension travel of the VAZ 2106 corresponds to the length of the shock absorber rod. To prevent the spring from being subjected to maximum deformation during compression, its travel is limited by rubber buffers. Another rubber cushion, which prevents the rear axle from hitting the body, is installed above the rear axle gearbox housing.

Each shock absorber is fixed at two points. Through rubber hinges, the top is attached to the lugs on the body, and the bottom is bolted to the axle brackets.

How a faulty suspension affects the movement of a car

Suspension may have several faults. Each of them affects the behavior of the car on the road in its own way.

  • Rocking when braking and when starting off - faulty shock absorbers lead to this. Their job is to dampen the vibrations of the springs. In addition, a non-working shock absorber causes the vehicle to roll excessively when entering a corner at speed.
  • Knocks in the area of ​​​​the rear suspension of the VAZ 2106 indicate the wear of rubber inserts. If the sound occurs at the moment of starting and braking, then it can be silent blocks of longitudinal rods. Knocking on bumps indicates the need to replace the rubber bushings of the shock absorber mounts. Third varietyknocking occurs when cornering, at the moment when the car goes into a skid with the back. This indicates the need to replace the bushings of the longitudinal thrust. Its function is to hold the rear axle in exact position relative to the body. But the centrifugal force that occurs at the moment of skidding displaces the body relative to the bridge, which leads to knocking.

Diagnosis of springs and dampers

The main part of the breakdowns of the rear suspension of the VAZ 2106 can be detected during the trip. However, faults must be confirmed by diagnostic methods.

Diagnosis begins with an external inspection of the machine on a flat area. First of all, you need to pay attention to the springs. If they sank, then the car's clearance will be lower than expected.

sagging springs

To make an initial conclusion about the condition of the shock absorbers, you should press on the rear fender in the area of ​​the wheel. The weight of the body is enough for the car to sag under its weight. If the shock absorbers are working, then the car will swing once, and the oscillation will immediately stop. Otherwise, the swing will continue. Shock absorbers often fail due to oil leaks. Worn seals result in visible oil streaks on the outer surface.

Checking the condition of rubber parts

The next step in the diagnosis is to check the condition of the rubber bushings in the rods. To do this, you need to raise the car on a lift. Then a mount is inserted into the gap between the mounting bracket and the rod. You need to make an effort and see how much tractionmoves under the influence of force. Large play will be a sign of worn bushings and silent blocks. This procedure must be done sequentially with all the rear suspension arms of the VAZ 2106.

silent blocks for jet rods

Visual inspection of rubber parts can also tell a lot. Worn bushings are often cracked and squashed.

Replacement shock absorbers

If the diagnostics revealed a malfunction of the springs and shock absorbers, then it is better to change them. It is impossible to repair the springs yourself, because it requires heat treatment, and the cost of the VAZ 2106 rear suspension shock absorbers is low enough to try to restore them.

Shock absorbers are changed while the car is on the ground. It is more convenient to do this in a viewing hole. To do this, the machine is installed on the hand brake. From the side of the rear wheels, the lower shock absorber mounting bolt is unscrewed. To do this, you need two open-end wrenches for 19.

unscrew shock absorbers

The top mount is on the side of the wheel. A stud is welded on the body, which is inserted into the upper eye of the shock absorber. The fixing nut must be unscrewed with the same wrench.

After that, a new shock absorber is installed, and everything is assembled in the reverse order. If you just need to replace the rubber bushings of the shock absorber, then the work is the same.

Spring replacement

To change the springs of the rear suspension of the VAZ 2106, it is necessary that the rear axle is in the suspended state. You can do this alternately, jacking up the car, andpossible at the same time, on the lift.

Hanging is necessary in order to maximize the space between the bridge and the body. This makes it easier to remove and insert the spring. The wheel must be removed first. The amount of shock absorber travel is less than the length of the spring, so special pullers are needed to remove it. They are installed on the sides of the spring symmetrically and tighten it.

spring replacement

The upper part of the spring is in contact with the body through a rubber gasket. It has a groove in which the upper coil exactly fits. Therefore, when reinstalling, you must ensure that the shape of the gasket matches the coil.

VAZ 2106 rear suspension repair work is very simple. You just have to follow the sequence and be careful.

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