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Biting the steering wheel when turning: causes and remedies
Biting the steering wheel when turning: causes and remedies

Every driver sooner or later faces the problem of driving. One of the most common problems when driving is biting the steering wheel when turning. Most often, the problem occurs when cornering and is expressed in a small click that occurs when the steering wheel is turned. Why does the steering wheel jam and is it possible to fix this problem? Let's try to figure it out.

Main nuances

bites steering wheel when turning

In driving a car, every detail plays its role, which must be serviceable and reliable. This is important above all for driving safety. But many drivers sooner or later begin to complain that the steering wheel bites when turning the car when moving left or right. Someone notes this problem when trying to start the car in the morning, someone cannot normally leave the parking lot, and the steering wheel can wedge in different directions. The problem is actually very serious, as it affects the deterioration of maneuverability, handling and can lead to sad consequences.

Under the steering wheel bite, the owners of domestic and foreign cars mean a variety of phenomena:

  • inability to turn steering wheel left or right;
  • need for effort to turn;
  • appearance of noise, knocks, hum when trying to turn the steering wheel;
  • Steering wheel stiffness and impossibility to turn it during hard braking, turning left or right.

By the way, all these moments are noted most often when trying to make a turn, when the steering wheel becomes uncontrollable. The symptoms seem to be understandable and noticeable, but it is not always possible to independently determine why they occur and where the malfunctions lie. In most cases, the problem may be in the power steering, and in the steering rack, and in the cardan shaft - only a master in a car service can determine more accurately.

Steering wheel - close attention

Note that most often problems with the operation of cars occur in terms of steering. The steering wheel plays, there are malfunctions in the hydraulic booster, the steering wheel sticks or rotates too tightly, some parts in it wear out - all this is a reason to pay closer attention to the condition of the car, as it will become not only difficult to drive, but also unsafe.

bites steering wheel when turning left

To avoid danger, you need to regularly diagnose your car. Particular attention should be paid to the mechanisms and details of the steering - it has a complex design, with the elimination of defects which can only be handled by experienced specialists.

When and how is it expressed?

When the steering wheel bites when turning, a characteristic click is heard, which, whensteering should not be in good condition. The reasons for the appearance of such a defect can be any malfunction in the steering system itself. In most cases, the problem indicates the following problems:

  • Sticking pump bypass valve;
  • fluid overheating or poor quality;
  • faulty power steering;
  • problems with the ignition switch;
  • certain components of the power steering pump have worn out.

All this can lead to steering wheel bite, but a call to a car service is required to determine the exact problem. Here they will perform a competent diagnosis of the malfunction and help you find ways to fix it.

If the problem is in the rail

bites steering wheel when turning right

If the steering wheel bites when turning left or right, the pump or fluid may need to be replaced. But this does not always solve the problem, and it turns out that the main cause of the malfunction is the rail that needs to be improved. To do this, a number of actions are performed:

  • remove the rail and unscrew the aluminum muffler at the bottom;
  • twist the fixing nut;
  • find the stopper ring on the side of the steering shaft and remove it;
  • remove the shaft from the rack housing.

It is important to carefully examine the thread - it should not have lumps, scale, which are formed during a solid car mileage. But to determine why the steering wheel bites when turning, it is possible only in the service by means of sleeve and restoration of the cameras. You should not interfere with the rack mechanism yourself.

If the problem is in the power steering

biting steering wheel when turning toyota

An important mechanism of any car is the power steering - power steering. Its task is to ensure good handling of the car, its maneuverability. But very often there are a number of problems with this component: while driving, a hum and knock appear, the steering wheel bites when turning left or right. All this is a reason to contact specialists and find out the causes of such malfunctions:

  • When turning the steering wheel, a knock and rumble may appear, which appear when the worm pair or rod strikes the body. Most often, this phenomenon is observed when driving on poor surfaces, driving on curbs and sharp accelerations when the steering wheel is moved to the extreme position.
  • If the steering wheel bites when turning right, you should avoid driving on bad roads at high speed, do not hold the steering wheel in the extreme position for more than 5 seconds, monitor the fluid level in the tank and its condition.

But still, when such troubles appear in the behavior of the car, it is worth contacting specialists - only they will be able to determine the problem correctly. Moreover, malfunctions in the steering can appear both in domestic cars and in foreign cars.

How to solve the problem with power steering?

In general, power steering gears are reliable and stable. And even if they fail, the car is quite possible to drive, however, more effort will have to be made. Malfunctions arise due to a broken belt or impaired tightness of the entire system.They can also lead to jamming when turning the steering wheel. To eliminate such phenomena, it is necessary to monitor the maintenance of the desired fluid level, using high-quality lubricants for this, and keep the condition of the belt under control.

Problems with domestic cars: Kalina

bites the steering wheel when turning the Chevrolet Lacetti

Any car - domestic or foreign - can break down. But if you pay timely attention to the condition of its mechanisms, you can avoid costly repairs. For example, the weak point of Kalina cars is steering. Many drivers complain that the bearings of the steering rack support and the support sleeve are quickly damaged, ball joints of the steering rods fail, and malfunctions appear in the electric booster. No less often, drivers say that they bite the steering wheel when turning in Kalina, and the main problems appear after a long idle time of the car. According to experts, the reasons for their occurrence are as follows:

  • Wear of the ball joint, which should be replaced. If it breaks, the wheel will simply not be able to move, as it will spin in or out.
  • Grenade malfunction, as a result of which the load shifts to the right grenade, then to the left, and because of this, the steering wheel bites in one direction, then in the other.
  • Faults in the steering rack: due to the occurrence of kickback, the steering wheel bites.

Very often steering problems are due to worn bushingsshock absorbers - they must be well lubricated to avoid noise when the vehicle is moving.


bites the steering wheel when turning viburnum

Many domestic car owners complain about steering problems. They arise for various reasons, often focusing on not the best roads, which also leads to negative consequences. If the steering wheel bites when turning the VAZ-2110, then most often this happens when driving at high speed or when the car is parked for a long time. The steering wheel can wedge both to the left and to the right, as the drivers themselves note. In addition to biting the steering wheel, drivers note such phenomena as the whistle of the power steering belt, a knock in the steering rack. In this case, the car service checks the steering rack and power steering compressor, although in some situations the problem is solved even by simply tightening the belt and loosening the nuts on the gearbox.


If the steering wheel bites when turning on a Toyota of any models, we can talk about several problems:

  • incorrect operation of the cardan shaft and its crosses;
  • wear steering rack parts;
  • wear power steering.

Drivers note that the steering wheel sticks when idle and when trying to start the car. In most TOYOTA models, sooner or later such problems appear that may indicate wear on the rack teeth or other parts that deform over time. If the problem is with the rail, then often it is enough just to tighten it. In some cases, the cross of the cardan steering wheel rusts,as a result of which it bites. In any case, if such problems occur, it is advisable to contact the service and conduct a thorough diagnosis of the car.

Chevrolet Lacetti

bites the steering wheel when turning on the Lacetti

Steering wheel biting when turning on the Lacetti is one of the most popular problems with this car. In general, malfunctions in the steering system of these machines begin to appear from the first thousand kilometers. They are expressed in the appearance of knocks and hum when turning the steering wheel, the need for great effort to turn it. Most often, steering wheel bite occurs due to several reasons:

  • The cross of the intermediate steering shaft is worn out, which is affected by water entering under the boot. In this case, most likely, you will have to change the entire shaft.
  • The boot has torn or fallen off, which can also get dirt and cause problems.
  • Wear of the steering rack, which will have to be changed completely.

If the steering wheel bites when turning in the Chevrolet Lacetti, you need to start by changing the fluid in the power steering. In some cases, this helps, but not always, and besides, you can’t change it all the time. But if there is any doubt about the state of the GUR, you should immediately contact the specialists. Only they will be able to understand why the steering wheel is biting.


Steering wheel bites when turning left

If the steering wheel is wedged in your car, there are problems with turning it to the left or right, and indeed the car is in thisthe condition is difficult to manage, in which case you should definitely contact a car service to protect yourself and others from danger. Of course, in some cases, you can simply tighten the nuts, replace the fluid and for some time avoid problems with the operation of the steering wheel. But, as experience shows, this happens for a while, and after a couple of months the problem returns. And most importantly: handle the vehicle carefully, try to avoid uneven roads and incomprehensible surfaces, do not drive over curbs and other ledges. This will help you extend the life of both individual mechanisms of your car, and it as a whole.

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