Which is better, "Kia Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz": review and comparison

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Which is better, "Kia Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz": review and comparison
Which is better, "Kia Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz": review and comparison

Over the past century, a large number of cars have appeared. Today it is difficult to imagine life without a personal car. City streets are filled with a wide variety of brands. If earlier the choice of a car was not a particularly difficult task, now choosing the right option is not an easy task. This article will help determine which is better - Kia Rio or Chevrolet Cruze. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of both models.

Review "Kia Rio" and "Chevrolet Cruz"

Korean car manufacturers have always preferred to produce only the best compact models from the assembly line, such as, for example, the Kia Rio. But recently, American cars are no worse than Korean ones. This is confirmed by the well-designed and produced car "Chevrolet Cruz".

Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze

As for the external signs of these models, it is worthIt should be noted that it is impossible to confuse them, since they are completely different. "Kia Rio" acts as an elegant, peaceful, "cold-blooded" car. The owner of such a car will be pleasantly surprised by the solidity of its appearance. "Chevrolet Cruz" is the exact opposite of the first. Its body is designed in a dynamic and progressive style. The very appearance of the Chevrolet Cruze suggests that the car is aggressive and sporty. It will appeal to fans of fast driving.


When comparing "Kia Rio" and "Chevrolet Cruz" it can be noted that the windshield of the American is larger and more spacious. Its embossed hood looks very long and sloping. Due to its compactness, the front of the Korean is made in the traditional style. Features a smaller windshield and shorter hood.

Kia Rio
Kia Rio

"Chevrolet Cruze" is equipped with an elegant narrow grille and incredibly large signature headlights. They look pretty impressive.

"Kia", in turn, boasts a built-in grille, which has become a trademark of the Koreans, which resembles a bird with wide wings. The car's headlights are quite traditional.

At the bottom of the "Chevrolet Cruz" are the overall air intake and fog lights. The opponent's bottom of the nose is made in the traditional style. The Americans in the production of the case adhered to smooth lines, which cannot be said about the Koreans. With just a glance at these cars, you can see that the Chevrolet Cruze hasthe wheel arches are larger than those of the Kia.

Spaciousness and interior

If you compare the salons of "Kia" and "Chevrolet", you can immediately notice that the Korean is very much inferior to his rival. Firstly, the quality of the finish of the American is in many ways superior to the opponent.

Salon Chevrolet
Salon Chevrolet

Secondly, speaking of spaciousness, it is worth noting that the Chevrolet is much more spacious than the Kia. Thirdly, the technological design of the American dashboard is noticeably better. And the interior of the "Kia-Rio" with its simplicity does not attract at all.

Salon Kia Rio
Salon Kia Rio

In terms of technological configuration, both machines are practically not inferior to each other. Both Americans and Koreans produce their cars in several versions.

Technological performance comparison

To answer the question of which sedan is better to choose - "Kia-Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz", you need to compare their main parameters.

Only a small part of the modifications of the American engine is presented to your attention. The table shows that this is a powerful machine that requires a lot of money.

Motor index Speed Expense Fuel Volume Power
A 14 NET; LUJ 200 km/h 5, 7 l Petrol 1, 4 140
LXV; F16D4; LDE 190 km/h 6, 6 l Petrol 1, 6 124
Z 20 D1; LNP 210 km/h 4, 8 l


2, 0 163

When analyzing "Kia" was much weaker in power. Due to this, its engine is considered more environmentally friendly than the Chevrolet Cruze engine, as it consumes less fuel.

Motor index Speed Expense Fuel Volume Power
G4FD 190 km/h 6, 0 l Petrol 1, 6 123
G4LA 172 km/h 5, 1 l Petrol 1, 2 88
G4FA 190 km/h 5, 9 l Petrol 1, 4 107

After studying the tables, you can guess that the American is more powerful, and his speed is higher. It will fit perfectly into the urban landscape due to its technical characteristics. But as mentioned above, the Chevrolet Cruze is a car withgreat appetite.

Repair and Maintenance

Car maintenance is not complicated by almost anything, since the process of assembling these cars on the territory of the Russian Federation is well established. Manufacturers have set themselves the goal of meeting the expectations of not only the most capricious motorists, but also beginners. But there is one important problem. It is clear that when a car breaks down, someone has to repair it. The catch is that it's hard to find a qualified specialist who has an excellent command of the technological component of these machines.

New model
New model

Based on the technical characteristics, it is easy to guess that all the materials for repairing a Korean will be several times cheaper than for an American. Also, the market value of Chevrolet in showrooms is much higher than that of Kia. This nuance should also be taken into account when choosing.

Which is better: Kia Rio or Chevrolet Cruze

In conclusion, let's briefly compare the pros and cons of both models. The information presented in this table can be safely guided when buying a car.

Pros of "Chevrolet" Cons of "Chevrolet" Pros of "Kia" Cons "Kia"
Inexpensive service High cost Low cost Lack of body reliability
Increased security Price of accessories Inexpensive maintenance
Reliable body High fuel consumption Cheap parts
Low fuel consumption
Increased security

Arguing about which is better: "Kia Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz", reviews of which are quite contradictory, we can conclude that both cars differ in their main characteristics. Models are priced accordingly. Each car has its pros and cons.

Reviews of the owners of "Kia-Rio" say that this car is maneuverable, comfortable to drive, inexpensive to maintain. Ideal for urban environments.

Reviews of the owners of "Chevrolet Cruz" note that this is a wonderful car for a business person. It features an attractive appearance, comfortable interior and ergonomic chairs.

"Chevrolet Cruz" is more suitable for lovers of aggressive style, people with a high level of income. Well, the Kia Rio is an affordable budget option for everyone, both when buying and when carrying out maintenance. The final choice depends on the requirements and we alth of each individual motorist. Therefore, the question of which is better - "Kia-Rio" or "Chevrolet Cruz", we decide for each motorist in different ways.