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Infiniti dream car: manufacturer and features

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Infiniti dream car: manufacturer and features
Infiniti dream car: manufacturer and features

Cars manufactured by Infiniti Corporation are associated with luxury and comfort. According to the car of this brand, one can judge the success and prosperity of the owner. Many people know that the manufacturing company "Infiniti" was based on the meringue of Nissan Corporation and became an independent brand. However, the question is debatable in which country premium units are born.

A bit of history

In 1989, when the Infiniti Corporation was created, it was popular to create clones for the luxury car market in the United States of America. The released car models gained such demand that the supply region was expanded to the Middle East, Russia and the CIS countries, as well as Europe.

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Auto "Infiniti" - who is the manufacturer?

For a wide range of products, performance can be judged by the territorial location of production facilities. For the manufacturer "Infiniti"the question of the country in which all the production of machines is concentrated is quite complex, and the answer to it is ambiguous.

Difficulties with geographic definition associated with the characteristics of the automotive industry. First of all, the "brain" of the corporation is concentrated in Hong Kong, one of the largest business and financial centers in the world. Such a registered office of the company also avoids high duties on importing products to China.

However, most of the production capacity is concentrated at Nissan's facilities in Japan. The huge popularity of automobiles in the US market led to the fact that the possibilities of industrial production in this country were mastered. To date, a full-scale Infiniti plant is successfully operating in North America. This decision is dictated by the fact that the main sales market for the brand falls precisely on America and Canada, in addition, partial American production is perceived by buyers more desirable, and this also simplifies the process of supplying goods, eliminates difficulties when importing from Japan and eliminates the risks associated with the concentration of production at one point.

Thus, the presence of production in two countries - leaders in the production of cars, the USA and Japan, gives Infiniti a significant advantage. Possible economic problems in one of the countries will not affect the total production scale.

The peculiarities of the distribution of the key industries of the manufacturer "Infinity" in three countries provided the brand with a reliable support, which allowed it to rapidly spread to the marketsall over the world. Despite the rather high cost of Infiniti cars, they are very popular and in demand, and since 2007 a representative office has been opened in Russia. The huge price does not stop buyers, and the corporation, in turn, seeks to satisfy its consumer by producing more cars and expanding its lineup.

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How rich is the Infiniti market in Russia and the CIS?

In the early Japanese-made models that could be found in Russia, the names could contain the letters G and M. To date, incomprehensible markings have been reduced to a minimum, the entire range of corporation models is divided into two lines. SUVs are marked with the letter combination QX, and passenger cars are marked as Q. Letter designations are also not tied to engine characteristics.

The model range available to the Russian buyer is represented by the Q50 sedan, which is the most affordable, while possessing all the characteristics that are associated with the elitism of the Infiniti brand. No less popular is the Q70 luxury sedan with stunning looks. Convertible lovers may want to consider the Q60. Crossovers of the famous brand are represented by the brands QX50, QX60, QX70, QX80.

The Q50, QX50 and QX60 models are equipped with a hybrid engine. With low fuel consumption, these units deliver amazing power on the road.

model in Russia

Infiniti Key Features

What distinguishes absolutely all cars of this brand is thatthe company never provides cheap kits and does not strive for savings in the production process. All cars manufactured by the corporation are equipped with the best engines, have finely thought-out interior trim and overall design. In "Infiniti" the manufacturer thinks through every bend, and this makes the product unique and so desirable for a mass of self-confident people who know their worth and stand firmly on their feet.

The peculiarity of each selected part determines the popularity and competitive advantage of the brand's product in the premium segment.

car interior

What is the result?

The unique design and advanced technologies in control allow manufacturers of the Infiniti brand to outperform competitors in their segment. These high-tech units provide maximum road safety, easy and agile handling and, of course, incredible riding power. This statement is true for all Infiniti models, no matter what manufacturer it is: USA or Japan. A set of built-in functions and a well-thought-out design of all package elements ensure that the product is in demand without regard to price. Millions of drivers are ready to shell out a tidy sum for the right to own a dream car.

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