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Repair and painting of a car body: features, technology and reviews

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Repair and painting of a car body: features, technology and reviews
Repair and painting of a car body: features, technology and reviews

The body of a car is essentially its supporting structure. He is constantly under pressure. Moreover, these are not only mechanical factors in the form of shocks and vibrations. Every day, the coating of the body is exposed to the negative effects of external factors. Enamel is sandblasted, burns out. In addition, traces of rust appear at the site of deep scratches. Of course, all this significantly spoils the appearance of the car. But what to do? In this case, body repair and painting of the car body saves. This is what we will talk about in our today's article.

Body Repair

If there is serious damage, it cannot be covered up with new enamel. Therefore, the repair and painting of the car body are carried out in the complex. There are several types of body work, each of which uses its own technology. Below we will consider them in more detail.


Over time, pockets of corrosion appear on the body. This happens due to peeling of the paint that was previously applied to the surface. As a rule, on foreign cars, the first rust occurs after 10 years of operation, on domestic cars - already after 5. Particularly affected are the places of sandblasting - wheel arches and the edges of the thresholds. Drainage holes are also rusty. Recovery technology may vary depending on the extent of the problem.

body painting

If these are through holes, they are repaired by cutting out part of the metal and welding on new sheets. In the presence of only surface rust, the work is limited to the use of a zinc converter and partial puttying. The last stage of such body repair is painting. The price for it can be high (up to 100 euros for a local color). Therefore, in the article we will also consider how to apply enamel yourself.

Plastic Repair

It could be:

  • Bumpers.
  • Spoilers.
  • Arch extensions.
  • Sills and other body parts.

Unlike the previous method, welding is not used here. Restoration of elements is carried out using fiberglass with epoxy glue. This material gives rigidity, at the same time levels the element. It turns out such a patch. But to achieve the most factory look, the technology requires the use of putty.

Repair without painting

If the dent did not touch the paintwork, then you can restore the car to its previous appearance without the intervention of the spray gun. Easiestdeal with the bumpers. They are leveled by heating the plastic with a building hair dryer. Next, the surface is curved on the reverse side. The element takes the desired, factory shape.

But it didn't work with metal. For this, special PDR kits are used. The technology is to restore the dent under vacuum. Sometimes a special glue is used, which is applied to the dent, and we also install a mandrel in it. In this case, you need to use the bumper. How it looks, the reader can see in the photo below.

car body repair and painting

The cost of a kit can be from 10 to 100 euros, depending on the manufacturer and the size of the kit.


Body repair and body painting can be done by hand. But in both cases, you need a specialized tool. And if in the previous case it is a converter, a grinder and a welding machine, then a spray gun is needed here. If the work will be done one-time, it is better to rent it. Painting itself is done in several stages:

body repair and painting
  • Preparation. First, the car is thoroughly washed. Also, the places of painting are degreased with anti-silicone. All rusty areas are treated with a converter and cleaned with sandpaper. Coarse grains are used first, then finer grains.
  • car body repair and painting
  • Alignment of defects. All dents or welds must be carefully hidden, otherwise it will beworsen the appearance of the car. The best material for this is automotive putty. It is mixed with a hardener in a tube and applied to the surface with a spatula. Do not apply too thick a layer. It may crack over time. After drying, the layer is processed with coarse and then fine sandpaper. The remaining dust is removed with a rag with white spirit. Please note that after mixing with the hardener, the putty is very hot. After a couple of minutes, she turns to stone. You need to have time to calculate the time, otherwise the composition will harden even before its application. Never mix too much putty with a hardener. You just won't have time to use the composition to the fullest.
  • body repair painting price
  • Applying base enamel. If it is applied to bare metal, it should be primed for better adhesion. The painting itself is done in several layers. The torch must be held strictly at an angle of 90 degrees. The slightest deviation will provoke a non-uniform coating. Move the spray gun at a speed of approximately 30 centimeters per second. Do not forget about the solvent - you need to mix the base paint with it until the desired consistency is reached. Mix until liquid drips from the tip of the remote control. The first layer is a developing layer. Applied only superficially. This is the thinnest layer. At the same time, try to avoid unpainted areas. Next, the paint is sprayed with a thicker layer. The most abundant is the third layer. Keep spray gun at a distance. Otherwise, streaks will occur on the coating. Removing them will be quite difficult. If thismetallized enamel, in addition it is processed with varnish. The latter is also applied in several layers.
  • Drying. Like body painting, it must take place indoors. It is desirable that the car does not move at this time. At a temperature of +20 degrees, the enamel dries in two days. You can also speed up this process by applying forced drying with heaters. This method is especially relevant in winter, when using an unheated garage.
  • body repair painting price

Helpful advice

When painting the body, practice on old parts beforehand. To understand the intricacies of applying enamel is possible only in practice. Trying out skills on old body parts will help you avoid many mistakes. When painting the body, try not to bring the remote control close to the surface, otherwise streaks will instantly form.

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