Turbine TD04: characteristics and application

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Turbine TD04: characteristics and application
Turbine TD04: characteristics and application

Mitsubishi Group has many fields of activity. Thus, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is part of it, is one of the main manufacturers of turbines. The following is one of the most common series - turbines TD04.


The names of MHI turbines can be quite complex and confusing. Therefore, first of all, you should understand the basic notation:

  • The first letter of the name is used to identify the exhaust driven turbines (T D04HL-15T-6).
  • Second letter - turbine series (T D 04-10T-5).
  • Double numeric index indicates the size of the turbine wheel housing (TD 04 H-13G-6).
  • Additional letter symbols (L, H, HL) are used to designate enlarged turbine wheel diameters (TD04 L -408T-5). With the use of the prefix L, its width is reflected: S - small, M - medium, L - large (TD04 S-07B-4). The prefix R denotes the reverse direction of rotation (againstclockwise) (TD04L R -604H12GFT-8).
  • Next is the numerical designation of the size of the compressor wheel (TD04-12 T-5), determined based on its maximum performance at a compression ratio of 2 bar (in this case - 0.12 m3 /s).
  • The following letter character defines the design features of the compressor wheel (TD04HL-13 Gk-8.5). MHI turbine compressors have 12 blades. They are evenly spaced, but depending on the model, the pitch and height differ. For B and C, the height of the blades is the same. Blades G, GK and T are available in two heights and alternate.
  • The following is the numerical value of the turbine inlet cross-section in cm2 (TD04H-15T- 6). This indicator is analogous to the A/R parameter used by other turbine manufacturers. The latter is considered a geometric characteristic of turbine casings, represented by the ratio of the cross section of the outlet and the distance from the central axis to the center of gravity of the section. The considered parameter of the MHI turbines is only the value of the numerator of the named ratio. 1cm2 corresponds to about 0.07 A/R. Instead of a numerical value, for modifications with variable geometry, the prefix VG is used, and for twin-scroll turbines - the total section with the prefix T / S.
  • Followed by blade feature designation (TD04L-414TK-3 S5).

In addition, there are hybrid modifications that involve the use of a compressor wheel from another turbine in the series. They are denoted by double indices. For example, TD04L-04HL13T-6 is represented byTD04L series turbine fitted with 13T compressor from TD04HL


TD04, like other MHI turbines, have a sleeve bearing cartridge. Engine oil is used for lubrication. Additional cooling is provided by circulating engine coolant in a shroud passing through the turbine cartridge. TD04 have 4-bolt flanges and single turbine housing.

The initial modifications of the TD04 are designed for use on in-line gasoline engines with a volume of 1.5 liters and a power of 42-170 hp. with., as well as diesel engines with a volume of 2-3, 2 liters and a capacity of 30-130 liters. With. They are designed to operate at temperatures up to 950 °C and pressures up to 2.9 bar. The maximum rotation speed is 190,000 rpm, the average weight is 3.5 kg and 4 kg with wastegate.

MHI TD04-09B
MHI TD04-09B

Separately, the value of the cross section of the outlet should be considered. It affects turbine performance in the same way as A/R. With a small value, due to an increase in the flow rate of gases, the speed of unwinding increases, and, consequently, the lag is reduced, and responsiveness is increased. However, in this case, there is a high gas back pressure, which reduces the throughput. This affects the maximum power. Turbines with a larger outlet (A/R) spin up slower, but have higher performance.


The following are the characteristics of the TD04 turbines of some models:

Turbine Ultimate pressure, bar Power range, l. s.

Minimum airflow at 2 bar m3/s

Nominal airflow at 2 bar m3/s

Practical maximum airflow at 2 bar m3/s

Throttle valve, m3/c

TD04-09B-6 0, 038 0, 13 0, 12 0, 13
TD04-10T 2, 7 110-190 0, 04 0, 14
TD04-12T 2, 7 130-200 0, 045

0, 15

TD04-13T 2, 8 140-220 0, 046 0, 16
TD04-13G-6 0, 042 0, 17 0, 15 0, 18
TD04-13T-6 0, 05 0, 2 0, 19 0, 21
TD04-14T 2, 8 150-230 0, 048 0, 18
TD04-15G-6 0, 05 0, 2 0, 19 0, 21
TD04H-15T 3 160-240 0, 055 0, 2

3, 3

180-260 0, 05 0, 21
TD04H-16GK 3, 1 170-260 0, 063 0, 2
TD04H-16T 3 200-270 0, 056 0, 21
TD04HL-16T-6 0, 056 0, 21 0, 19 0, 21
TD04HL-17G-6 0, 056 0, 21 0, 2 0, 23
TD04H-18T 3 220-290 0, 054 0, 22
TD04HL-18T-6 0, 061 0, 23

0, 21

TD04H-19T 3 230-300 0, 05 0, 22
TD04HL-19T-6 0, 049 0, 24 0, 2 0, 26
TD04H-19KS 3, 3 240-315 0, 064 0, 23
TD04H-20TK-32S 3, 3 250-330 0, 064 0, 24

The type of design of the turbine and compressor wheels determines the diameters of the cold and hot impellers. For the turbine wheel TD04 they are 40 and 47 mm, for TD04L - 41, 1 and 47, for TD04H - 44, 1 and 51, 9, for TD04HL - 45, 7 and 52, 1. TD04 turbines are equipped with turbine wheels of size 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 5, 10, 5, 11cm2.

Another important parameter of turbines is trim. This term refers to the ratio of the squares of the inlet and outlet diameters calculated for the turbine and compressor wheels. Theoretically (in isolation from other parameters) the amount of trim directly determines the throughput of the wheel. However, in real conditions, this can be offset by other factors. For example, a TD04-15G turbine has more capacity than a TD04-09B with a larger trim. That is, in this case the ruleobserved.

The following are the parameters of turbine and compressor wheels of Mitsubishi TD04 turbines.

Turbine Case Turbine wheel Diameter of the inlet part of the turbine wheel, mm Turbine wheel outlet diameter, mm Trim Compressor wheel Diameter of the inlet part of the compressor wheel, mm Compressor wheel outlet diameter, mm


TD04-09B TD04-09B TD04 40 47 72 09B 34, 7 49 50
TD04-10T 10T 35, 5 49 52
TD04-12T 12T 37, 8 49 60
TD04-13T 13T 40, 3 56 52
TD04-13T TD04HL-13T TD04HL 45, 7 52, 1 77 13T 40, 3 56


TD04-13G TD04-13G TD04L 41, 1 47 76 13G 40, 1 50, 8 62
TD04-14T 14T 39, 5 51 60
TD04-15G TD04-13G TD04L 41, 1 47 76 15G 41, 3 55, 5 55
TD04H-15T 15T 42 56 56
TD04H-15G TD04H-15G TD04H 44, 1 51, 9 72


41, 3 55, 5 55
TD04H-15C TD04H-15С TD04H 44, 1 51, 9 72 15С 42 55, 5 57
TD04H-15TK-31 15TK 42 56 56
TD04-16T TD04HL-16T TD04L 41, 1 47 76 16T 43, 5 56 60
TD04H-16GK 16GK 43, 4 56 60
TD04H-16T 16T 43, 5 56 60
TD04-17G TD04-13G TD04L 41, 1 47 76 17G 44, 3 60, 5 54
TD04-18T TD04HL-18T TD04L 41, 1 47 76 18T 45 58 60
TD04H-18T 18T 45 58 60
TD04-19T TD04HL-19T TD04L 41, 1 47 76 19T 45, 9 58 63
TD04H-19T 19T 45, 9 58 63
TD04H-19KS 19KS 45 58 60
TD04H-20TK-32S 20TK 47 58 66

TD04HL features an integrated bypass. The reverse version TD04LR-16Gk-6 has a unique design: the turbine housing is located in the exhaust manifold, and the bypass valve is installed in the compressor housing.

In general, TD04 turbos are mid-sized. They can't deliver high performance, but spin up quickly.


The above parameters of the TD04 MHI turbines indicate a focusfor daily operation. In view of this, they are widely used by many car manufacturers. In addition, these turbines are used in construction machinery, industrial equipment, etc.


TD04 used by Mitsubishi on many models: sports GTO and Eclipse, compact Colt and Mirage, various Delica variants (L300, L400, Space Gear, Star Wagon, Space Wagon), Pajero SUV (Montero, Shogun) Space Runner compact MPV, station wagons Libero and Cargo, sedans Lancer and Galant. In addition, TD04 was used by many European automakers. So, BMW installed such turbines on 3, 5, 7 Series engines. Land Rover used them on the Freelander and Range Rover. Among the French automakers, the most widely used turbines for Renault were (Grand) Espace, (Grand) Scenic, Avantime, Laguna, Megane, Vel Satis. In addition, TD04s are installed on Citroen XM and Peugeot 605. Fiat used these turbines on Uno, Croma, Tipo. TD04 fitted to Vauxhall/Opel Omega. The turbines in question were used for Hyundai Galloper and H1. Among American models, they were used only on the Dodge Ste alth, technically representing the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

MHI TD04-19T
MHI TD04-19T

Also TD04 installed on commercial vans: Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, Iveco/Fiat Ducato. Finally, they are used in industrial and construction equipment.

Turbine Manufacturer Engine Models
TD04V Ford Transit
TD04M-4t10TK-31SSVG Volkswagen CEBB Crafter
TD04M-4t10KYRCN-VFT Cummins
TD04M-4t10KYRCN-VFT Komatsu
TD04-05B-2.5 Kubota
TD04S-05B-2.5 Kubota
TD04-05C-3 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-05B-4 MMC
TD04S-05B-4 Yanmar
TD04S-05C-4 Kubota
TD04S-05C-4 Iseki
TD04-07B-4 Fiat Uno
TD04-07B-4 Iveco/Fiat M705HT, 280A1.000 Ducato
TD04-07B-4 MMC
TD04S-07B-4 MHI
TD04-07B-5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-07B-6 MWM
TD04-07B-7 Kubota
TD04-07B-7 Mitsui
TD04-08T-4 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-08T-5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-09G-3 Mitsubishi 4D68T Galant, Libero, SpaceRunner, SpaceWagon, Lancer
TD04S-09G-3 Mitsubishi 4D68 Galant, Space Wagon, Space Runner, Lancer
TD04-09B-3 Mitsubishi 4D56T Galant, Space Wagon, Chariot, Montero
TD04-09B-4 Hyundai Galoper
TD04-09B-4 Fiat Croma, Tipo
TD04-09B-4 Mitsubishi 4D56T, 4D55 Pajero, Montero, Shogun, L200, L300,
TD04-09B-4 HKS
TD04-09B-5 Mitsubishi Colt
TD04-09B-6 HKS
TD04-09B-6 Mitsubishi 6G72 GTO, Colt
TD04-10T-4 Mitsubishi 4D56T Strada, L300, Shogun, Starwagon, L200, Pajero, L400, Cargo, SpaceGear
TD04-10T-4 Hyundai D4BF Galoper
TD04-10T-5 MMC
TD04-10T-5 Wiscon
TD04-10T-8.5T Renault F4R760/F4R761 Avantime, Espace, Grand Scenic, Laguna, Grand Espace, Megane, Scenic, Vel Satis
TD04-11B-4 BMW M21D24 M51D25 5, 3
TD04-11B-4 Mitsubishi Mirage, Colt
TD04-11G-4 Mitsubishi 4D56Q, 4D56TD L200, Pajero, L400, Space Gear
TD04-11G-4 Land Rover M51 Range Rover, Freelander
TD04-11G-4 BMW M51D25 5, 7, 3
TD04-11G-4 Opel/Vauxhall U25TD, X25TD Omega
TD04-11G-4 Hyundai D4BH Galoper, H1
TD04-11T-4 Mitsubishi Pajero
TD04-11B-5 Citroen XUD11 XM
TD04-11B-5 Peugeot 605
TD04-11B-5 Trust
TD04-11G-5 Mitsubishi 6G72 GTO
TD04-11G-5 BMW M51D25 5, 3
TD04-11G-5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-11G-6 MMC
TD04-11B-7 MMC
TD04-12T-4 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-12T-4 Mitsubishi 4M40 Pajero
TD04-12T-5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04-12T-5 Steyr
TD04-12T-6 MMC
TD04-12T-6 Kubota
TD04-12T-7 Kubota
TD04-13T-4 BMW M21 M51D25 5, 7, 3
TD04-13G Dodge Ste alth
TD04-13G-5 Mitsubishi Eclipse
TD04-13G-6 Mitsubishi 6G72 GTO


TD04L are even more widely used than TD04. Mitsubishi equips Libero and Lancer with them. Subaru installs hybrid TD04Ls on the Impreza and Forester. Hybrid reverse modifications of these turbines are used on most BMW models (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, X1, X3, X4, X5, Z). Also TD04L equip most Volvo (S40, V40, S60, S70, V70, S80, XC70, XC90). Moreover, they are installed on many modelsRenault (Laguna, Megane, Avantime, Vel Satis, (Grand) Espace, (Grand) Scenic).

TD04L is widely used by American automakers. So, modifications with variable geometry are equipped with some Ford models, such as Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy. The Cadillac ATS and CTS use the regular and hybrid variants, as well as the hybrid reverse version on the latter. In addition, the Chevrolet Camaro has a regular and reverse TD04L, and the Orlando, Captiva, Cruze, and Captiva have regular and variable geometry variants, respectively.

Finally, these turbines are used on Dodge/Chrysler: regular - on Sebring and reverse - on PT Cruiser and Neon. The hybrid modification is installed on the Audi A4 and A5. Also, such versions of the TD04L are used on the Vauxhall / Opel Insignia and Antara, while the Signum and Vectra received the usual modification. The variable geometry variant is available on the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508 and 5008, as well as the Jaguar XF and Land Rover Freelander, Discovery and Evoque. Hyundai Genesis has a hybrid modification. Finally, the TD04L is installed on the Porsche Cayene and Panamera and Saab 9-3.


Besides, TD04L is widely used on commercial vans such as Volkswagen Crafter, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, Fiat/Iveco Ducato, Iveco Daily and Aifo, Renault Mascott and Master Pro, Ford Transit, as well as buses and Mitsubishi Fuso trucks. They are equipped with industrial units and construction equipment.

Turbine Manufacturer Engine Models
TD04L-05C-5 Kubota
TD04L-05C-5 Iseki
TD04L-08T-6 Deutz BF4L1011F
TD04L-09T-7 Iveco
TD04L-10T-7 Komatsu
TD04L-10T-7 MHI/Cat
TD04L-10T-8 Deutz BF4LM2011
TD04L-10KY-5 Komatsu
TD04L-10KY-6 Komatsu
TD04L-10GKRC-5 Komatsu
TD04L-10GK2RC-5 Komatsu
TD04L-11TK-3sVG Ford Mondeo, SMax, Galaxy
TD04L-11TK-3sVG Land Rover Freelander
TD04L-11TK-3sVG Citroen C5
TD04L-11TK-3sVG Peugeot 508, 5008
TD04L-11TK-3sVG Jaguar XF
TD04L-11TK-35 Saab L850 9-3
TD04L-11TK-35 Opel/Vauxhall Z20NET Signum, Vectra
TD04L-11G-6 Dynamic
TD04L-11G-6 MMC
TD04L-12T-6 Volvo B5204T, N2P20LT S80, V70, C70, S60, S70
TD04L-12T-6 Ssang Yong
TD04L-12T-8.5 Volvo B4204T S40, S70, V40, V70
TD04L-13G-4 HKS
TD04L-13G-5 MMC
TD04L-13G-6 Subaru
TD04L-13G-6 HKS
TD04L-13G-7 Dynamic
TD04L-13G-7 MMC
TD04L-13T-15 Citroen 8140.43 Jumper
TD04L-13T-15 Fiat/Iveco Ducato
TD04L-13T-15 Peugeot Boxer
TD04L-14T-5 Citroen Jumper
TD04L-14T-5 Fiat Ducato
TD04L-14T-5 Peugeot Boxer
TD04L-14T-5 Iveco 2.8CR-S2000, 8140.43S.4000 Daily, Aifo, Ducato
TD04L-14T-5 Renault Mascott, Master Pro
TD04L-14T-5 Mitsubishi Libero, Lancer
TD04L-14T-6 Saab B207 9-3
TD04L-14T-6 Volvo B5254T, B204, B207R L850, N2P25LT, B4194T S40, V40, S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90
TD04L-14T-6 Chrysler/Dodge Sebring
TD04L-14T-6 MMC
TD04L-14T-8.5 Volvo N1P19HT, B4204T, B4194T S40, V40
TD04L-15T-8.5 Volvo B4204T5, B4194T S40, V40
TD04LR-16GK-6 Chrysler/Dodge EDV PT Cruiser, Neon
TD04L-407KX-34 John Deere
TD04L-408T-5 Kubota
TD04L-408T-7 MHI
TD04L-408TK-36 Perkins Engines
TD04L-409TK-35 Kubota
TD04L-411TK-3VG Land Rover Discovery, Evoque, Freelander
TD04L-411TK-3VG Citroen
TD04L-412T-2VG Ford H9FA Transit
TD04L-413TBS-VG Volkswagen CECA, CECB, BJM / BJL Crafter
TD04L-413T-7 Kubota
TD04L-414TK-3S6 Dongfeng
TD04L-414TK-3S5 Dongfeng
TD04L-611GFT-5 Porsche Cayenne, Panamera
TD04L-613TK-3VG Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04L-614T-8.5T Renault F4R.774 Laguna, Megane, Avantime, Espace, Vel Satis, Scenic Grand Espace Grand Scenic
TD04L-615TK-318.5T Renault F4R774 Megane
TD04L-619TK-3S8.5T Saab
TD04L-619TK-3S10.0T Chevrolet Camaro
TD04L-619TK-3S10.0T Cadillac ATS, CTS
TD04L-1009TVT-VG Chevrolet A22DMH Orlando, Captiva, Cruze
TD04L-4SB-20TK-32SVG Renault Laguna
TD04L-4A11TK-3sVG Ford Mondeo
TD04L-4f10TK-31SSVG Volkswagen BJJ, BJK, BJL, BJM, CEBA, CEBB Crafter
TD04L-4b0307WDT-2.7 Audi A4, A5
TD04L-04H13TK-3S6 Subaru Forester, Impreza
TD04L-04H13TK-3S6 Hyundai G4KF Genesis
TD04L-04H16GK-6 John Deere
TD04L-04HL13T-6 Subaru EJ205, 58T, 41T, EJ255 Forester, Impreza
TD04L-04HL15T-6 Chrysler
TD04LR-6W04HR13HE-1Tf6.0T BMW 5, 7, X3, 3, 1, 2, 4
TD04LR-604H12GFT-8 Cadillac CTS
TD04L-604H15TK-31VG Mitsubishi FusoTruck and Bus Canter, FB8, TYBFE73
TD04LR-604HR15TK-316.0T BMW N20B20 X1, X3, X4, X5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Z
TD04L-604H19TK-3S10.0T Cadillac ATS, CTS
TD04L-604H19TK-3S10.0T Chevrolet Camaro
TD04L-604H19TK-3S10.0T Vauxhall/Opel Insignia
TD04L-1004H12TVT-VG Chevrolet A22DMH Captiva
TD04L-1004H12TVT-VG Opel/Vauxhall Antara


TD04H are the least common. They were used on some Volvo models (460, 740, 940, 960), Saab 9-3, Vauxhall/Opel Vectra and Signum, Subaru Impreza.


Also, these modifications are installed on Kobelco and Trust equipment.

Turbine Manufacturer Engine Models
TD04H-13C-6 Volvo B230FK, B230FT, B200FT 740, 460, 940, 960
TD04H-13C-6 MMC
TD04H-13G-6 MMC
TD04H-13T-6 Subaru Impreza
TD04H-15T-6 MMC
TD04H-15C-8.5 MMC
TD04H-15C-8.5 Trust
TD04H-15G-12 Kobelco
TD04H-15TK-312.5T Saab 9-3
TD04H-15TK-312.5T Opel/Vauxhall HFV6 Vectra, Signum
TD04H-19T-6 Subaru Impreza


TD04HL are as widely used as TD04L. Many Volvos are also equipped with them: 460, 740, 850, 940, 960, S60, S80, C70, V70, S70, XC70, XC90. Such turbines are installed on the main Saab models: 9-3, 9-5, 9000. Among Mitsubishi cars, they are used on Galant, Lancer, Airtrek (Outlander), RVR. Subaru uses them on the Impreza and Legacy. The TD04HL is found on many Infiniti models (EX, FX, M, Q70, QX50, QX70) as well as Nissan Navara and Pathfinder. The TD04HL is used by Porsche on the Cayene and Panamera and Bentley on the Arnage and Mulsanne. In addition, theyinstalled on Vauxhall/Opel Insignia, Vectra and Signum, Renault Laguna and Latitude, Ssang Yong Rexton, Kia Sportage, Cadillac SRX, Dodge Caliber, McLaren MP4-12C.


The TD04HL is also used on commercial vans, including Iveco Massif and Daily, Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper. Like other turbines in the series, they are installed on construction machinery and industrial units, as well as on trains, ships, trucks and buses:

Turbine Manufacturer Engine Models
TD04HL-4S Kia Sportage
TD04HL-4A-18T Deutz
TD04HL-4A-18T Mercedes Benz
TD04HL-11T-6 Cummins
TD04HL-11T-6 Hyundai
TD04HL-11T-6 Iseki
TD04HL-11T-6 Holset
TD04HL-11T-6 Holset
TD04HL-11T-6 Sanshin
TD04HL-11T-6 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-11T-7 Iseki
TD04HL-11G-7 Hercules
TD04HL-11T-8.5 Iseki
TD04HL-11G-8.5 Hercules
TD04HL-4S11KX-3RCN3.8 Hyundai
TD04HL-4S13TK-3S5 Yanmar
TD04HL-4S13TK-3S5.0 First Automotive Works
TD04HL-4S13TK-3S5.0 Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
TD04HL-4S13TK-3S5.0 BAIC Motor Powertrain
TD04HL-13T-4 Mitsubishi RVR
TD04HL-13T-5 MMC
TD04HL-13T-6 Volvo B2234T, B5244T, B5234T3 V70, XC70, S80, S60, C70, XC90, S70
TD04HL-13T-6 Saab 9-5
TD04HL-13T-6 Iveco F1C Massif, Daily
TD04HL-13T-6 Fiat F1CE0481D Ducato
TD04HL-13T-6 Citroen Jumper
TD04HL-13T-6 Peugeot F30DT Boxer
TD04HL-13T-6 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-13G-6 Volvo N2P20FT N2P20LT 850, S70, C70, V70
TD04HL-13G-6 MHI
TD04HL-13C-6 Volvo B200FT B230FK 460, 740, 940, 960
TD04HL-13G-7 Volvo B5254T 850, C70, S60, S70, S80, V70
TD04HL-13TK-3S7 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-13TK-3S7 Iseki
TD04HL-13T-8 Volvo S80, V70, XC70, XC90, C70, S60, S70
TD04HL-13G-8.5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-13G-8.5 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-13GK-8.5 Kubota V3800 DI-T A47GT
TD04HL-13T-8.5 Holset
TD04HL-13T-8.5 Holset
TD04HL-13G-11 Kubota
TD04HL-13TK-3S11 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-13TK-3S11 MHI
TD04HL-13TK-36 John Deere
TD04HL-13TK-37 MHI
TD04HL-13TK-38.5 MHI
TD04HL-13TK-38.5 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-15TK-312.5T Saab 9-3
TD04HL-15TK-312.5T Vauxhall/Opel Vectra, Signum
TD04HL-15T-5 BAIC Motor Powertrain
TD04HL-15T-5 Mitsubishi RVR
TD04HL-15T-5 Saab B235R 9-3, 9-5
TD04HL-15G-6 Saab B234R 9000
TD04HL-15T-6 Saab B234R 9000
TD04HL-15T-6 Saab 9000
TD04HL-15T-6 Subaru Impreza
TD04HL-15T-6 MMC
TD04HL-15G-7 Volvo N2P23FT, B5234FT /T3/T5, B5254T S70, V70, 850
TD04HL-15G-7 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-15T-7 Mitsubishi Galant, Lancer, Airtrek (Outlander)
TD04HL-15G-8.5 Isuzu
TD04HL-15G-8.5 Hitachi
TD04HL-15G-8.5 Kobelco
TD04HL-15G-8.5 MHI
TD04HL-15G-8.5 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-15G-8.5 Trust
TD04HL-15C-8.5 Trust
TD04HL-15T-8.5 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-15T-8.5 Steyr
TD04HL-15G-11 Hitachi
TD04HL-15G-11 Sumitomo
TD04HL-15G-11 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-15G-11 Isuzu 4BG1T
TD04HL-15G-12 Hitachi
TD04HL-15G-12 Isuzu
TD04HL-15T-12 Isuzu
TD04HL-15TK-31VFT Honda
TD04HL-4S15GFT-6 Toyota Marine
TD04HL-4S15MK-6.6 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus FE8, BE6, FG7, FE7
TD04HL-4sb15TK-31VG Ssang Yong Y250 D27DTP Rexton
TD04HL-16T-6 Volvo N2P20LT 850, C70, S70, V70
TD04HL-16T-7 Volvo N2P23HT, B5244T3 B5234T, B5234FT, 850, S70, V70, C70, XC70, S80, XC90, S60
TD04HL-16T-8.5 MWM
TD04HL-16T-11 Isuzu
TD04HL-18T-7 Volvo N2P23HTR, B5234T S60, S70, V70 XC70
TD04HL-18T-11 Porsche M48/50 Cayenne, Panamera
TD04HL-4A18T-11 Porsche Panamera, Cayenne
TD04HL-19T-7 Volvo S70, V70
TD04HL-19T-7 Bentley Arnage, Mulsanne
TD04HL-19T-8.5 Trust
TD04HLA-19T-8.5T Subaru Legacy
TD04HL-4S19T-8.5T Hyundai
TD04HLW-19TK-312.5T Saab LAU 9-5
TD04HLW-19TK-312.5T Opel/Vauxhall A28NET, A28NER Insignia
TD04HLW-19TK-312.5T Cadillac HFV6 SRX
TD04HL-20TK-3S11 Porsche Panamera
TD04HL-20TK-32S7 McLaren MP4-12C
TD04HL-4Sb20TK-32SVG Infiniti V9X EX, FX, M, Q70, QX50, QX70
TD04HL-4Sb20TK-32SVG Nissan V9X Navara, Pathfinder
TD04HL-4Sb20TK-32SVG Renault Laguna, Latitude
TD04HL-4S20TK-32SF11 Dodge Caliber
TD04HL-411TK-3S6 Dongfeng
TD04HL-411TK-3S6 Guangxi Yuchai Machinery
TD04HL-411TK-3S7 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-411TK-3S8.5 MHI
TD04HL-411TK-37 MHI/Cat
TD04HL-411TK-38.5 John Deere
TD04HL-413TK-3S6 Dongfeng
TD04HL-413TK-3S6 Shanghai Diesel Engine
TD04HL-413TK-36 Kubota
TD04HL-413TK-36 John Deere
TD04HL-413TK-37 John Deere
TD04HL-413TK-38.5 John Deere
TD04HL-415MH-VG Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Canter, FE8
TD04HL-415MK-6 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus
TD04HL-419TK-3F11 Chrysler

Labeling system

When searching for TD04 turbine components, repair kits, a proprietary marking system is used. MHI turbines and their parts are designated with double number combinations, type 49189-07803. The first part is individual for each type of turbine TD04: 49177 for TD04, 49377 for TD04L, 49189 for TD04H and TD04HL. However, this notation is not always unambiguous. As an example, consider TD04-09B-6 and its improved version TD04L-09G-6. Both turbines have a TD04 casing but are equipped with a TD04L center casing rotation unit. Naturally, these components are marked with different numbers.