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Motorcycle concepts of the future: features, interesting facts

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Motorcycle concepts of the future: features, interesting facts
Motorcycle concepts of the future: features, interesting facts

Motorcycles are easier to improve than cars because their design is simpler and lighter than that of a four-wheeled vehicle. There are a lot of varieties of two-wheeled bikes on the modern market, ranging from urban models to racing versions. But, of particular interest are the motorcycles of the future, which use nanotechnology and extraordinary solutions, up to the creation of flying modifications. Consider the most daring and interesting ideas.

Motorcycle of the future

BMW concept

The original prototype is the motorcycle of the future from BMW under the HP Kunst brand. Also, another concept presented by French designers may come to life as Motorrad. It is worth noting that this is an exception to the rule, since the development of new machines with modern filling is a huge job carried out by entire departments of specialists. The BMW concern, by tradition, never ceases to amaze with the number of concepts that are distinguished by special chic and “coolness”.

Good bikes that will be released in the foreseeable future are also available from no less famous companies:

  1. Aprilia(Italy) presents prototypes not so often, but he knows how to surprise.
  2. Harley Davidson builds the motorcycles of the future with signature style.
  3. The Japanese company "Honda" presents a lot of sketches of future two-wheeled vehicles. One of these is the Honda V4.

Russian projects

Russian Igor Shak, who lives in Japan, depicted a motorcycle of the future based on IZH. In addition to the original design, the prototype is supposed to be equipped with a hybrid power unit for 850 cubes, an electric motor for 60 kW (powered by a lithium sulfide battery). It turns out quite an equal competitor to the concept from BMW.

Motorcycle of the future "BMW"

This designer has another project. It's called "THE HAMMER". The futuristic modification has a very real chance of being implemented, however, not at the Izhevsk plant, but in St. Petersburg under the Chak Motors brand. The car combines elements of futurism, retro and steampunk, just like the one of his Moscow colleague M. Smolyanov, some of whose ideas have already been embodied in the form of real “customs”.

American motorcycles of the future

USA brands traditionally play their own style, by their own rules. However, the effect of this does not diminish. For example, Victory, part of the Polaris Industries concern, presented a concept cruiser under the working title Core. The bike was equipped with a stylish aluminum frame, a 1730 cubic centimeter gasoline engine. Its estimated power is 97 "horses (153 Nm). The car's weight of 212 kilograms contributes to the improvement of dynamics.This prototype has every chance of becoming a serial product.

Photo of the motorcycle concept of the future

Sometimes the ideas of "free artists" are allowed before the mass release. Thus, the famous Austrian T. Cameron developed the original Travertson V-Rex and VR-2 bikes, which are now manufactured in the USA. His third work under the name CAF-E can be attributed to the motorcycles of the future. The device is equipped with a Synergy Drive type power unit, combines an internal combustion engine and an electrical installation, which operate in parallel. Each of the engines delivers as much power as it needs at a particular moment.

Invention from Kawasaki

The motorcycle of the future "Kawasaki" was implemented by the company's designers in the prototype "J". They used all the technologies that are characteristic of the technology that can be seen in science fiction films. The concept does not have a traditional steering wheel, instead, two handles appeared, placed separately on the wheels in front. They deserve special attention. The wheels are transformed by configuration, depending on the current need for the driver.

Motorcycle of the future "Kawasaki"

For those who love speed and racing, Kawasaki has a sport mode, in which the front wheels move a minimum distance between themselves, and the height of the prototype decreases. In this position, the rider sits like on a regular sports bike. Separate type independent suspension allows you to maintain balance and good grip with the surface.

Saline Bird Concept

The author of this e-bike is student-designer Simon Madella. He was guided by the Peugeot 515 moto-record holder, which became famous back in the 30s of the last century. The developer claims he wanted to create a concept motorcycle of the future, imbued with the spirit of racing, aimed at breaking existing records for speed, reliability and endurance.

Often, alternative engines become the main theme in the development of superbikes. For example, there are examples when designers presented two-wheeled machines running on compressed air, which is quite difficult to imagine. Moreover, some projects have already been recreated in metal. In the case of the Saline Bird, we are talking about a carbon fiber body. Approximate parameters, not to mention the exact characteristics, have not yet been announced. However, the designers claim that it is quite possible to bring the prototype to life, and there is no reason not to believe them.

Futuristic motorcycle

Concepts from other brands

Below is a list of no less fantastic machines:

  1. The motorcycle of the future pictured above is called Detonator Motors. This original concept is called the “humanoid space vehicle” for a reason.
  2. Hyundai Concept Motorcycle. The designers of this motorcycle tried to give it maximum aerodynamics, in connection with which they equipped it with a semi-closed fairing, shifting the balance to the front wheel. Thanks to this design, the bike turned out to be beveled forward.
  3. Hyanide. This machine is more like a snowmobile,equipped with tracks. German designers in their prototype combined, by and large, all types of technology. On this all-terrain vehicle you can move on any off-road, regardless of the terrain.
  4. The Hamann Soltador Cruiser bike has been created in the best styling typical of the German design school. It provides a power unit with a capacity of 160 "horses".
  5. The Dodge Tomahawk, painted in steel chrome style, is one of the fastest two-wheelers on the motorcycle of the future. A 500 horsepower motor is gaining speed of about 675 km / h. About $ 100 million was spent on the development of the "monster". In total, ten units were hand-assembled, each costing $550,000, and they sold out like hot cakes.
  6. Suzuki Biplane combines innovative technology and trendy design. The designers say that the concept of the novelty echoes the biplanes of the period of the formation of the nation.
  7. A striking example of the rebirth of a designer's fantasy into a highly efficient technique is the Honda Rune. Its power is 106 horsepower.
  8. Not so long ago, Travertson Motorcycles appeared in the USA, which is equipped with an engine and transmission unit from the Harley V-Rod. The power indicator is 125 "horses". The design and "stuffing" pleased the most sophisticated bikers.
The original motorcycle of the future

Flying motorcycles of the future

Recently, BMW Motorrad announced and presented the Hover Ride Design Concept, positioned as a flying bike.The prototype is made as realistic as possible, elements of the R 1200 GS series are visible in the features. Some users have already begun to make plans and save money, but this modification is just a toy in LEGO World.

Around the same period, Hover surf from Russia successfully tested the Scorpion-3 concept, capable of climbing to a height of ten meters, flying at speeds up to 50 km/h for 27 minutes on a single charge. The configuration of this model is fundamentally different from the fantastic prototypes and toy analogues of the BMW. In fact, the modification is a quadrocopter with a high payload. The car is electric, has a limited flight period. The exterior looks like a "meat grinder", but it is the first in the world, among analogues, to lift a person into the air.

Flying motorcycle of the future


If you think that the novelties with nanotechnologies considered are very far from reality, remember modern cars and motorcycles, as well as electric cars, which were “out of the ordinary” 10 years ago. Among modern concepts, many modifications are already being tested and refined. Flying analogues are unlikely to appear very soon. On the other hand, in Japan and some other countries, unmanned taxis are being tested. It is not surprising if the “air version” is adopted for “armament”. In any case, the era of new motorcycles is not far off.

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