Bike mounts on the car roof: features and reviews

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Bike mounts on the car roof: features and reviews
Bike mounts on the car roof: features and reviews

Transportation of a bicycle by car requires thoughtfulness of this process. The ideal device is bike racks on the roof of a car. They are mounted directly on the roof of the vehicle and are securely fastened, making it possible to transport from one to three bicycles over any distance.

Design features

Roof mounting is the most common solution and the safest in terms of transporting such products. For their production, painted steel is used - this is a budget option - or durable aluminum. The fasteners and holders themselves play an important role: they must be tightly fixed and firmly hold the bike racks on the roof of the car.

bike racks for car roof
bike racks for car roof

There are several types of such devices:

  • universal designs that can be used on any car models by adjusting the dimensionsunder roof dimensions;
  • special trunk with keys, which is securely fixed and locked while driving with a lock;
  • rectangular profile mounts.

Either way, these designs are perfect for carrying even oversized bikes. The fasteners themselves are designed for 1-4 vehicles.

bike rack on car roof
bike rack on car roof

Key Benefits

Car roof bike racks are made of aluminum and steel, and their retainers are made of composite materials. The following factors speak in favor of the choice of such devices:

  • strong fixation on the roof with rubberized molded pads that also protect the surface from scratches;
  • save the interior space of the car, making the trip more comfortable;
  • possibility of transporting several models of bicycles at once, depending on the chosen design.

When using such devices, access to the main trunk remains open, which affects the better handling of the vehicle. Due to the secure fastening, the bicycles will be firmly held in the structure, even if the car is traveling at high speed. Special dividers prevent bicycles from touching if they are transported in several pieces. We offer an overview of the bindings offered by popular brands.


Thule Quality Bike Roof Rack –a good solution for those who plan to transport vehicles over long distances. The range of the brand includes various types of mounts that are mounted on the roof and help with the convenience of transporting, loading and unloading bicycles.

Thule roof bike rack
Thule roof bike rack

The following factors speak in favor of choosing components of this brand:

  • variety of mounting options;
  • thoughtful design, which makes loading and unloading easier and more convenient;
  • possibility to install additional accessories.

Buying a bike rack on the roof of a car in Tula and any other city in Russia is easy and simple, as the products of this brand are very popular. In the range of products, you can choose an option for any model of a bicycle, and the fixation will be reliable and durable.

do-it-yourself bicycle mounting on the roof of a car
do-it-yourself bicycle mounting on the roof of a car

Attention testing

The choice of Thule brand products is supported by constant and very thorough testing of all accessories. The many features that even the simplest mounts are equipped with make their use even easier. Thule's innovative bike carrier features include:

  • availability of a quick-lock holder that fits most types of frames;
  • quick release straps to securely hold wheels in position;
  • full compliance with City Crash regulations.

HimselfThe rack, which is used as a bike rack on the roof of the car, is equipped with elastomers with road damping technology. This softens the impact of any bumps in the road and reduces the level of vibration. Most Thule racks are designed to carry bikes up to 17kg. According to reviews, the products of this brand deserve attention due to their quality, functionality, high reliability and ease of attachment.

Mont Blanc

The Swedish company Mont Blanc produces reliable fasteners made of steel alloy with aluminum. Such components are ideal for transporting bicycles over any distance. Mounting a bicycle on the roof of a Mont Blanc car is a combination of high quality and functionality. The range includes various devices that have unique design features. So, in the line you can find a specialized profile, thanks to which the bicycle is firmly fixed even in an upright position.

bike rack Mont Blanc
bike rack Mont Blanc

What are the features?

According to buyers, luggage systems of the Swedish brand have all the necessary characteristics for convenient and safe operation. The structures are made of steel, have a chrome coating and can be placed on a frame with diameters from 20 to 80 mm. The systems are delivered already assembled. Car roof bike racks have the following features:

  • high stability during transportation even over long distances,
  • opportunitytransportation of bicycles vertically and horizontally,
  • careful laboratory control and crash testing.
fixing a bike on the roof of a car
fixing a bike on the roof of a car

The Swedish company offers a wide range of different types of mounts, each of which has its own characteristics. If you look at the reviews of those who bought a bike rack on the roof of a car in Krasnodar and other Russian cities, many note that the Mont Blanc brand creates optimal luggage systems for transporting bicycles. Among the advantages, users indicate the ability to install up to 6 bindings at the same time in combination with other equipment, such as a box or boat binding.

Popular models from Eurodetal

A wide range of accessories for transporting bicycles, boxes and much more is produced by the Russian company Eurodetal. Depending on the methods of fastening, the following types of devices are distinguished:

  • On gutters: such structures are two rectangular arcs and four metal supports. They are attached to the drain with pressure plates and screws. Thanks to rubber gaskets, drains are not damaged.
  • On a smooth roof: modern car carriers are four universal supports equipped with rubber pads. They protect the roof surface from external influences. Due to its universal shape, this system is suitable for installation on smooth roofs of cars of any brand.
  • On roof rails: they are located along the roof of the car, can be standardor integrated.

Russian brand luggage systems are in high demand for affordable price and reliability - these are the characteristics indicated by the majority of buyers who prefer Eurodetal products.


Atlas car roof bike rack is a practical and stylish fixture. At the heart of each design is a rectangular arc made of steel or aluminum. Wheel clamps and a frame holder are attached to it, thanks to which the entire vehicle is firmly fixed. Among the features of accessories of this brand are the following:

  • the ability to adjust the system to the features of the bike frame;
  • combination with any standard luggage bars;
  • modern aerodynamic design;
  • Easy to install with the ability to install three fasteners at once.

Bike racks of the Atlant brand, according to the reviews of many buyers, attract attention by the ease of installation on cars of any brand. High efficiency and security against burglary is achieved by installing secret metal locks.

How to do it yourself?

In many cases, it is quite possible to make bike racks on the roof of a car with your own hands. The main thing in this matter is to think over ways of reliable fixation at all levels so that the vehicle does not “fly away” from the roof even during sharp turns and braking. The basis of this design is at least two transverse arcs. You will also needprepare a rigid steel profile, angles, long bolts and nuts, axle bushings, boards.

fixing a bicycle on the roof of a car behind the handlebars
fixing a bicycle on the roof of a car behind the handlebars

Pipes will be attached to the arcs with bolts and nuts in a perpendicular direction. The construction is rigid and durable. Boards are already placed on it - they are the main part of the fastening. To create such a design, you just need to arm yourself with a grinder and a drill. By the way, such a luggage system involves mounting a bicycle on the roof of a car behind the wheel, that is, the vehicle is placed on it with the wheels up. The steering wheel is secured with muffler clamps. For greater reliability, it is also worth fixing the saddle - for this you can use the luggage gum.

drawing conclusions

Thus, bicycle racks for transporting a bicycle by car are the simplest and most versatile solution. They are firmly fixed, securely hold the vehicle, or even several, ensuring safe transportation over any distance. The cost of models depends on the manufacturer, but you can always make a design with your own hands.

When transporting, it is worth remembering that all elements must be removed from the frame. Water bottles, a pump, tool kits - put all this in the trunk of a car so that during movement, for example, when braking hard or turning, all these components do not fall.

According to most users, car roof mounts are the ideal solution, since the bike itself does not need to be disassembled, it is securely fixed inhorizontal or vertical position and fixed with secret locks. Of the minuses, buyers note the difficulty in attaching structures to the roof of SUVs and any large-sized vehicles.