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How to turn off ABS: the order of work. Anti-lock braking system
How to turn off ABS: the order of work. Anti-lock braking system

Almost every modern car has an anti-lock braking system. The main task is to prevent an accident during braking, when the car loses its stability. The device helps the driver to maintain control over the car and reduce the braking distance. Not all drivers liked this system. We have to think about the question of how to turn off the ABS, which is especially often of interest to experienced drivers.

Some reasons to disable anti-blocking

What is ABS

The question of how to turn off the ABS worries motorists moving off-road. The device showed itself best only in conditions of a smooth surface of the road surface. Russian road conditions are far from perfect: bumpy, snowy, muddy highways - anti-lock is useless in such cases. Its presence, on the contrary, exacerbates the situation, increasing the braking distance. No less annoying is the factthat even at low vehicle speeds, the anti-lock braking system works.

Strange problem

disable ABS

Why does the ABS actuate at low vehicle speeds, regardless of the make and country of manufacture? There are difficulties with cars with high mileage and on brand new units. A common cause, engineers consider the failure of sensors or the presence of unstable contacts. Primary diagnostics will help in this matter.

Fixing the situation

It is not necessary to ask the topic how to turn off the ABS, with constant driving in urban areas. To do this, you can remove the problem sensor, clean it and sand the seat. Cleaning dirt from electrical contacts, connectors and tightening them tightly will help a lot. With stable operation of the car in off-road conditions, you still have to think about the issue of disabling the anti-lock structure.

Is it possible to switch off without consequences

Vehicle speed and safety

Thinking about how to disable the ABS on the "Grant", it is important to remember: "arbitrariness" will lead to some issues during maintenance, which will be visible to the on-board computer masters. When contacting a service during the warranty period, the fact that the ABS is disabled is itself the reason for the denial of a free repair.

How to carry out the procedure correctly?

  1. To begin with, the mounting block opens, where the fuses are located. It is located near the battery. Sometimes you have to extract15 amp fuse, but the vehicle manual will help clarify this issue.
  2. Then the ignition is turned on briefly, while it is important that the brake system and ABS lights do not go out. After the beep, the ignition must be turned off.
  3. Then comes the removal of the block with the bottom cover. The electrical wire from the fuse is cut lengthwise and its ends are stripped by about 2 cm.

The problem of how to turn off the ABS is easily solved: you need a five-pin relay, you can buy it at any auto shop. Careful study of the contact scheme will help to carry out the procedure without negative results.

Work begins with the winding contacts 86 and 85. It is necessary to connect the wire going to ground to them. The second posting is responsible for signaling. The pin marked "30" should connect to the wire coming from the fuse, while 88 should connect the ABS. The off button can be placed anywhere in the cabin.

About temporary blocking of work

If the car is used in urban infrastructure, this is not necessary. Under normal conditions, the use of technical know-how really shortens the braking distance, allowing the driver to take control of the steering wheel in difficult situations. You can block the ABS functionality for a while. If you need no time to turn off the system, you can resort to the following method.

To temporary blocking will lead to a sharp pull of the hand brake, blocking the rear wheelset. The vehicle will stop without problems. Not everyone understandsthe expediency of the device, so it’s worth figuring out what ABS is on a car and whether it’s worth it to rush to turn it off.

Briefly about the essence of the functioning of anti-blocking

What is ABS on a car

Loss of steering control is a common cause of car accidents. The activation of the brake discs occurs when the brake is applied. Uncontrolled tire slip leads to loss of vehicle control. The anti-lock design was invented to prevent this situation. When activated, the driver feels the pulsation of the brake pedal. The main thing here is to correctly use good engineering.

Features of braking on vehicles with ABS

You can forget about intermittent, smooth braking. The motorist does not need to constantly monitor the wheel clutch. The brake pedal must be pressed not weakly, sparing no effort. In this case, there is no need to use the motor part. The installation prefers to work independently. In a situation of emergency braking, we have to talk about the simultaneous pressing of the brake and clutch pedals. It is important to disconnect the engine from the gearbox. Don't put high hopes on electronics.

About the most common causes of breakdowns

ABS block repair

The ABS light on the dashboard, extraneous noise is heard in the brake assembly, the brake pedal has become too soft, which means that there is a high probability of a serious malfunction. Initially, the motorist will have to make sure that there is no air in the brake system, whether there isoil leaks, normal brake fluid level. What “diseases” do you face in the service station?

  • The wheel sensors don't want to work.
  • Mechanically damaged elements.
  • ABS pump out of service.
  • Failed control unit.
  • The last difficulty causes many nuances.

Despite the difficulties, it is worth considering carefully whether disabling the ABS is justified specifically for the car owner himself. Deciding on such a step, you need to weigh the pros and cons, look at the driving conditions. The criteria are largely predetermined by the subtleties of a particular road, along which the "steel horse" is often forced to travel.

"Bringing to life" control box

ABS block repair

Failure of the unit to work is a consequence of burnout of contacts, which leads to increased voltage. The second reason that there is no contact is a mechanical or chemical effect. With a thoughtful approach, repairing the ABS unit is simple. Having conveniently placed the part on the workbench, it is necessary to open the case with careful actions using a construction knife. You should not run it too deep, otherwise you can damage the electrical wires.

Having identified the place of the break, using a pulsed soldering iron, the damaged wires are soldered. You can use a Weller soldering station. It is not recommended to overheat the ceramic base, so as not to damage the board. A damaged board will require replacement. After that, it remains to assemble the block and install it back.

It's not always the block that's the problem.Sometimes you have to change the sensors located on the rims. If you want to restore the operability of the old device on your own, without resorting to installing a new one, it becomes necessary to rewind the coil built into the sensor. The work of restoring the system is thankless, so it is recommended to contact service centers. This will save a lot of strength, nerves and money capital.

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