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Tinted headlights with a film. Is it worth paying more?

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Tinted headlights with a film. Is it worth paying more?
Tinted headlights with a film. Is it worth paying more?

Every motorist wants to see his car as stylish and eye-catching as possible. The modern market provides a huge number of ways to achieve the desired result. One of them is the dimming of the car's optics with a film. Headlight tinting is one of the simple and fairly budgetary methods to give the image of the car its own “zest”. You can dim the lights of the car with a specialized film. The car accessories market offers a fairly wide range of colors, which solves the problem of choosing a tint. How much does it cost to tint headlights? Should I pay more?

headlight tinting film price

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the pros and cons of dimming optics, the main advantage is the decorative effect of tinted headlights, which gives an expensive, exclusive appearance to the car. In addition to the aesthetic effect, optics tinting additionally protects against minor damage caused by stones and dust flying off the wheels.

An additional plus is that you can tint the headlights yourself, without the help of service centers and other specialists.

It is worth noting the main disadvantage of dimming car headlights, which is the legal side of the issue. The legislation does not provide for punishment for tinted headlights, so there may not be any problems with the traffic police in the "field" conditions. Difficulties may occur during the technical inspection of the car, as the lighting fixtures must comply with the requirements of GOST. If the throughput of the optics is below 85%, the technical inspection will fail. But do not be upset, because, if necessary, the film can be easily removed from the surface of the headlights without any harm.

diy tinted headlights


Diming headlights is usually done with an anti-gravel tint film - a material designed specifically for tinting and protection. Such a film has a lot of differences from the one used for car windows. It should be noted that the usual window tint film cannot be used to darken the optics.

In order to apply it to the headlights, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • tint film;
  • glass cleaner;
  • fan heater or hair dryer;
  • paper knife;
  • fluid sprayer;
  • squeegee or an old plastic card.
how to tint headlights

Tinting car optics, often contrary tothe expectations of the car owner, requires the removal of headlights. On many modern vehicles, the bumper interferes with the uniform application of the material over the entire area of ​​the headlight, and in most cases it is much more difficult to remove it than the lighting fixtures.

How is the process going?

The order of dimming the optics is as follows:

  1. Degrease and clean optics with any glass cleaner. After - wiping dry.
  2. A tint film is applied to the surface, marked with a marker. Cut the workpiece with a knife or scissors.
  3. Spray wet the surface of the optics and film.
  4. The workpiece is applied to the surface of the headlight and heated. The heated film becomes softer, which allows you to straighten it without much effort. Bubbles that form under the film are easily removed with a squeegee. Plastic cards can be used to eliminate small bubbles.
  5. When the surface becomes flat, the edges of the film are wrapped on the side surfaces of the optics. The excess is cut off with a knife.

The price of tinted headlights with a film depends on the qualification of the master and starts from 1800 rubles for one headlight.

On my own or see a specialist?

Of course, you can tint the headlights with a film with your own hands. However, it is much better to perform the described type of car tuning with masters in specialized salons - this will avoid unnecessary conflicts with traffic police officers. Skillfully and professionally tinted headlights practically do not lose brightness, which minimizes the risks of receiving protocols.

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