Clearance "Mazda 3". Specifications Mazda 3

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Clearance "Mazda 3". Specifications Mazda 3
Clearance "Mazda 3". Specifications Mazda 3

More than 15 years have passed since the release of the first version of Mazda 3. Since then, the company has released three generations of the model, each of which has become popular. Drivers appreciate this car for its attractive exterior design, good driving performance, and a high level of security for all systems. One of the most important indicators is the clearance on the Mazda 3. Thanks to him, the car can overcome various obstacles and even drive off-road.

Model description

Even before the appearance of the production model, the company has developed a proprietary concept "Mazda MX Sportif". It was demonstrated at a car show in Geneva in 2003. This development served as the basis for the creation of a new model called "Mazda 3". In the photo, the crossover corresponds to the corporate identity of the auto corporation, which was subsequently applied to other cars, for example, in the Mazda 6. The third model of the Japanese company has replaced itspredecessor with index 323 and was a Golf class car.

Mazda 3 at the auto show
Mazda 3 at the auto show

Body Options

Motorists are offered two body types to choose from: a five-door hatchback and a sedan with 4 doors. Dimensions parameters - 1450x4585x1795 (height, length, width). The exterior design of the body is made in a sporty aggressive style. This effect is further enhanced by the branded head optics and the sloping roofline on the Mazda 3. In the photos presented on the company's website, it can be seen that during the development of the design, the company used the main concept of "MAIDAS". The system assumes that after the collision there is an absorption and distribution of energy. Thanks to this, passengers in the car will be safe.

The hatchback was the first to roll off the assembly line, about a year later the company's engineers developed a four-door sedan. When comparing these versions, it becomes clear that the hatchback has a more sporty look, while the design of the sedan has more strict features. The C1 platform is named one of the most reliable. It was used in the development of the Ford Focus 2 car, as well as other models from the Japanese company.


During the creation of different generations of Mazda 3, the developers repeatedly experimented with the height of the clearance. This indicator is measured from the center of the body to the road surface. According to technical specifications, the clearance on the Mazda 3 in the first generations was up to 165 mm on sedans and hatchbacks. This distance is sufficient for the vehicle to pass freely through any kind ofroads, including moving on a dirt surface. In addition, you need to consider these parameters when parking near the curbs on the Mazda 3.

You can increase the clearance if you plan to travel in a loaded car. Please note that this figure may decrease. The curb weight of the vehicle is 1145-1170 kg, so the additional load should not be heavier than 450 kg. Ground clearance on the next generations has become a little less. Depending on the subspecies of the body, it was 150-160 mm. But this did not affect the dynamic qualities of the car. The foreign car, as before, received good reviews from motorists.

understated Mazda 3
understated Mazda 3

If you are not satisfied with the height of the clearance, then you can change this figure up or down, make a decrease or increase in the clearance of the Mazda 3. When you want to make the ground clearance more, special spacers are placed under the shock absorbers. Keep in mind that after lifting the body, maneuverability and stability at high speed will become worse.

In some cases, it is necessary to perform not an increase in the clearance of the Mazda 3, but its decrease. Then the shock absorbers supplied by the manufacturer are replaced with devices that are offered in specialized car dealerships. They sell different parts for tuning. Despite the fact that the landing of the car becomes smaller, the handling will still please drivers who prefer the low ground clearance of the Mazda 3.


One of the mainThe advantage of this car is that it has a reliable running gear. Suspension is a solid McPherson construction, which is used on many other models. The front part is mounted on a subframe, the rear structure is represented by a multi-link system.

The running gear on the Mazda 3 of all generations has a long service life. However, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics after a run of more than 20,000 km. The following work on checking the mechanisms is carried out after the car has traveled the same distance. For drivers who regularly drive off-road, it is recommended to perform diagnostic procedures even more often to avoid sudden breakdown of the suspension system.

If you have special tools and conditions, you can perform the repair steps for the walker yourself. It is easy to replace the following elements:

  • gaskets;
  • anthers;
  • silent blocks;
  • roll bars;
  • rubbers.

It is also possible to replace the bearings yourself, you just need to first study the relevant information or consult with a car repairman so as not to completely redo the whole job.


The 2nd and 3rd generation Mazda 3 has been fitted with the latest features. The system was named "i-ACTIVSENSE". It includes such innovations:

  • radar and navigation equipment;
  • signal to move into the wrong lane;
  • auto headlights with highlight;
  • windshield display;
  • blind zone induction.

High-beam headlights turn on automatically if the on-board computer detects the presence of an oncoming car at a certain distance. This is a very important feature that improves traffic safety. This list also includes a special system warning that there is an obstacle in the way of the vehicle. If the driver does not respond to the warning, the brake is applied and the car stops.


Special attention deserves a line of motors that were installed on the car "Mazda 3". Engines are offered at choice of motorists. They have different volumes and can run on both gasoline and diesel fuel.

Mazda 3 engine
Mazda 3 engine

The power unit, which was on the first version, had a performance of 105 hp. and belonged to the MZR type. It was equipped with a stepwise phase change function, which is responsible for the operation of the intake valves. The system contributes to more efficient operation of the engine in any mode.

Motorists can purchase a model with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. He was given the name "SKYACTIV-G". The power plant has a displacement of 1.5 and a power of 99 hp. Despite the low power compared to other engines of the same manufacturer, a car with such an engine can reach speeds of up to 183 km / h. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 11.9 seconds.

Mazda 3 on the track
Mazda 3 on the track

Another option, presented on the Russian car market, is an engine of the same type with a capacity of 120 hp. With. It boasts a volume of up to 2000 cubic centimeters. Acceleration to hundreds of kilometers from standstill takes 9.2 seconds. Both units are economical. In highway driving mode, it will be 4.9-6l / 100 km.

Another representative of the line of engines is a diesel version with a volume of 2.2 liters. It is fully made according to the Euro-6 standard, which indicates reliability. The power of the device is 150 horsepower. It is capable of accelerating to a maximum of 210 km / h. Other advantages of this engine include even greater fuel economy at this power. On average, it is 6.8 liters. If the driver drives more often on major roads, then the consumption is reduced by 20%.


Gearboxes have been specially matched to match the developed engines. Models of the latest generations were equipped with both automatic and mechanical types. The first option has four speed switching modes. The machine was named "Actievematic" for its sporty character.

Checkpoint on Mazda 3
Checkpoint on Mazda 3

Manual transmission has 5 steps. It is distinguished by the ease of shifting, which the designers were able to achieve by reducing frictional losses by half.


The brake system of the new Mazda 3 also belongs to the systems that increase the reliability of movement. Vehicle clearance allows you to install modern brake units that meet international standards. There are ventilated discs in the front part, while the manufacturer completes the rear block with simple mechanisms that are also highly reliable.