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Cottages in Korobitsyno: review, description, rental price and reviews

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Cottages in Korobitsyno: review, description, rental price and reviews
Cottages in Korobitsyno: review, description, rental price and reviews

There is a huge variety of resorts. For some, walking along a warm sandy beach is considered a vacation, while others prefer ski resorts. Fans of the second option will definitely be interested in cottages in Korobitsyno. This is the largest complex located in the Leningrad region. In total, there are several good options where you should stay.

General information about Korobitsyno

The opening season of the largest entertainment complex falls at the end of the year, when snow falls and frosts begin. This usually happens in mid-November. Tourists are given the opportunity to visit this place until the end of March. Residents of the city of St. Petersburg call this zone a lost place, here it is as if you are in another world. Everywhere there is a forest, a picturesque view and cute little animals. Cottages in Korobitsyno are a great opportunity to stay in this amazing place for a certain period.


Approximately an hour and a half will have to be spent in order to get a tourist to the cottage complex "Chalet" from St. Petersburg. The total distance will be approximately 90 kilometers. It is worth noting that it is one of the most modern; buildings of a new layout are equipped on its territory. The surrounding natural landscape simply cannot but please with its appearance.

cottages chalets korobitsyno

Why come to this place? First of all, only here you can fully relax from the bustle of the city and saturate your body with fresh air. Unlike similar complexes, you can rent cottages "Chalet" (Korobitsino, Leningrad region) at any time of the year. For example, in the summer you can rent a bike here, visit the sauna, try delicious barbecue and much more. In winter, an excellent ski resort opens up for outdoor enthusiasts.

cottages chalets korobitsyno

Separately, it is worth noting the services of the banquet hall, which employs the most hospitable staff. Here you can celebrate a small event: an anniversary, a holiday with colleagues, or just sit with friends. Its capacity is up to 30 people.

Red Lake

cottage korobitsyno red lake

Near the city of St. Petersburg, at a distance of about 90 kilometers, there is no less attractive cottage Korobitsyno "Red Lake". This place is designed specifically for those people who love extreme recreation. Can't be counted on fingershow many sharp slopes, climbs and interesting trails are here! You can master the seemingly insurmountable distance on a snowboard or on skis. You can have a great rest here not only in winter, but also in hot summer. It has the cleanest sandy beach where you can get an excellent tan. Another advantage is the water springboard for kids and adults. Also on the territory of the base you can rent a boat, fishing tackle, barbecue, tent, bicycle and much more. Separately, it is worth highlighting the sports grounds located on the territory of the complex.


As mentioned earlier, if you want to fully relax your body and soul, then it is recommended to rent cottages in the village of Korobitsyno. Snezhny is another resort that welcomes visitors throughout the year. The main advantage of this place is nature. There is a feeling that you are somewhere in the depths of Karelia. Many tourists also call it a relaxation zone, there is always absolute silence, remoteness from the bustle of the city, fresh air, birds chirping and amazing vegetation. A sufficiently large number of visitors can accommodate in this complex. In total, there are more than 30 cottages of different classes, as well as hotel rooms.

korobitsyno cottages snowy

For regular customers there are favorable discounts, and for birthdays - congratulatory certificates. On the territory of the base there is a small lake with the purest water, you can also sunbathe and swim on the beach.

Winter's Tale

Cottage "Winter's Tale" in Korobitsyno got its name not by chance. It has a good location between lakes and forests. In the cold season, when everything is strewn with snow, there is really an amazing picture here. First of all, people come here to enjoy the silence. The absence of cars, large crowds of people and gas pollution - all this allows you to enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

cottage winter fairy tale in korobitsyno

All cottages located at the recreation center are equipped with modern technologies. Each of them has shower rooms with heated floors, a separate bathroom and a kitchen. Beds with orthopedic mattresses and high-quality linens will give every visitor a good night's sleep.

cottage winter fairy tale in korobitsyno

The peculiarity of the complex is that it is located at a short distance from the famous Red Lake, which can be called a natural monument.

Golden Valley

Zolotaya Dolina became very popular in Korobitsyno. The cottages here are located next to the slopes, from every window a superb view opens up. All cozy houses are equipped with a TV, free internet, kitchen utensils, soft beds and everything necessary for living. For each guest staying in a hotel or cottage, advantageous discounts are provided for all services common at the recreation center.

cottage winter fairy tale in korobitsyno

The complex is equipped with a sportsa store where you can buy or rent the necessary equipment. You can pass the evening in a cozy restaurant, bar or pizzeria. Adults can go skiing, cycling or play sports with friends on the playground. For children, several playgrounds are provided.

Various promotions operate here from time to time. On your birthday, on holidays, on your wedding day, you can relax at a bargain price. There is also a system of discounts for all visitors.


Some cottages in Korobitsyno are especially popular among young people. These include the resort complex "Korobitsyno-Cascade". A romantic mood has been created here, it is pleasant to be on the territory of the base, this is a favorite place for couples in love.

cottage winter fairy tale in korobitsyno

The main asset is a real Russian bath, which is equipped according to all traditions. Beginners in this field can use the services of a professional hairdresser. He will tell you all the nuances of being in the steam room.

In the restaurant "Kaskad" you can organize your holiday, cozy atmosphere, good-natured staff and delicious cuisine will make this day unforgettable.


korobitsyno golden valley cottages

Edelweiss is another popular complex located near St. Petersburg. This place has something for everyone. Adults can play billiards, go skiing, cycling, skating, rollerblading, and gambling. In the evening they can go tobath, sit in a restaurant or have a picnic in the open air. For children, scooters, playrooms and playgrounds are provided here. You can also rent fishing equipment, boats and a tent - all this will make your vacation unforgettable.

Cottages in Korobitsyno are a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy a good rest without leaving the Leningrad region. The body will be filled with vitamins, healing air and a charge of vivacity. In this place you can fully relax, get distracted, forget about the daily bustle.

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