A brief auto-educational program for Ford Torneo Transit

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A brief auto-educational program for Ford Torneo Transit
A brief auto-educational program for Ford Torneo Transit

The "family" of cargo vans has gained massive demand in Europe. In the Russian market, car buyers also got a taste, bringing the manufacturer a good profit. For 40 years, Ford Torneo Transit has occupied a special niche in the sales segment. This is a faithful assistant to entrepreneurs, helping to carry out transportation and solve important life tasks. Car models have been produced since 1965, presented on four platforms, having gone through several restyled transformations. The car has an attractive appearance, a comfortable and convenient interior, a decent line of diesel power units.

Original appearance

Image"Ford Transit Connect"
Image"Ford Transit Connect"

When considering the Ford Torneo Transit, potential buyers pay attention not only to quality values, but also to design features, because the image creates a competitive advantage. The style of the "steel horse" is impressive: with a capacity of up to nine people, the minivan has a compact size, not standing out much from SUVs in the general track.

Reading the reviews of the Ford Transit Torneo, the conclusion suggests itself: not allappreciated the idea of the Ford designers who came up with opening the hood with a key. Doors function flawlessly, silently, easily.

Characteristic of interior decoration

Salon "Ford Transit Torneo"
Salon "Ford Transit Torneo"

The middle seats of the Ford Transit Torneo were not very encouraging. They are fixed rigidly, do not have adjustments. People of rather big stature do not touch the ceiling with their heads. There is a plus in this: no one will lean back on the knees of passengers sitting behind, annoying them with discomfort. Fabric constriction is pleasant to the touch.

The trunk and its capabilities

Trunk capabilities "Ford Transit"
Trunk capabilities "Ford Transit"

The luggage compartment is quite roomy and can be expanded if necessary. To do this, a row of seats behind is removed. Everything here is thought out for long, comfortable trips: in the Ford Transit Torneo, a tall person fits comfortably under the trunk door, which makes loading things more convenient.

Additional "chips"

Characteristics of "Ford Transit Connect"
Characteristics of "Ford Transit Connect"

If you intend to overcome long kilometers, you cannot do without water on any route. For this, coasters were invented. There are six of them here: two are located above the dashboard along with a special table. The vehicle has three glove compartments, plus storage compartments in the door cards.


For the driver, the seat height is conveniently arranged in cars with a 2.2 liter displacement of the R4 turbo-diesel engine, with good visibility. Torque is 310Nm, power 140 hp provides driving comfort. Thanks to these qualities, the vehicle is very dynamic. If we talk about Ford Transit Connect Torneo, it can be noted that this option is characterized as economical - 9.5 liters of diesel fuel are consumed per 100 km. The fuel tank capacity is 80 liters.

You can load the vehicle to the limit, while safety and dynamics will not be affected. Bulky luggage can be transported by folding the passenger seat horizontally. The gearbox is located conveniently, smoothly shifting gears. This foreign car is distinguished by a durable rear spring suspension - a MacPherson product is installed in front, which adds ease to control. What other equipment did the automaker offer?

What do the experts say?

Reviews of the Ford Transit Torneo Custom are especially positive and are associated with the ergonomics of the cabin, interesting exterior design and economical fuel consumption. Experts consider this minivan an "icon" of efficiency, load-carrying performance, productivity, which could not fail to impress potential buyers. The van has been honored with a 5 star EuroNcap rating for safe transport. It was in this model that the innovations with the emergency system were implemented for the first time.

The car is easy to park in difficult places of urban infrastructure. Reverse gear automatically turns on the rear view camera. The device works on 6-speed mechanics. The steering wheel is equipped with an amplifier. Motorists respond well to sound insulation. Is the car devoid of flaws?

On the weakpoints

Some owners are faced with the fact that they constantly have to change seals and bearings. What else adds "tar"?

  1. Questions are sometimes caused by the brake system.
  2. For the new release of 2017, there were complaints about the assembly. Some people have problems with the transmission after a month of use. The turbine causes complaints, the main thing is to notice it in time and carry out repairs within the warranty period.
  3. The stabilizer bars break down by 30,000 km on 2015 models. The doors begin to creak. The problem of corrosion is one of the main on all versions.
  4. By 70,000 the clutch fails. The car does not really like domestic fuel, often asks for topping up.
  5. The 2018 model does not tolerate cold, it must be put in the garage. The car as a whole was intended for European conditions, warm climates and cold winters. With careful use and creating the most comfortable conditions, it responds with responsiveness.