"BMW X1": ground clearance, specifications

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"BMW X1": ground clearance, specifications
"BMW X1": ground clearance, specifications

Compact SUV "BMW X1", the clearance of which is not afraid of domestic roads, entered mass production in 2009. Not so long ago, the model was restyled. For the Russian market, the car is assembled in Kaliningrad from components made in Leipzig. The crossover has become a legendary modification produced in India, China, and Mexico. The station wagon of the third series became the base platform for creating a car.

Characteristics of BMW-X1
Characteristics of BMW-X1


The ground clearance of the BMW X1 is almost 200 millimeters, the front suspension is reinforced, of the MacPherson type, the rear analogue is an independent multi-link assembly. On sale there is an all-wheel drive version and a model with rear-wheel drive only. Engine options include petrol and diesel options. In the first case, the “engine” with four cylinders and a volume of two liters develops a power of about 150 horsepower. This is a rear wheel drive version.

Off-road vehicles with all-wheel drive are equipped with a three-liter engine with six cylinders. Its power is 258 "horses". On theupdated cars of this brand are mounted power units with four cylinders and a power rating of 245 horsepower. There are three engines in the diesel version. All have a working volume of two liters. Differences in power (hp) - 184/204/218. The diesel engines are identical in design, but differ in turbine boost systems and performance.


Let's take a closer look at the second generation BMW X1, the clearance of which has remained unchanged. The front part of the crossover was equipped with a modern radiator grille, “angelic” squinted light elements, wide air ducts along the edges of the bumper and an aluminum central bump stop. Large holes in the false radiator and a massive bumper with an air intake give additional aggressiveness.

Crossover BMW-X1
Crossover BMW-X1

Similarity with the X3 modification is observed in the presence of "foglights" under the main headlights and their configuration. The profile of the car is typical for a German manufacturer, which is considered an advantage. A stylistic feature developed over decades has been honed almost to perfection. Other differences include:

  • increased wheel arches;
  • original roof-mounted fin;
  • elegant, clear, swift body lines;
  • smooth transitions.

17 wheels are standard. By request, for a fee, analogs can be mounted on 18 or 19 inches. The profile is distinguished by a smoothly flowing roof line, with a transition to an ascendingthe outline of window, doorways and wheel arches. The stern of the SUV is equipped with LEDs, the original tailgate. The rear bumper is made in the traditional German style. The exhaust assembly is made without any special innovations, the usual chrome-plated pipes with 12 possible painting options are installed.

Interior equipment

Clearance "BMW X1" - not the only advantage of a car in its class. The salon seems to be designed for long reflections and unhurried conversation. It is worth noting that along with a reduction in the wheelbase, the space for passengers in the rear row has become six centimeters larger. This is largely due to the presence of optional combined seats. The installation of the base sofa was made practically, as in the second series.

Immediately you need to pay attention to the separation of the front and rear lines of seats. The center console is turned towards the driver, ergonomics are at the highest level. The modern multimedia system is conveniently located, the control of this unit is thought out, it does not distract from the road. The standard display diagonal is 6.5 inches, it is raised to the level of the windshield.

BMW X1 interior
BMW X1 interior

Interior decoration

Among the differences from its predecessor in the design of the cabin is the appearance of a rectangular on-board computer screen between the tachometer and speedometer. The instrument panel is framed by soft plastic sponge configuration. The system of climate control and music settings has changed. The engine start button, the shape of the heating air inlets, and the arrangement of the space have also been updated.near the gear shifter. As a result, the driver's seat and the interior as a whole became more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The central tunnel of the car is not burdened with a lot of keys, they were replaced by a sensitive joystick. The compartment for small things is disguised by a neat curtain, located near the gearshift lever. Optional equipment:

  • adaptive and dual-zone climate control;
  • memorize seat positions;
  • automatic headlight and wiper functionality;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • fifth door electric drive.
Salon BMW-X1
Salon BMW-X1


What is the clearance of the "BMW X1"? The answer to this question is given above. And what else can please the owner's SUV, we will consider further. Depending on the basic package, the exterior and interior of the car is made in different color palettes. The machine is equipped with intelligent systems responsible for connecting to the Internet, controlling fuel consumption, optimizing driving modes, and the like.

Only a couple of adults can comfortably fit on the back sofa. The central tunnel bulges slightly, is equipped with air ducts and compartments for small things. The speakers are set higher than the predecessor (slightly below the shoulder). The front passenger seat has become more comfortable, and the specialists have also thought of an improved fastening for a highchair. In general, all equipment pleases with quality and functionality, taking into account the fact that all the necessary elements are adjustable and shifted.

"BMW X1": technicalspecifications

The clearance of the car is 194 millimeters. Other Options:

  • length/width/height - 4, 45/1, 79/1, 54 m;
  • gross/curb weight - 1.99/1.5 t;
  • wheel track front/rear - 1.5/1.52m;
  • luggage compartment capacity with the rear row of seats folded down - 1350 l;
  • fuel tank volume - 63 l;
  • average fuel consumption per 100 km - 6.4 l.
BMW-X1 car
BMW-X1 car

Transmission and suspension assembly

The "BMW X1" clearance (ground clearance) is impressive. However, the transmission of this crossover is no worse. The car is equipped with a manual gearbox for six modes or an eight-speed "automatic". They are aggregated with an advanced all-wheel drive transmission unit with a special multi-plate clutch. Electronic Stability Control transfers traction to the front wheels under normal conditions, in emergency situations, traction is transferred completely to the rear axle.

The clearance of the "BMW X1" (see the photo of the car in the review) is due to a reliable front suspension in the form of MacPherson struts. The unit is equipped with aluminum and steel elements that have received electrical adjustment of shock absorbers. Behind is a multi-link design with spaced shock absorbers and spring parts. Adjustable stiffness allows you to distribute the mass along the axes in the optimal ratio (50/50).

Other systems

The steering hasn't changed much. An electric amplifier with variable parameters is provided here. brakethe system is a ventilated disc structure on all wheels.

Clearance BMW-X1
Clearance BMW-X1

Separately, the safety of the car should be highlighted. This includes an upgraded xDrive system. It smoothly distributes the power of the motor between the front and rear wheels, depending on the conditions and riding style. On testing, the model showed the highest level of security (5 stars). This was made possible thanks to high-strength steel suspension units, the presence of front and rear parking sensors, front and side airbags, air curtains for the first and rear row of seats, and rear-view cameras. Auto "BMW X1", the characteristics and clearance of which are indicated above, one hundred percent meets the notorious German quality, one of the best in the world.