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Rolf engine oil: description, reviews

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Rolf engine oil: description, reviews
Rolf engine oil: description, reviews

Rolf engine oil is made in Germany and is of true German quality. The technologies of the German manufacturer and qualified personnel have been producing modern lubricants for many years. The range includes oils for cars and small equipment, lubricants for agricultural, construction and commercial vehicles, transmission and hydraulic fluids, filter elements.

Oil lines

Rolf oils for the convenience of car owners and other consumers are grouped into product lines. They look like this:

  • GT line - designed to increase the power of internal combustion engines, developed on a synthetic base;
  • metal canister
    metal canister
  • Dynamic line - semi-synthetic oils for all-season operation;
  • Rolf's Energy line of oils - characterized by an increased viscosity index, and the compositions themselves appear as semi-synthetic;
  • branded oil
    branded oil
  • Optima line - maximally aimed at cleaning the engine, is a product with a mineral base.

Also inthe product range contains universal fluids for automatic transmissions - ATF and for mechanical ones - Transmission.

The most sought-after types of Rolf oils are semi-synthetic brands. Such lubricants are focused on use in passenger vehicles, SUVs, buses and minibuses. This lubricant is not suitable for commercial vehicles.

Product Features

The leading positions in the semi-synthetic segment are occupied by oils with a viscosity of 10w40. They have balanced and optimal engine protection performance at any time of the year - from summer heat to cold winter.

Rolf 10W40 oils are fully compatible with all types of power units that use gasoline or diesel fuel as a fuel mixture. But for diesel engines, the company has prepared specialized materials that are most suitable for them.

German lubricating fluids endure temperature fluctuations and can function from -35 to +45 ℃. This is a fairly wide range, covering most of the climatic zones.

The operation of such a lubricating product is aimed at absolute support for the performance of the power unit, protection of structural elements and an increase in the life cycle of the engine.

oily liquid
oily liquid

The product of the German company, according to the manufacturer, is able to increase the oil change interval, while not losing its technical capabilities throughout the entire period of protection. Heprevents corrosion processes, protects the cylinder block from the accumulation of sludge and any other contaminants that impede engine operation.


Rolf oil reviews have well-founded positive comments. Since the Germans are pedantic in everything, you can be sure that the quality will not let you down. This is confirmed by both professional drivers and ordinary car owners of various car brands.

Many users have been using a similar brand of oil for several years and recommend it to other comrades and colleagues. After all, everything was tested on our own experience! But beware of fakes. Real German branded oil is sold in Russia and the CIS countries only in metal cans. This anti-counterfeit measure was invented directly by Rolf itself.

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