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Features of budget tuning "Mercedes 123"

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Features of budget tuning "Mercedes 123"
Features of budget tuning "Mercedes 123"

High reliability, ease of operation and a luxurious stylish image are the main advantages of the Mercedes line of this series. Drivers always want to transform the “swallow”, no matter how well it is presented by the manufacturer. If you want to supplement the design developments, motorists turn to tuning the Mercedes 123, adding dynamism and style.

Why you should resort to tuning

The legendary "Mercedes 123"

At first, the owner likes the car in all respects. Over time, the owner of the car gets used to it, and some moments begin to no longer suit him. Modernization is especially relevant in cases where you want to stand out from the road crowd due to the extreme popularity of the model.

Each motorist has his own idea of ​​the beauty and power of transport. Some are not satisfied with the optics, others decide to refit the interior. Black, elegant, calm beige, rich chocolate colors of materials are in trend. All car owners pursue one task - to achieve increased comfort on the trip, easecontrols.

Brief information about the car

The premiere of the vehicle took place in 1976, and for that era this unit made a splash in the consumer environment. With the release of new modern foreign cars, it is necessary to slightly modify the car in order to meet modern road requirements, without losing status. According to car owners, as part of tuning the Mercedes 123, the body of the steel “gelding” and its power unit are especially well suited for modification. You can modernize your appearance with the help of vinyl stickers, choosing them in any configuration, style, drawings.

Modernization of the salon

Tuning salon "Mercedes 123"

The car was originally distinguished by the German quality of materials, the classic layout for that time. To give modern features, it is recommended to use lamination. Looks great "carbon interior". The material looks expensive, which adds to the presentable interior. Competent hauling can take up to 2-3 weeks. If you need it faster, it is advisable to contact specialists. Rubberized graphite threads combine lightness and strength, resistance to mechanical stress. The updated interior will not be ashamed to show to friends. After draining the oil, the specialists of the auto technical center change the engine firmware.

Chip tuning

"123 Mercedes" tuning photo

The old man is not distinguished by agility by modern standards. But he can also be given a little gas. Preliminary, a thorough visual and instrumentaldiagnostics to determine the possibility of chip tuning. In general, boosting the engine of an 80-year-old car is a difficult and painstaking task, so it is better and safer to entrust it to an experienced specialist.

Features of changing appearance

The main thing in this business is to choose stylish, interesting details. There are a lot of options among the assortment lines of accessories for tuning. If you want to save the budget as much as possible, you can limit yourself to installing a new body kit. The kits are sold with a front and rear bumper, which is convenient for quick installation work.

To give a sporty look, as you can see in some photos of the Mercedes 123 tuning, spoilers look spectacular. They create originality, a charming appearance, performing a practical role and increasing the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle. It is beneficial for cars that have celebrated their 15th or 20th anniversary to change the suspension, brake systems, motor parts, and adjust exhaust structures. All this will help to add good technical values, aerodynamic performance, unusual image to the car, but this is a completely different story, not a budget one.

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