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The car of the future: what will it be like?

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The car of the future: what will it be like?
The car of the future: what will it be like?

It's hard to say what cars will be like in the near future. But we can say for sure that eco-friendly, practical, convenient and compact models will become a priority. Maybe it will be a transformer that will capture the imagination of many car owners. Flying cars of the future are clearly from the world of fantasy, but devices with artificial intelligence, as close to ideal as possible, will definitely win hearts.

Energy consumption

It is worth noting that even now engines require less fuel than 5 years ago. The developments of scientists converge on one idea: to minimize the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, which will favorably affect the environment as a whole. In order to create such an engine, it is necessary to completely update the technical control and equip it with electronic programs. This means that very soon there will be a car of the future, which practically does not need energy and will run on fuel of natural origin.

It is safe to say that in the future it will be economical and powerful. Such a thing as an internal combustion engine will simply disappear from everyday life. SomeGerman automotive companies have already signed a special contract under which they commit themselves to completely stop the production of traditional engines by 2050. In Japan, this is treated with some distrust, the companies of the Land of the Rising Sun claim that it will be possible to rid cars of oil no earlier than 2060.

car of the future


The car of the future will not pollute the world. Perhaps this trend appeared a long time ago and is being pursued by all car manufacturers. There is a possibility that a new type of engine will appear very soon, which will be absolutely safe for the environment.

So far, there are two most realistic ideas about the motor of the future:

  • Hydrogen. Due to the fact that soon the production of hydrogen will become quite cheap, the production of engines will become profitable for many car companies.
  • Electric. There is a possibility of creating a unit that can be charged from a wall outlet or using chargers.
What will the car of the future look like?


In order to avoid deaths and serious consequences after an accident, it is necessary to ensure complete safety. The car of the future is likely to be self-driving, already avoiding 90% of traffic accidents.

It is also worth mentioning that when creating intelligence that will control the vehicle, the interior of the car will change somewhat. unlikely to remainusual layout. There is a high probability that the salon will become like a cabin with a sofa and a projector in the center. The design of the cars of the future will be based on electronics. Mechanical parts will completely disappear, which will increase safety. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that a person in the cabin will only have to enter data about the place where he wants to go, the car will do the rest for him.

car of the future photo

Vehicle dimensions

Few would argue that there are more and more cars on the roads. And there is less and less space on the road. That is why compactness is a priority when developing such a unit as the car of the future. It is difficult to say what it will be like now, but it can be assumed that, most likely, the dimensions of the body will be maximally reduced in comparison with the usual models, and, perhaps, the cars will even become transformable.

Although there is also an opposite assumption - the car will be huge in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers.

The versions that talk about moving car interiors seem interesting: when they will transform depending on the situation. Sports cars may well get manual control, along with automatic. Imagine how much pleasure the driver will have after several months without a steering wheel and pedals!

Tires without air

For a long time in the field of car creation, the task of creating tires that would have the highest level of safety and not be damaged has appeared. Previouslyit was believed that an inflatable tire is the solution to this issue, but this is not so. A conventional car moves thanks to the reliance on compressed air, which "affects" the suspension.

There are speculations that spoke mesh tires will be put on the car of the future. What will he be like with such "equipment"? It remains only to guess. When using this equipment, the machine will not rely on air, but on rubber spokes made using a technology that boasts high strength and flexibility. Such tires are now manufactured by Bridgestone. However, they are used so far only on the golf cart. The company's task is to experiment with carrying capacity, and soon the car of the future (photo below) will run on these supernova tires.

flying cars of the future

What will the car of the future be without?

  • Music player. It is already on the verge of extinction in modern cars. The reason for this is that more and more drivers use players and smartphones. In order to listen to music, just connect your gadget to the car system using headphones or wireless programs.
  • Buttons. Most likely, the car of the future (photo below) will be equipped with a touch panel.
  • Mechanical shift lever. Already, the vast majority of cars have an automatic transmission.
  • Large motors.
  • Scale equipment of the car. Extended equipment, though slowly, but almost gonefrom fashion and few companies can offer a car that has many options and design options.

In addition to the usual optional disappearances, we will have to say goodbye to "clean" SUVs. At the moment, the market cannot offer really hardy machines that can conquer off-road without difficulty.

All machines will run on the same technology of the future. These cars will amaze everyone, even the most skeptical drivers!

car design of the future


It so happened historically that for several decades people have been moving to live in cities, leaving villages and villages. Therefore, with the growth of the population, there is an overflow of highways. This is especially true in big cities. In order to skillfully maneuver among other cars, you need a compact car. She can fit into the smallest parking space. Concepts for the cars of the future are constantly changing, but one thing remains the same - the desire to make your vehicle as small and convenient as possible.

CityCar will be a great solution. She can easily move along the sidewalks without creating discomfort when moving. Its length is 2.5 meters when unfolded, when folded - 1.5. The exit for the driver is provided both through the door and through the windshield. Therefore, there will be no problems with parking.

technology of the future cars


The safest car in the world can be called AirPod. His "children" may well become machinesfuture. Now there are already cars running on garbage and electricity. The same instance is started with nothing more than air. The emission of carbon dioxide into the environment is practically zero. The engine works with the help of pistons, like an internal combustion engine, but they do not process fuel, but a compressed air mixture. The difficulties of such a car are that in the event of an accident there is a possibility of an engine explosion. But the manufacturers took care of this, and in case of mechanical damage, the tank cracks, due to which the mixture comes out of the engine.

car concepts of the future


Companies strive to create a car that can both carry a person and park instead. These are the people who see the car of the future. A similar vehicle was proposed by Google.

This car is based on the Toyota Prius. She is able to cover more than 500 thousand kilometers. However, so far it can only be managed in Nevada and California. There laws do not prohibit the use of cars on automatic control.

Google Car

The meaning of the machine is that a special radar is installed on its roof, which emits invisible rays. They "look around" the space around, mirrors help them in this, and the data is transmitted to the processor. Bumpers are equipped with touch panels, they allow you to avoid a collision with someone. The windshield "watches" with the help of a camera which traffic lights and traffic signs are installed in front or in another part of the road. GPS is responsible for route selection. He ischooses the most successful and shortest path.

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