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LTZ-55: specifications, photos, reviews

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LTZ-55: specifications, photos, reviews
LTZ-55: specifications, photos, reviews

This tractor was produced at the Lipetsk plant. It was born thanks to a modification of the previous model, which had the T-40 index. It was she who became the basis for the new LTZ-55 equipment. These machines took all the best from their predecessors and fully complied with modern requirements at that time. The tractor is designed for a wide variety of field work that can be performed using attachments. This all-purpose tilled "hard worker" was often used for working with row crops.

All attachments were divided into several types.

ltz 55
ltz 55

Thus, there were trailed, semi-mounted systems that could work independently, without the help of tractor organs. Attachments were also distinguished, which could interact with some machine components. The LTZ-55 tractor helped a lot to carry out various works, and was also used to transport various goods, was used in loading or inunloading operations.


The factory produced several modifications. Among them are several interesting models. This is an all-wheel drive version with an index of 55A, a model with low ground clearance, a modification with low ground clearance and all-wheel drive called 55AN. There is also a tractor designed for places where minimal ground pressure is needed.

The Lipetsk plant also produced export versions of the machine. They were convertible.

LTZ-55: specifications

This agricultural machine was 3750 m long, 1710 mm wide, and the tractor was 2560 mm high. The total weight was 2900 kg, and the ground clearance for the base model was 50 mm. The wheelbase was 2145 mm.

The D-144 was used as a power unit, which made it possible to gain up to 30 km / h with its power of 50 hp. The fuel consumption of this tractor was 249 g of diesel per 1 kW / h. The fuel tank had a volume of 70 liters.


The cabin was made according to all the most technologically advanced standards at that time. The workplace is fully compliant. The cabin is completely sealed. This protects the tractor operator from moisture, dirt and dust.

ltz 55 characteristics
ltz 55 characteristics

This makes it possible to work in any conditions. In addition, the worker can feel comfortable inside - sound insulation, as well as vibration protection, are made at the highest level. Be sure to pay attention to the LTZ-55. Photos, of course, do not allow us to appreciate the beauty and manufacturability of the machine, but they are worth itlook. You can see them in the article.

Additionally installed heating and ventilation system. The heater maintains a comfortable temperature, and not just heats the air. Among the advantages can be noted the glazing area, which is quite large. This is the best way to affect the ease of management. The operator sits in a comfortable chair that is adjustable for height and weight.


LTZ-55 is equipped with a D-144 diesel engine. The volume of the unit is 4.15 liters. It was made at the Vladimir plant, where engines for tractors are produced. This engine has 4 cylinders. They are arranged in rows and vertically.

The motor proved to be extremely reliable, safe and at the same time of high quality. This model was significantly different from everything that was put on agricultural machinery earlier. Advanced technologies have made it possible to make the unit not only powerful, but also economical. As for environmental friendliness, everything here is also done very well. The motor emits harmful substances in minimal quantities.


This is the main working body of the LTZ-55. The gearbox had 8 gears, as well as reverse.

ltz 55 photos
ltz 55 photos

Also, the transmission was distinguished by the presence of a friction clutch and a single-plate clutch.


The tractor is equipped with two types of suspension. It's a rigid system on the front wheels and a spring suspension on the rear.

The brake system is represented by band and parking brakes. But that's not all. Also, as an option, you can purchase a tape-diskbrake system, hydrostatic control, parking brake, which has a secondary shaft, gearbox for 7 gears with a speed reducer system.


Sometime even the most reliable equipment wears out.

ltz 55 specifications
ltz 55 specifications

Then the owners face the task of repair. But in order to be able to repair the car, spare parts are needed. The characteristics of the LTZ-55 tractor make it easy to find all the necessary nodes. On the modern market there is a huge amount of a wide variety of spare parts for agricultural machines: both brand new and used. Therefore, there is no problem with this.

Among the large number of spare parts for this tractor, there are parts for any group of equipment. You can replace worn parts of the motor, transmission, electrical equipment.

How much does a tractor cost

The prices for these models of agricultural machines are different. It all depends on the condition of the particular machine. If you name the average figure, then the new tractor will cost the buyer 1 million rubles. However, if you buy equipment in bulk, you can get a significant discount. Used vehicles are always a risk, so you should think twice.

The first and main condition for the purchase of used equipment is a recent overhaul. Such machines have the highest cost among second-hand offers. Then you should pay attention to the number of hours. Also, when buying, the condition of individual components and mechanisms is especially carefully checked. The price is formed depending on how much wear and tear on the machine. Andthe last factor that can somehow affect the price is the appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

During the 20 years of production of the LTZ-55, many farmers have fallen in love with the characteristics of this tractor. The car has earned positive reviews due to its features. So, they highlight ample opportunities that allow you to work with a huge set of all kinds of additional equipment.

The model has a relatively small weight and rather compact dimensions.

ltz 55 reviews
ltz 55 reviews

Moreover, the power is very significant. This is a great opportunity to work where speed and accuracy are needed. At the same time, the pressure on the ground is the lowest. The tractor has high cross-country characteristics and is quite maneuverable, which is not available in similar solutions from other manufacturers.

In this technique, due to the presence of heating in the cabin, you can perform work tasks even at low temperatures.

characteristics of the tractor ltz 55
characteristics of the tractor ltz 55

This is a serious advantage. High clearance, due to which the equipment has increased cross-country ability, makes it possible to work with a wide variety of crops.

Weak traction may be a problem, which is not suitable for large farms, but this can be more than covered by the speed characteristics that are widely used for transport work.

Owner Reviews

In order to get complete information about the LTZ-55, reviews will help a lot.

characteristics of the tractor ltz 55
characteristics of the tractor ltz 55

Owners rated bythe advantage of being able to use a large number of different attachments with this machine. Most people speak very positively about the really spacious cabin. Separately, it is worth mentioning the front axle, which is made leading. This tractor is also chosen because of the reverse.

When the work schedule is very busy, the owners talk about one drawback - weak traction, but this is individual. In general, most owners of medium-sized farms are completely satisfied with this tractor.

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