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The size of the wiper blades. Car wipers: photos, prices

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The size of the wiper blades. Car wipers: photos, prices
The size of the wiper blades. Car wipers: photos, prices

If, when you turn on the windshield wipers, water stains remain on it, snow is poorly cleared in winter and dirt from under the wheels of cars in the oncoming traffic, such wipers should be replaced with new ones. It is because of poor visibility that a large percentage of accidents happen.

Car wipers have various modifications, shapes and working surfaces, which often leads motorists to a kind of stupor when purchasing these items. This review will help you choose the right wiper blades or wiper kit in general, which will perfectly suit a particular car and will fully perform its functions.

Practice shows that drivers often try to install larger wipers on their cars to increase visibility.

wiper blade size

The size of the wiper blades ("Kalina" let it be for example) are able to fully clean the maximum glass area, their replacement (increase) is not necessary. And on cars of the Lanos family, it is possible to install a larger wiper from 47,5 cm for a 50 cm wiper, however, this only applies to the driver's side wiper. When carrying out such a “modification”, it is necessary to take into account the degree of divergence of the wipers at the moment of their approach, since their engagement with each other is possible.

Car wipers: types

By types of performance and application of brushes can be distinguished as follows:

  • Frame.
  • Frameless.
  • Winter.
  • Hybrid.

Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Frame type

Considered the most popular and common wipers.

viburnum wiper blade size

They have a metal or plastic frame and are attached to the mechanism lever with a hook or bayonet connection. As a rule, experienced drivers recommend using them in the warm season. This is due to the fact that in winter, moisture enters the grooves and holes of the frame and freezes, which leads to a poor fit of the wiper working surface to the glass surface. This factor interferes with the normal operation of the mechanism.

Frameless type

They have a more modern look and are a brush with attachments along the edges and in its middle part. High-quality wiper blades of this design are made of rubber. Rubber perfectly tolerates strong temperature changes and can serve for quite a long time. Fastening is carried out similarly to fastening frame wipers, but can be universal.

Winter type

This type of wipers is nothas a wide range of applications due to a number of features.

car wipers

At too low temperatures, they creak strongly, and at high speeds, on the contrary, they are taken away by the wind flow from the glass, and they are not effective. The only plus in using them is driving in urban conditions at medium speeds.

Hybrid type

This species does its job well at any time of the year. The main thing in this matter is the purchase of an original quality product, and not, for example, of Chinese origin.

How to determine the quality of wipers

When purchasing a new set of windshield wipers or their components, it is important to pay attention to the size of the wiper blades. For each car model, they may be different depending on the width and height of the windshield. It is not recommended to install products that do not meet the technical requirements on the machine. Often the seller can tell you what size and model of cleaners can fit the car.

At the same time, high-quality brushes must be of a uniform texture and color of the material. The working surface must be smooth, without burrs and microcracks. Do not hesitate to conduct a thorough inspection of the parts of the wipers, as after acquiring them, you may encounter their unsuitability.

Kit Lifetime

To begin with, it is important to note that the operation of the wipers on a dry glass surface can accelerate the wear of the rubber surface several times. In this case, the size of the wiper blades hasdirectly related to the wear of the drive mechanism as a whole.

what size wiper blades

The larger the friction surface, the greater the load on the electric motor and lever drive. It can happen that even the most expensive wipers will become unusable in a very short time. Often this is due to their inclusion without the use of a glass washer system. In winter, drivers turn on the wipers to “remove” the snow when the car and the glass itself are not warm enough, and as a result, the degree of wear of the rubber bands increases.

To increase the service life of the working part of the wipers, it is necessary to periodically clean them from dust in summer and ice in winter. This will significantly reduce the damage factor to the surface and the windshield itself.

If car wipers do not clean well and leave streaks, then, on the advice of experienced drivers, they should be placed in a container with gasoline for ten to fifteen minutes and then used for some more time. This tip may help if getting new wipers isn't an option anytime soon.

As for the actual service life of a new product, it is equal to 400 hours of operation, subject to the quality of the product. Less eminent manufacturers give a guarantee of quality work within a hundred to two hundred hours, and then the brushes become unusable.

Wiper blade size

As a rule, the car is equipped with two wipers, but there are exceptions - on the contrary, only one or more than three. And even on the same car, different brushes can be used.

About what sizethe wiper blades are installed on the car, as a rule, they are indicated in the service book, or you can independently measure them using a regular tape measure. When there are three cleaners on the car, their size can be: on the driver's side - 50 cm, on the passenger side - 45 cm, and the rear wiper - 30 cm. But all these indicators vary depending on the model. As a rule, cars with a hatchback and station wagon body are equipped with rear window wipers, the glass areas of which are also different.

In order to increase the size of the wiper blades on your vehicle, you first need to measure the glass.

Lacetti wiper blade size

At the same time, the brushes themselves in working condition should not go beyond the glass and not have engagement with each other.

Practical Tips

Most of the owners of domestic cars, to one degree or another, try to improve their cars on their own. The same applies to the windshield wipers and rear windows. To increase the glass cleaning area, they are experimenting with installing larger glass cleaner brushes on the machine. At the same time, it should be noted that such an improvement option is not always possible.

The size of the wiper blade (VAZ-2110 included) is equal to the following parameters: driver's side - 510 mm, passenger side - 510 mm. In this case, it is possible to use one larger brush, by reducing the second, as a rule, on the passenger side.

Standard car"Lada Granta" provides for the installation of parts measuring 60 cm and 41 cm for the driver's and passenger's seats, respectively. You can change the size of the wiper blades (Granta is no exception), but only on the passenger side.

wiper blade size vaz 2110

The fact is that it is impossible to increase the wiper even by one centimeter on the driver's side - it touches the body. But on the passenger side, you can increase by as much as four centimeters. Now about what size wiper blades are needed for domestic cars. "Kalina" and its janitor corresponds to the size of "Grantovsky". True, with only one difference, that the rear window wiper is installed on the hatchback with a size of 36 centimeters.

In imported cars, things are a little different. Here interchangeability is wider.

grant wiper blade sizes

The standard size of the Lacetti wiper blades is: front left - 55 cm, right front - 48 cm, and rear (hatchback and station wagon) 45 and 35 centimeters, respectively. At the same time, it is possible to install non-standard sizes of cleaners, taking into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bglasses and their ability to work in pairs.

As a rule, the prices for windshield wipers vary depending on the degree of their configuration and manufacturer. Naturally, a complete set with holders and a working area will cost more than purchasing rubber brushes alone. Basically, the price of a complete set ranges from twenty dollars to one hundred dollars, given that your car is budgetclass and standard. But as already mentioned, it depends on the degree of configuration of the wiper itself. A typical replacement rubber element can cost ten dollars.

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