"Cheri-Bonus A13": reviews, description, specifications, manufacturer

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"Cheri-Bonus A13": reviews, description, specifications, manufacturer
"Cheri-Bonus A13": reviews, description, specifications, manufacturer

Now in Russia there is a wide choice of cars of different brands. You can choose a car for every taste and budget. Budget segment cars are very popular in our country. Many people think that VAZ cars are the most affordable. However, it is not. For many years, our market has been confidently "stormed" by Chinese manufacturers. And today we will consider one of these instances. This is Chery-Bonus A13. Description, reviews, photos, specifications - further in our article.

General characteristics

What kind of car is this? "Cheri-Bonus A13" is a B-class car that has been mass-produced since 2008. The car is assembled at several factories in different countries (Ukraine, China and Iran). The Chinese car "Cheri-Bonus" is available in several bodies. This is a liftback and a five-door hatchback.

cherry a13
cherry a13


The appearance of the car is quite nice. The car doesn't look bad. At the front, there is a compact grille with chrome trim and large taillights. Below is a wide air intake and small fog lights.

However, you can't love this car just for its nice design. Many owners complain about a very weak body. As noted by the reviews, "Cheri-Bonus A13" has a thin and corrosion-resistant metal. Wings, sills, arches rot very quickly. Rust is the main enemy of a Chinese car. And this applies not only to Cherie. Only cars worth over a million are more or less well protected from corrosion. Chery A13 is still a budget segment. But the Chinese could save on metal not so globally - the owners complain.

Dimensions, clearance

If we talk about the sedan, the total length of the car is 4.27 meters. The hatchback is 13 centimeters shorter. As for the rest of the dimensions, the Chery-Bonus A13 sedan has the same dimensions as the hatchback. So, the width and height are 1.69 and 1.49 meters respectively.

cherry bonus a13 sizes
cherry bonus a13 sizes

The ground clearance of the car, according to the owners, is not enough. Its size is only 14 centimeters. The situation is also aggravated by the fact that the lowest point is the exhaust pipe and the lambda probe. If the oxygen sensor is damaged, the “Check” will certainly light up.

"Cheri-Bonus A13": interior

Inside the car looks like any representative of the budget segment - fabric interior, simple panel and shapeless seats. Fromfeatures - sports red illumination of the instrument panel. Note that with the use of black plastic, the interior began to look not so cheap. But there are also disadvantages to be noted. The main disadvantage that reviews note is the quality of the plastic. Since the car is cheaper than Grants (we will talk in detail about prices and trim levels at the end of the article), the manufacturer did not bother about its softness. But besides the fact that the plastic is hard, it emits a characteristic pungent odor. This is especially felt when the car stands for some time in the sun.

cherry a13 specifications
cherry a13 specifications

The next drawback is poor sound insulation. She is practically absent in the car. Very often, the owners themselves glue the body - the floor, ceiling and doors, disassembling the interior almost to the screw.

The rear sofa is designed for three, but only two can comfortably fit here. Of the pluses, it is worth noting the high roof. Even tall passengers will not rest their heads on the ceiling. But if everything is fine with free space, then with the architecture of the seats, not so much. And this applies to both the front and back row. Long distances may cause pain in the lower back. Although the driver's seat is adjustable in many directions, it is also impossible to call it convenient, alas.


The car has a small trunk volume. Its value is 380 liters. But if necessary, you can fold the back of the rear sofa. As a result, the trunk volume will expand to 1300 and 1400 liters in the case of the liftback and hatchback. At the same time, there will be noflat floor. And the trunk opens in two ways - with a button or with a key fob.

Cheri-Bonus A13: specifications

Unfortunately, the Chinese manufacturer did not provide a choice of power plants. The engine in Chery-Bonus A13 is always used the same - it is a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters. At the same time, the engine has good power for such a volume - 109 horsepower.

Of the pleasant features of Chery-Bonus A13, reviews note that the motor was developed jointly with the Austrian company AVL. Despite the fact that the engine has good power, it easily digests the 92nd gasoline. As for the dynamics, it is quite good. Up to a hundred, the car accelerates in 11.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour.

cherry bonus specifications
cherry bonus specifications

Transmission here is also the same. This is a five-speed manual gearbox. The fuel consumption of the car is acceptable. In the city, the car spends no more than 10 liters, outside it - 5.8. In the combined cycle, the car consumes 7.2 liters.


It is worth saying that this car was built on the platform of the Chery-Amulet car. At one time, the latter was designed on the basis of the Seat Toledo of the 90s. The suspension scheme remained the same. MacPherson struts with a transverse stabilizer are installed at the front, and a semi-independent beam at the rear. Brakes - disc front and drum rear. Steering - power steering rack.

cherry a13 bonus specifications
cherry a13 bonus specifications

How this one behaves on the roadautomobile? The suspension handles bumps well overall. Yes, the car does not float like a barge, but it is not too rigid either. Of the strong shortcomings of the "Cheri-Bonus A13", reviews note the suspension's roll. The car does not feel the road well at speed. It is very dangerous. In terms of handling, the “Chinese” will be outclassed by our “ten” with a loose suspension. Many owners say that it is very scary to overtake. The car in a rut is literally thrown from side to side.

Common problems

Since the production of this machine was as economical as possible, you should not expect special quality from it. The car has many "childhood diseases". So, the owners after 10-15 thousand kilometers have rust spots on the trunk lid. After heavy rain, water accumulates under the mat in front. The generator whistles. The CV joint boot simply cracks. On vehicles with ABS, it is difficult to replace wheel bearings. The suspension itself is fragile and does not withstand our pits. Wiring issues often arise. Power windows, central locking.

cherry a13 bonus technical
cherry a13 bonus technical

By the way, when you turn on the air conditioner, the car stops moving dynamically. The windows in the cabin sweat, the low beam lamps burn out. The bumper cracks at the slightest impact. Faulty ABS sensor. On a run of 30 thousand clutch problems are possible. Plastic creaks in winter. And there are a lot of such problems in the car - say the reviews of the owners.

Prices, configurations

Due to the impressive localization of production, the Chinese Chery is delivered to Russia without duties. That's whythe car has a pretty attractive price. The cost of the car starts from 390 thousand rubles. At the same time, the basic equipment is quite good. According to reviews, Cheri-Bonus A13 in the initial version is equipped with an order of magnitude better than VAZ cars. Starter kit includes:

  • Cloth interior and child seat attachment system.
  • Forged rims.
  • Rear fog light.
  • Brake force distribution system.
  • Central lock.
  • Immobilizer.
  • Front airbags.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Power steering.
  • Steering column with mechanical height adjustment.
  • Electric headlight range control.
  • Front power windows.
  • Trunk opening with button.
  • Four-way adjustable front seats.
  • Mirror body color.
  • Dokatka.
  • Music with two speakers.

In the maximum configuration there is a full-fledged audio system with USB support, power windows for all doors, an ABS system, as well as heated mirrors and front seats. In addition, there are 15-inch alloy wheels in the "maximum speed". The price of Chery A13 of this configuration is about 420 thousand rubles.

cherry a13 bonus features
cherry a13 bonus features

Result and comparison with competitors

So, we have considered what the car "Cheri-Bonus A13" is. What competitors does this machine have? These include only a fewmodels. These are Chevrolet Aveo and Lada Granta. But it is immediately worth noting that their price will always be higher. What is better to choose? There is no single answer to this question. Everyone chooses between quality and economy. If you want to get the cheapest car possible, you should consider buying Chery-Bonus A13. But you need to understand that this car does not have corrosion protection, and also gets bad ratings in a crash test (this is not surprising, because the platform was inherited from Chery-Amulet). If you want a more reliable and stronger car, you should choose the Chevrolet Aveo. This car is no worse than the Lacetti, while it does not rot as quickly as the Chinese counterpart. "Grant" can be considered for purchase if there is a fear of finding spare parts. But as practice has shown, it is not difficult to find the necessary parts on Aveo. As for Cherie, things are a little more complicated here. Parts are not cheaper at all, and their quality is much worse.

Thus, the Chinese manufacturer presented the candy in a beautiful wrapper, but with a dubious filling. Don't be foolish about saving money. As practice and numerous reviews show, you should not expect any reliability from Cherie. This machine, although simple in device, will make even an experienced driver-mechanic nervous.