LIAZ 5292: a low-floor city bus with many modifications

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LIAZ 5292: a low-floor city bus with many modifications
LIAZ 5292: a low-floor city bus with many modifications

City bus LiAZ-5292 (large class, low-floor configuration) was presented at the 2003 Moscow Motor Show. The car at that time was equipped with a Caterpillar transverse power plant and combined with an automatic transmission from Voith. The undercarriage consisted of two portal bridges. The LiAZ-5292 bus was put into mass production and began to arrive in small batches in the car parks of Moscow, as well as in Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kursk and other large cities.

lyaz 5292
lyaz 5292


The model did not justify itself, in Moscow car fleets already in 2014 its mass write-offs began. It required a deep modernization, replacing the engine with a more powerful one, improving the steering mechanism and door servos. In addition, the air conditioning system did not work well on the base LiAZ-5292 in hot weather, as a result of which the entire rear part of the cabin warmed up excessively, creating uncomfortable conditions for passengers.

The modified bus was assigned the index 5292-20. The main difference from the base model wasa new MAN D0836 LON engine that meets Euro 4 environmental standards. A dashboard from the LiAZ-6213 model was installed on the car, as a well-established one. Optics used point, the company "Gella". Air conditioning systems were installed in two types - "Konvekta" and "Speros". In the summer of 2011, mass deliveries of the new model to the fleets of Moscow and certain Russian regions began.

Liaz bus 5292
Liaz bus 5292

Glass doors

The next modification LiAZ-5292-22 was put into production in December 2013. The car was equipped with solid glass doors with a rubber-metal frame. All produced buses of this modification came at the disposal of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Mostransavto.

At the same time, a small batch of suburban-type cars was produced. These buses did not have a back door, the number of seats in them was increased to 32. The first batch of 50 cars was sent to Sochi.

In total, from the beginning of production to the present, more than ten different modifications have been created at the Likinsky Automobile Plant, which successfully operate on urban and suburban routes in many Russian cities. In general, the operation of the LiAZ-5292 is already justifying itself, and the car is even exported. The Ministry of Transport of Russia receives positive feedback from foreign partners.

Liaz 5292 characteristics
Liaz 5292 characteristics

Battery power

A modification of LiAZ-5292-6274 (an experimental electric bus) is assembled at a separate production facility. The machine is equipped with lithium batteriesby Liotech. The power reserve when fully charged is about two hundred kilometers. Recharging is carried out at special stations equipped with terminals for six filling entrances.

Also, the production of a bus with a gas engine LiAZ-5292-71 has been launched at the Likinsky plant. These machines have been in operation since 2010. After the incident with the explosion of the gas tank, which occurred on May 9, 2013, all buses with a gas engine were taken off the routes. However, no systemic defects were found, gradually all the cars returned to the streets of Moscow. Twenty-nine buses operate in the periphery, mainly in Khimki. Thirty cars run on gas in Chelyabinsk, the same number in St. Petersburg. At the end of 2015, a large batch of buses was sent to the Crimea, some of them operate on city routes in Simferopol, and some are operated on the Simferopol-Alushta highway.

LiAZ-5292: specifications

Weight and dimensions:

  • bus length - 11,990 mm;
  • height - 2 880 mm;
  • width - 2-500mm;
  • wheelbase - 5960 mm;
  • wheel formula - 4 x 2;
  • width of doorways - 2 x 1325 and 1 x 1225 mm;
  • number of doors - 3;
  • indoor ceiling height - 2280mm;
  • gross weight - 18,390 kg;
  • turning radius - 11.5 meters.
Liaz 5292 specifications
Liaz 5292 specifications


The bus is equipped with a German MAN engine (model MAN D0836LOH turbocharged).

Motor specifications:

  • number of cylinders - 6;
  • vertical arrangement;
  • environmental standard - Euro 4;
  • working total volume of cylinders - 6, 870 cc/cm;
  • maximum power - 176 hp at 2400 rpm;
  • torque - 925 Nm at 1800 rpm;
  • motor position - rear.


Basically bus suspensions are assembled from units supplied by German manufacturers. The LiAZ-5292 bus, whose characteristics and parameters speak of its reliability and durability, is gradually switching to domestically produced units. The quality of Russian parts at this stage is no worse than imported ones, and the quality of steel is even superior to foreign counterparts.

A distinctive feature of the model is the built-in tilt system towards the boarding platform at stops. This is done to facilitate entry into the cabin for wheelchair users. A special ramp extends from the underground space, along which a passenger with disabilities enters. The bus meets all the requirements of operation in large cities. The total passenger capacity of the cabin is 112 people. Seats - 20.