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PTF VAZ-2110: connecting foglights, installation and expert advice
PTF VAZ-2110: connecting foglights, installation and expert advice

Not all "tens" cars have factory-installed foglights (PTF). You can connect the PTF to the VAZ-2110 yourself if you carefully study the instructions and know the sequence of work. This will be discussed in the article.

Effect of fog on driving

As you know, fog is a swirling cloud that is located low above the ground. It consists of the smallest water droplets hovering in the atmosphere. In dense fog, conventional headlights scatter the beam of light and dazzle drivers who are driving oncoming vehicles. As the light fails to penetrate the thick fog, there is a sharp decrease in visibility.

Fog lights are installed in order to direct the flow of light in the right direction. The installation of additional PTFs is needed to create low bright lighting on the lower part of the road when weather conditions are unfavorable.

In conditions of heavy fog, the role of properly installed PTF is invaluable. This will allow you to clearly see the marking line on the road in difficultweather conditions. Since the gap between the road surface and the layer of fog is usually half a meter, it is the fog lights that will be able to illuminate the road surface in such weather conditions.

car in the fog
car in the fog

Features of fog lights for VAZ-2110

The purpose of fog lights is to illuminate the area in bad weather. But they cannot be a replacement for headlights. Because such lighting devices are located below and will dazzle oncoming cars. PTFs are prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust, spray and winter road topping. Also, foglights affect how the beam of light is scattered and whether interference with oncoming traffic is created.

The benefits of fog lights are undeniable, sometimes you simply cannot do without them. Therefore, they are standard equipment in almost all machines. But in the VAZ-2110 models, this installation is not provided. Therefore, this system will need to be mounted additionally. To do this, you can use the schemes below.

Fog lights
Fog lights

Varieties of PTF

Before connecting the PTF to the VAZ-2110, you should understand the varieties of these settings. Today there are quite a lot of them in the domestic car market. Included with the fog lamp are:

  • incandescent bulbs;
  • halogen lamps;
  • LED;
  • xenon.

It should be noted that the latter option will not be considered for PTF connection inVAZ-2110, as it is irrational.

A good way to save money would be to use combined foglights with built-in daytime running lights.

Assortment of models

Analyzing the shape of the fog lamp, you can list options for such models:

  • classic round or rectangular;
  • oval and square;
  • in the form of eagle or angel eyes.

Types of foglights are determined depending on the shape of the diffuser:

  • lined;
  • grooved;
  • transparent.

The choice of the type of headlight does not really matter, here each motorist can proceed from his own preferences. This also applies to the color of diffusers: classic white or yellow.

Variety of PTF
Variety of PTF

Fog lights price categories

Fog lights can be imported or domestic:

  • "Bosch" made in Ryazan, the kit of which does not provide for the presence of wiring.
  • DLAA LA-519 are similar in functionality to the previous version, but they use transparent shades.
  • ZFT 162A - Chinese-made combined type with LED daytime running lights and ribbed dome.
  • DLAA PL519DB is a Chinese built-in type backlight with LEDs, designed for H1 lamps.
  • More expensive options will be domestically produced Avtosvet models.

List of requirements for PTF installation

In the Rules of the roadmovement does not indicate the requirement for the mandatory presence of fog lights. For this reason, domestic automakers do not install PTF in all car models.

But there are established rules for mounting such devices:

  • there should be two headlights;
  • must be at least 25 cm away from the road surface;
  • the outer contour of the headlight must be no closer than 40 cm;
  • the location of the PTF socket is lower than the upper point of the socket in which the headlight is installed, providing dipped beam;
  • Line of sight of the headlight should be 5 degrees if it's vertical and 45 degrees if it's horizontal.

The requirements also indicate that the fog lights must be turned on simultaneously with the side lights.

Requirements for installing PTF
Requirements for installing PTF

Preparatory work

Connecting the PTF VAZ-2110 begins with the preparation of tools and parts:

  • Ready set PTF or GKPTF - for torpedoes created according to the old model. For euro torpedoes, GKPTF is used on 2115 (with the difference in which buttons are used to turn on).
  • Indicator lamp.
  • Multitester (multimer).
  • One set of double connectors.
  • Eight pieces of single female connectors.
  • Insulating tapes.
  • Shrink wraps.

Installation process

Regular connection of the PTF VAZ-2110 requires minimal disassembly of the car from the front. As a rule, it is not even necessary to remove the front bumper and front panel(torpedo).

If the plastic bumper does not have sockets for mounting foglights, they must be made using a drill. Or heat a metal plate, or make a hole with a hand jigsaw.

It is important to consider that the bumper has a curved shape, and correctly place the fog light kit.

Installation of PTF
Installation of PTF

Pro Tips

Provided that there are no stamped sockets for PTF on the bumper, it is better to pre-purchase a kit for connecting PTF to the VAZ-2110, and then make holes.

Also, experts advise before you start installing the PTF, take care of removing the plugs from the front bumper and fixing the foglights with frames. It is better to use not self-tapping screws, but M8 by 45 bolts, on which there are "lambs". This way you can secure the unit more firmly and dismantle it faster.

Action algorithm

Instructions for connecting the PTF VAZ-2110 will help complete this process as quickly as possible. The algorithm is as follows:

  • The wires are placed inside the protective corrugation. Connecting the wiring of the PTF VAZ-2110 begins with the fact that the wires must be stretched from the torpedo to the space under the hood.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to dismantle the torpedo to perform the above steps.
  • The positive terminal is removed from the battery.
  • Opening the mounting block-relay and fuses, which are located at the bottom of the steering column near the clutch pedal.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws and remove the block.
  • There are fuse terminals F4 for the right PTF and F14 for the left headlight.
  • Using the F20 fuse, you can protect the rear PTFs, originally built into the taillights. In adverse weather conditions, the inclusion of the second thread is achieved using a special button located on the instrument panel.
  • And finally, the copper connectors "mother" are put on the wires. After that, they are inserted into the plug according to the electrical and wiring diagrams.
PTF wiring diagram
PTF wiring diagram

Connecting the system

Connecting the PTF in the VAZ-2110 to standard wiring takes about an hour and a half if you follow the steps in the specified sequence:

  • The foglight wiring is laid on top, above the main wiring occupying the left front fender.
  • Power for the button that connects the PTF is taken from the fuses located on the right side lights. Then, even if the ignition is turned off, the PTFs will be turned on and the battery will quickly discharge. When powering the PTF using the button that connects the main headlights, the headlights will light up with one turn of the key.
  • The fog lights will turn on after connecting the plug and the fog light. If there is no reaction, all elements of the chain must be reviewed.

Scheme for europanel

Connection of the PTF VAZ-2110 (Europanel) is performed according to the following scheme (see the figure below).

Scheme with europanel
Scheme with europanel

The scheme provides for the use of factory wiringtype, as for the VAZ-2112 model.



Since not all VAZ models have fog lights, you will need to install them yourself. These devices are optional under the Highway Code, but make driving in fog much easier.

Using the recommendations of experts, instructions and diagrams presented in the article, you can successfully install PTF on your VAZ. All work takes no more than a couple of hours of time, if you first acquire everything you need. A list of parts and tools has also been provided above.

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