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The best car shampoo: rating, tips for choosing, manufacturer reviews

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The best car shampoo: rating, tips for choosing, manufacturer reviews
The best car shampoo: rating, tips for choosing, manufacturer reviews

When choosing a car shampoo, many consumers look solely at the price tag and do not pay attention to much more important indicators. Here you need to understand that an improperly selected tool for a car can lead to irreversible consequences, such as damage to the paintwork.

So the choice of car shampoo should be approached with all seriousness, carefully studying the label and markings on the tube. Fortunately, the market is replete with an abundance of all kinds of solutions and choosing the best option is not difficult. It remains only to get acquainted with the theory.

So, let's try to figure out how to choose a good car shampoo, what to pay special attention to and how not to miscalculate with a purchase. As specific examples, consider the most popular options on the domestic market, which have received a lot of laudatory reviews from motorists.

Critical characteristics of car shampoo

The classic version of car shampoo has an acid-base balance of 6-8 pH units. At an overestimated threshold of thisindicator, the composition will aggressively affect the body elements: plastic, rubber and the paintwork itself.

hand wash car shampoo

The role of the main elements in the car shampoo are surface-active substances (surfactants). The filling of the latter should not exceed 30% of the total mass of the detergent. It is also possible to have surfactant enhancers and a liquid softener to dissolve the shampoo faster and increase foaming. Such detergents may also contain special additives that promote the formation of an anti-corrosion film.

Types of chemistry

There are car shampoos for contactless washing and manual processing. With the former, the use of rags and direct contact with hands is not allowed. Because a good half of contactless detergents are strong concentrates. In addition, such chemistry does not tolerate low temperatures.

contactless car shampoo

Car shampoo for hand washing can be used all year round. There is no longer such an aggressive composition and contact with hands is possible. To process the body, you will need brushes, sponges and other rags. It is necessary to apply such products only on a cooled body, and also not to allow the shampoo to dry completely on the paintwork.

Best car cleaners

Next, consider the most popular shampoos for manual and contactless washing, which can be found in Russian stores. All of the options below received high marks fromexperts and a lot of flattering reviews from car owners.

Car shampoo rating:

  1. Kärcher Ultra Foam Cleaner.
  2. HI-GEAR Hg8002n.
  3. Pingo.
  4. Grass Active Foam Pink.

Let's take a look at the notable qualities of each product.

Karcher Ultra Foam Cleaner

Karcher Touchless Car Wash Shampoo features the brand's proprietary formula to help remove all known road grime without harming the car body.

Karcher Ultra Foam Cleaner

The tool does an excellent job with fuel oil, oils, bitumen and other troubles that may appear on the paintwork. The non-contact car shampoo contains no phosphates or any other aggressive acids, which, again, does not affect the quality of the body coating.

Consumers in their reviews note that the product from Karcher turned out to be extremely economical. A liter bottle is enough for at least a dozen full-fledged sinks. So the high cost of the product - about 700 rubles per liter, is fully justified.

Shampoo Benefits:

  • absolutely safe composition for paintwork;
  • handles all kinds of pollution;
  • almost instant effect;
  • economic composition;
  • compliance with all environmental standards and regulations.

No deficiencies identified.

HI-GEAR Hg8002n

Another shampoo for touchless washing from a well-known brand. The detergent is excellentfoaming, and not only in hot, but also in cold water, which for some consumers is far from the last argument to buy.

HI-GEAR Hg8002n

Judging by the reviews of motorists, after washing, no smudges and stains remain on the car body, largely due to the absence of ethanol. So in the case of this solution, the need for thorough wiping dry does not arise.

Consumers also note the extremely careful attitude of the detergent to the paintwork and other body elements - rubber and plastic. Therefore, the shampoo can be used without any restrictions on the processing time and concentration of the composition.

Shampoo Features

Detergent perfectly copes with all types of pollution, including the most difficult - bituminous stains and liquid tar. In addition, the shampoo has a light polishing effect, which has a positive effect not only on the appearance of the car, but also on the protection of the paintwork.

shampoo HI-GEAR Hg8002n

A liter bottle of detergent will cost about 200 rubles. But here you need to be very careful, because there are a lot of fakes in our market and instead of normal shampoo, ordinary soap or something worse is poured into the container. So it is better to buy HI-GEAR brand products in trusted specialized stores.

Shampoo Benefits:

  • excellent foaming;
  • handles all, even the most serious types of pollution;
  • composition is completely safe forpaintwork and other body elements;
  • presence of polishing effect;
  • convenient container;
  • attractive value for the features available.

No deficiencies identified.


This is a German brand that produces high-quality chemicals for cars of different classes. Car shampoos for manual washing "Pingo" enjoy enviable popularity among domestic consumers. The product boasts excellent foaming, which minimizes the chance of damage to the paintwork by particles of sand and other dirt.


The presence of ethanol makes it easy to get rid of the remains of insects and resinous stains. Judging by consumer reviews, the shampoo begins to “slip” on liquid tar, so you have to go through it twice, or even three times. With all other types of pollution, the product copes perfectly.

Motorists also note the cost-effectiveness of the shampoo. The manufacturer recommends adding about 25 ml per liter of water, but judging by the reviews, 15 ml is enough for a normal wash. The cost of detergent cannot be called overpriced - about 350 rubles per liter.

Shampoo Benefits:

  • presence of polishing effect;
  • excellent foaming;
  • handles heavy pollution;
  • adequate cost.


  • ethanol leaves streaks;
  • not the best liquid tar product.

Grass Active Foam Pink

This is the remedy forcontactless car wash, which received a lot of positive feedback from motorists. One of the remarkable advantages of the shampoo is the presence of a restoring effect for the paintwork. No negative effects on the bodywork were noticed.

Grass Active Foam Pink

Separately, it is worth noting a very high level of foaming, the best of all the above options. Pleased with the consumption of detergent. For normal treatment, 10 ml of shampoo per liter of water is enough. In more complex cases, the dose must be doubled, which is more than acceptable for chemistry of this kind.

Local active additives do an excellent job of removing almost all road grime. The tool slightly gives in to bitumen, but a second procedure also solves this problem. The cost of a liter bottle fluctuates around 350 rubles.

Shampoo Benefits:

  • strong foaming;
  • the presence of a restorative effect;
  • low flow;
  • adequate cost.


  • to remove bitumen and similar compounds, exposure of the composition is necessary;
  • rarely found in stores.

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