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Oil 2T: description, characteristics, classification, application

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Oil 2T: description, characteristics, classification, application
Oil 2T: description, characteristics, classification, application

Today, there are many types of products for servicing motors. 2T oil is characterized by special properties. It will be discussed further.

General information

Scooters are usually conventionally divided into two categories. They come with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Each category has both its advantages and disadvantages. Interchangeability is not possible.

Oil 2t

In two-stroke engines, gasoline, oil and oxygen burn simultaneously in the fuel chamber. With four-stroke engines, everything is simple. It is only necessary to monitor the amount of oil. Two-stroke types are very capricious. In this case, special requirements are put forward for the quality of 2T oil.


There are three types of 2T motor oil: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. In recent years, the market has been increasingly conquered by synthetic oil. It is the least demanding on operating conditions (temperature differences). It is important that synthetic compounds emit a small amount of soot during combustion, which settles on the muffler and forms soot in the engine chamber. According to the requirements of the API standard, 2T engine oil is divided into the following types:

  1. For enginesmopeds, lawn mowers and related machines. They are marked TA.
  2. For low power motorcycles and motorboats. Marked as TV.
  3. For land based engines. This is TS.
  4. For outboard motors. Marking TD.
  5. Scooter oil 2t

In addition, there are two more standards for determining the properties of a lubricant - JASO and NMMA. According to the first classification, all oils can be divided into the following categories: FA, FB and FC. They differ in the amount of smoke produced. The rank FA has the highest values.

According to the second system, attention is paid to the true processes of decomposition of oil residues and also smoke generation. This standard distinguishes two groups of compositions: TC-W2 and TC-W3. A more modern composition is TC-W3.

It is very important to choose the right motor cleaner. Each manufacturer of such equipment creates formulas in accordance with established standards. Only certain types of lubricants need to be added to the system.

Two-stroke oil properties

For trouble-free, long-term use, mechanisms need quality oil. The main indicators that 2T oils for a scooter should have are:

  • anti-wear performance;
  • lubrication capability;
  • low smoke;
  • low deposits;
  • fuel connection at all temperatures;
  • fluidity and corrosion resistance.

Clean oil for two-stroke engines is notused. Usually its part of the total mass is from 85 to 98%. Other components are various additives that are also used for four-stroke engines. Additives are introduced into the oil to obtain the required performance.


All kinds of artificial esters are added to 2T oil for a scooter or other types of equipment with an engine of the presented design to obtain the required characteristics. This is typical for biodegradable products. This quality is not typical of hydrocarbon varieties.

Motor oil 2t

Two-stroke engine oil additives are selected according to operating conditions. Use anti-wear components. They help protect metal surfaces from mechanical damage. Together with zinc-based additives, ash-free additives in the form of esters and phosphoric acids are used.

Both detergent-dispersant and phenolic formulations are used as additives to keep the engine clean and reduce build-up in the combustion chamber. High molecular weight compounds have also found their application for trapping contaminants. Various antioxidants that inhibit the reaction of corrosion development, antifoam additives are often added to the composition. To reduce emissions from the exhaust pipe, polybutylene is added.

Expert reviews

2T synthetic oil is the best deal today. Continuous improvement, improvement of production technology allows to achieve morehigh operational properties in comparison with mineral compositions. Therefore, today such funds have only one advantage - this is the price.

Oil 2t reviews

This advantage is completely offset by performance. Increased ash content, leading to deposits, degrades engine performance in a short time. The muffler deteriorates, carbon deposits appear on the pistons and rings in the combustion chamber. Because of this, compression drops, which means power is reduced.

To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to clean all parts from soot. All this can be avoided by using oil with additives.

Customer Reviews

Looking at the reviews of 2T oil that buyers leave, we can say that quality compounds of the middle and high price categories take care of the system. In addition to the price, synthetic oil has no drawbacks. You can buy such a composition at a price of 300-450 rubles / l. It should be borne in mind that the use of mineral oil leads to ghostly savings. Since frequent minor and major repairs when using mineral oil will require large financial costs.

Oil for 2t engines

It turns out that the synthetic component of the oil allows you to fully meet the requirements of technology in high-quality lubrication. 2T synthetic base oil is stable and comfortable. However, when choosing a suitable composition, the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer must be taken into account. Its stable operation depends on it.

After considering the features and ruleschoice of lubricants for two-stroke engines, everyone will be able to choose the right composition for their equipment.

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