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"Lada-Kalina" hatchback: dimensions, description, tuning, photo

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"Lada-Kalina" hatchback: dimensions, description, tuning, photo
"Lada-Kalina" hatchback: dimensions, description, tuning, photo

The dimensions of the hatchback "Lada-Kalina" allow us to classify the car to the second group of a small category. The release of the vehicle began in 2008. The model was developed on the basis of a sedan, has almost identical technical parameters. The main changes affected directly the body part, the rear compartment of which is a combination of a station wagon and a sedan. The car is not equipped with a separate trunk, it has somewhat smooth features and dimensions.

Photo hatchback "Lada-Kalina"
Photo hatchback "Lada-Kalina"


According to the configuration and dimensions of the Lada Kalina hatchback, its body is classified as a five-door modification, since you can easily get into the cabin through the luggage compartment. The length of the vehicle has not changed, amounting to 4.04 meters, and the width has decreased to 1.7 m with a height of 1.5 m.

Despite minor differences, the car in questionreceived an unchanged wheelbase. At the front, this figure is 1.43 meters, at the rear - 1.41 m. In this version, the car has an increased carrying capacity, while the ground clearance has not changed (16 centimeters).

Internal fittings and load rating

The interior of the hatchback "Lada-Kalina" (photo below) has not changed much. The rear seat received updated mounts that allow you to quickly dismantle the sofa, significantly increasing the luggage compartment (from 350 to 650 liters). The load capacity with such a spacious trunk is impressive. The maximum permissible weight, taking into account the driver and four passengers, is 0.5 tons. In addition, the car is able to transport a trailer on a towbar, the mass of which does not exceed 0.9 tons. A brake unit must be equipped on an additional device. In its absence, the allowable weight is halved.

Such a high load capacity is due to the design of the suspension. The machine is equipped with an independent frontal system with springs and shock absorbers. Behind - the configuration of the axle of a semi-dependent variety, the central part is fixed tightly on the body, the wheels move in height independently of each other.

Dimensions hatchback "Lada-Kalina"
Dimensions hatchback "Lada-Kalina"


Despite the particular dimensions of the Lada Kalina hatchback, from the beginning of production, all modifications were equipped with a gasoline engine. Below are its main features:

  • number of cylinders - 4 pieces;
  • volume– 1.6 l;
  • number of valves - 8 or 16;
  • minimum power parameter on eight valves in aggregation with a five-mode gearbox - 87 hp;
  • speed - 3800 rotations per minute;
  • rated power of the "engine" with 16 valves - 98 hp. p.;
  • The highest horsepower came from the 16-valve version paired with a five-speed manual transmission (106 hp).

Other operating parameters

The maximum speed of the Lada-Kalina hatchback depended little on the dimensions. This parameter was influenced by the type of motor. With the weakest “engine”, the car developed no more than 170 km / h, and on powerful modifications - about 182 km / h. To "hundreds" the vehicle accelerated in 11-13 seconds. These characteristics practically did not affect fuel consumption. In mixed mode, the parameter was 6.4-7.3 liters per 100 km. On average, a full gas tank (50 liters) was enough for 650-700 kilometers.

Car "Lada-Kalina" hatchback
Car "Lada-Kalina" hatchback

Tuning hatchback "Lada-Kalina"

Modernization of the car, some owners prefer to start with the body part. Here the application of a new paintwork plays a key role. It is applied in whole or in part. In addition, the original coloring, as well as the installation of various bumpers and linings, will allow you to highlight the car in the traffic stream. The second option is to wrap the vehicle with a special vinyl film.

Suspension tuning is carried out taking into account the needs of the owner. The best option is to install an adjustablenode. Adjustments can be made mechanically or pneumatically. In the second case, more efforts will be required in financial and structural terms.


Regardless of the size of the Lada Kalina hatchback, the engine is upgraded using standard methods:

  • carry out boring of the cylinder head inlet channels, which allows to increase the filling of the cylinders with air-fuel composition, positively reflecting on the power of the power unit;
  • standard injectors are replaced with counterparts with increased performance, providing the same fuel supply in all operating modes;
  • instead of the standard intake manifold, a shortened element is mounted, which makes it possible to optimize the operation of the intake system at high speeds;
  • Install a zero-resistance air filter element, lowering air resistance while improving the filling of the cylinders with the working mixture;
  • reduce the diameter of the valve stem at the plate, which helps to increase the throughput of the fuel;
  • the regular exhaust assembly is changed with a direct-flow device, improving the removal of gases from the combustion chambers with an increase in power parameters;
  • carry out the adjustment of the electronic unit in specialized services.
Trunk hatchback "Lada-Kalina"
Trunk hatchback "Lada-Kalina"

Brake system

The price of the new Lada Kalina does not include disc brakes. For the efficiency of the specified node, this procedure is carried out independently or at the service station. On regularversions of the car in question, the price of which starts at 600 thousand rubles, the rear drums and front discs are mounted. Upgrading the system allows the installation of all four disk counterparts. With minimal skills and tools, manipulation is easy to do on your own.

Factory modifications of the domestic car are not equipped with the highest quality wheels. It won't be too hard to update them. Cast elements significantly transform the appearance of the vehicle. You can improve traction, as well as reduce the length of the braking distance, by installing good rubber.

Tuning hatchback "Lada-Kalina"
Tuning hatchback "Lada-Kalina"

In closing

Despite the fact that the Kalina engine has not changed dramatically for more than 10 years, its parameters are quite decent and are not inferior to many modern variations. The purchase of this budget car is a good option for those who are looking for an inexpensive and economical “passenger car”. You can improve the performance of the car with the help of simple tuning, the recommendations for which are given above.

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