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Brief educational program: how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3

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Brief educational program: how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3
Brief educational program: how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3

The third generation of Ford's design research is presented to car consumers in 2010 in Detroit. It appeared on the Russian market "field" a year later. Almost all foreign car owners are satisfied with the results of the developers: the car turned out to be powerful, beautiful, comfortable, and reliable. There are no complaints about the dynamism of 150 "horses" issued by a two-liter engine. For the city, it is quite economical, and on the highway it behaves well in this regard. Sometimes you have to think about how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3 without resorting to the services of servicemen.

Any problems?

Battery for Ford Focus 3

Questions are caused by individual details, mechanisms. Where without it on any brand: either the radio wire will short-circuit, or you have to think about the problem of how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3, wanting to save on service stations. Since this topic is relevant for drivers and is constantly asked on the forums, it is worth understanding it in detail.

On the advisability of removing the battery

How to remove the battery from the "Ford Focus 3" instruction

Ford Focus often gives out "tricks", delivering a fair amount of trouble to motorists. This is especially true for electronics. The cigarette lighter burns out, the wipers fly, but these problems can be classified as insignificant. It is much more important to think about how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3 if the car suddenly refused to start.

If in the cold season the battery is discharged quickly, losing its charge overnight, this leads to the need to remove the unit, recharge it and install it in reverse order. Up to this point, you will have to remember yourself as a pedestrian.

Expert advice! In winter, with significant cold weather, it is better to take the battery home at night. This is necessary if the car is not standing in the warm walls of a garage building or in a heated parking lot. This will give confidence in the future.

Remove the battery - step by step educational program

Remove battery "Ford Focus 3" 1, 6

Armed with a 10 or 13 wrench (this tool has a small head and an extension cord for ease of use), it will be easier to think further about how to remove the Ford Focus 3 1.6 battery. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Unscrew the positive terminal. You can’t touch the minus one, because it is difficult to access.
  2. The plastic cover will have to be removed so that nothing interferes with the procedure.
  3. Remove the clamping bar held by two nuts with a wrench.
  4. To avoid incidental withdrawalair filter, replacing its clamp, you need to lift up the cover with the positive terminal of the battery. Pulling the battery towards you, it will be convenient to unscrew the negative terminal.
  5. Unscrewing it, it is easy to pull out the device.

As can be seen from this manual, the question of how to remove the battery on the Ford Focus 3 is not difficult to solve. In this case, it is important not to confuse the polarities.

Important Features

The car is endowed only with reverse polarity. The body height is 175 cm on a 60 Ah unit. A new battery is installed in the same way as the reverse operation. To determine the polarity, pay attention to the location of the sticker on the case - it should be in front. Plus on the right side and minus on the left is called reverse polarity.

Considering the instructions on how to remove the battery from the Ford Focus 3, it is important to pay attention to one nuance. After replacing the battery, perform a BMS reset to reset the condition sensor data. In the absence of special equipment, the reset occurs by turning on the ignition in the second position, then you need to press the button for turning on the rear fog optics 5 times and the “emergency gang” is pressed three times. Next, you need to wait 15 seconds, the battery indicator will start blinking to indicate that the BMS system has been reset.

The concern itself does not produce these devices. For 1.6 models, Perion, Afa 60, Kainar, Hankook options are suitable. People who care about the "he alth" of their four-wheeled "horse" should think about the high quality of the devices.

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