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Winter tires "Goform": reviews, photos

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Winter tires "Goform": reviews, photos
Winter tires "Goform": reviews, photos

Chinese tire manufacturers firmly hold the lead in the budget tire segment. At the same time, models from these brands are distinguished by good build quality. One of the newcomers to the market can safely be called the company "Goform". In reviews of the winter tires of this company, domestic motorists note the excellent adaptation of the presented rubber to Russian operating conditions.

Goform Logo

A little about the brand

The trade mark "Goform" was registered in 1994. The company's production is located in Shandong province. At first, the company was engaged in small-scale production of tires, but after the commissioning of a new plant, the volume of tire production reached 12 million wheels per year. At the same time, the management under this brand united the design institute and the center for quality control of finished products. The equipment has also been upgraded. Increased production reliability. In reviews of Goform winter tires, drivers note the stability of the quality of different models. Marriage is excluded. The company received international certificatesISO and TSI compliance.

Flag of China

For which cars

The company offers tires for different types of vehicles. For example, in the line of the enterprise you can find tires for cars and trucks. There are models for crossovers. At the same time, all brand rubber is of excellent quality and attractive price.

Truck tires

Drivers in the reviews of winter truck tires "Goform 696" note their incredible reliability. These tires are able to overcome 50 thousand kilometers and maintain their main performance characteristics. This was achieved through a number of decisions.

From the photo of the Goform winter tires of this model, it can be seen that the manufacturers endowed it with a Z-shaped symmetrical tread design.

Tire tread "Goform 696"

With the help of this technical solution, it was possible to improve the distribution of the external load over the contact patch. As a result, the central part and shoulder areas are erased evenly. But this is observed only under one condition. The fact is that the driver must carefully monitor the level of pressure in the tires. For example, inflated wheels wear out the central ribs faster, while flat wheels wear out the shoulder zones.

In reviews of the Goform 696 winter tires, the owners also note the stability of the tread depth. This effect was achieved thanks to a unique rubber compound. As part of the compound increased the content of carbon black. The erasing speed has slowed down.

The structure of the technicalcarbon

The frame was additionally reinforced with nylon. Polymer threads were combined with a metal cord. This reduces the risk of deformation of the steel elements. Hernias and bumps do not occur even while driving on poor road surfaces.

An example of a herniated tire

Friction Models

Goform winter tires are excellent primarily for operation in regions with mild climatic conditions. The Chinese brand deliberately does not produce tires equipped with spikes. All models are exclusively friction. They show excellent handling on snow and asph alt, but on ice the quality of movement drops significantly.

The problem is that during the movement on this type of surface, ice melts. As a result, a microfilm of water appears between the tire and the surface, which reduces the effective contact area. As a result, the quality of driving is reduced. Naturally, this also affects the reliability of any maneuvers.

Tread design

In reviews of Goform winter tires, all drivers note that these tires are built according to the classic winter scheme. Engineers endowed them with a directional symmetrical design. Such a decision had a positive effect on the speed of snow removal from the contact patch. The vehicle moves confidently on a loose surface. Slip is completely excluded.

Water removal

During the thaw another problem arises. Snow melts and puddles form. When moving on them, the quality of maneuveringfalls. The problem in this case is the hydroplaning effect. There is a water barrier between the tire and the wheel. The vehicle loses contact with the road, the risk of uncontrolled drifts increases. To solve this problem, the engineers of the Chinese brand used an integrated approach.

hydroplaning effect

Each tread block was equipped with multidirectional sipes. These small elements are "responsible" for local drainage, improve the quality of adhesion of a particular block. Such a decision had a positive effect on the stability of driving on a dry asph alt road. The fact is that these elements create additional grip edges. As a result, the vehicle holds the road better and maneuvers more stably.

All tires are also equipped with an advanced drainage system. When the wheel rotates, centrifugal force is generated. Water is drawn into the tread. After that, it is redistributed along the transverse and longitudinal grooves and removed to the side. The directional tread pattern also had a positive effect on the speed of this process.

The concern's chemists have also worked on the tire compound. In the composition of the rubber compound, the proportion of silicic acid was increased. As a result, the quality of grip on wet roads has improved. In reviews of Goform winter tires, motorists claim that tires literally stick to the asph alt. The reliability of maneuvering and movement increases significantly.

A couple of words about the compound

The rubber compound is made very soft. In its composition, they raisedcontent of synthetic elastomers and natural rubber. That is why winter tires of this brand are able to withstand even extreme cold snap. During a thaw, the situation is reversed. At elevated temperatures, the viscosity of the rubber increases. The result is an increase in wear rate. The protector wears out very quickly. Motorists do not recommend using the presented tires at positive temperatures.


Despite the low cost of the models, these tires have a decent indicator of comfort. This parameter is determined by two components: softness and noise damping. For winter tires of this brand, both indicators are at competitive levels even in comparison with analogues from large international brands.

Soft compound dampens excess impact energy generated when driving on poor road surfaces. Shaking is excluded. This property of tires also has a positive effect on the durability of vehicle suspension elements.

The low acoustic effect of the ride was achieved through a number of measures. Firstly, the variable pitch in the arrangement of the tread blocks allows the tires to independently dampen the sound waves generated by the friction of the wheel on the roadway. Secondly, all winter tires of this brand do not have studs. Friction models themselves are low noise.


Winter tire test

The presented tires have also been tested by independent automotive experts. Testers from the German bureau ADAC used Goform 205 winter tires during the tests.55 16. This rubber showed good final results. Experts noted its reliability at the exit from dry asph alt to wet. The testers also gave positive marks for the reliability of moving on snow.

The presented tires left a negative impression only on the ice. In this case, the lack of spikes affected. Long braking distances on this type of surface are typical for all friction models.

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