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Rating of car wiper blades
Rating of car wiper blades

Wiper blades are a key element of the car window cleaning system from road dirt, dust, insects. The final result depends on how high-quality brushes are. The fact is that not all of them fulfill their main purpose as it should be. This is due to many factors, which we will discuss in this article. In addition, we will consider the rating of wiper blades and decide on the choice of a quality product.

wiper blade rating
wiper blade rating

General information and concepts

Quality brushes do not leave traces of dirt and streaks on the glass. This, in fact, is the main selection criterion. But besides this, there are many other factors. Some rubber bands creak, others tan in cold weather. All this is inherent in low-quality brushes or those that have already developed and must be replaced immediately.

Used for makingrubber brushes must be of high quality. This is due to the fact that the unit is operated all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Mud, snow or frost - it doesn't matter. In any case, the brushes must work correctly and provide good visibility to the driver while driving. If you do not change the rubber bands, then even if they are of the highest quality, their efficiency will gradually decrease. When it comes time to replace, it is advisable to buy only high-quality products, but this is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

What to be guided by when choosing?

Many of us first of all pay attention to the cost. In the background is the brand. The more famous and proven it is, the better. This approach can be called correct only partially. The thing is that a high price does not always indicate high quality, although this is often the case. Just like a well-known manufacturer does not guarantee that the brushes will work effectively both in summer and winter.

rating of winter wiper blades
rating of winter wiper blades

Today, almost all groups of goods that can be attributed to automobiles are counterfeited. In particular, this applies to spare parts, automotive oils, coolant, etc. Wiper blades are no exception. That is why a Bosch bought for a lot of money does not always bring joy and satisfaction with the result, because it can just be a Chinese fake packaged in a beautiful wrapper. And since it's about road safety, it's better not to joke and shop only inverified locations.

Rating of winter wiper blades

The winter period is characterized by low temperatures and the presence of ice on the front and rear windows. The composition of rubber for brushes used in winter is somewhat different from the usual. The fact is that with a large minus, the rubber becomes dull and ceases to fulfill its immediate task. To prevent this from happening, you need to be able to choose the right brushes.

Many prefer a frame structure. But this is practically meaningless, which is what experts focus on. The fact is that the frame structure contains a greater number of metal and plastic elements. They have the ability to freeze in frost. Therefore, until everything thaws, they will not work or they will, but not too well. Although today there are manufacturers offering us a frame structure that is of high quality.

wiper blade rating 2016
wiper blade rating 2016

Top Wiper Frame Manufacturers

I would like to note right away that high efficiency is achieved by adding rubber to rubber. This gives plasticity, which does not disappear even at low temperatures. At the same time, such brushes have an impressive price tag, so not everyone will take them for themselves. Maruenu Gyraless Snow Blade is the leader in our rating. The key feature is that the frame is completely sealed and galvanized. Therefore, moisture does not get into it and there is at least some protection against corrosion. In addition, the rubber bands themselves are made ofrubber with a small amount of tourmaline. This approach ensures high quality in all weather conditions, even at high sub-zero temperatures.

Another worthy contender for leadership is Avantech Snowguard Polar. Pretty solid graphite-coated brushes and a reinforced frame, which is also airtight. More affordable, but serve no more than 2 winters, although this figure is better than many. It is worth paying attention to Alca Winter. True, there is nothing special here, but the brushes are fully compatible with various car models. We can talk about a good assortment.

Frameless brushes

From the name you can guess that the movable rocker system is missing in this case. A metal bar is responsible for pressing the rubber band to the glass, which is located along the entire length of the rubber band and holds it in the correct position. The advantages of this solution include:

  • attractive appearance;
  • ease of brush replacement;
  • even distribution of pressure;
  • high reliability.

Experiments have shown that such brushes work better at high vehicle speeds, since there is no windage effect, like with frame brushes. Optimum values of aeroacoustics and aerodynamics are achieved. For the winter period, models equipped with a spoiler (Flat Blade) are more suitable. This is due to the fact that the spoiler, with an oncoming air flow, creates additional pressure on the brushes, pressing them even more against the glass. Now consider the rating of winter wiper blades that do not haveframe.

rating of hybrid wiper blades 2016
rating of hybrid wiper blades 2016

Best of the best

After testing, where the main requirements were such characteristics as elasticity at a temperature of -20, cleaning quality and down pressure, 5 manufacturers were among the leaders. The first place went to brushes Maruenu AS. The gum in this case is made of rubber and impregnated with graphite. It is worth noting that in budget models, spraying is almost always used, which is quickly erased. There is also a full-fledged impregnation, which ensures effective operation in all weather conditions. There are no vibrations and slippage on the glass. Also, these brushes are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and the aggressive environment of the washer fluid. In general, an excellent choice, however, such a pleasure will cost a lot (3000 rubles).

The second place goes to Bosch Aerotwin. The brushes are made of composite rubber with the addition of rubber. Everything here is done with high quality, there is no hint of squeakiness and poor fastening. Included is a special adapter for non-standard connections. Closing out our 2016 wiper blade rating is Denso DF. Acoustic comfort is perfect, thanks to the fit to the windshield profile.

rating of car wiper blades 2016
rating of car wiper blades 2016

Do I need heated brushes?

Recently, special kits have appeared that are equipped with heating. For this, an elastic heating element is installed. Such a system servesmaintaining the elasticity of the gum even in severe frosts. The function is quite useful, but such a kit will cost a lot, and there may be problems during installation.

Now popular manufacturers of heated brushes are Burner and Consul Winter. In the first case, upon purchase, you will receive a thermal relay with a fuse and a power button. Additionally, you can purchase a special remote key fob for remote start of the system. The second set is more budgetary, but does not lag behind in quality. You can install it yourself, although there are some peculiarities.

About hybrid brushes

We reviewed frame and frameless structures with you. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Recently, hybrid brushes are gaining more and more popularity. They are practically devoid of flaws and have all the strengths of frame and frameless wipers. Structurally, they have a hinge-lever system. This is inherent in frame brushes. But the system is designed in such a way that the possibility of moisture or dirt getting on the hinges is completely excluded. This is achieved through the use of a sealed fairing. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to increase downforce, regardless of the configuration of the windshield. In fact, these are universal brushes. Secondly, the fairing allows you to evenly and with the necessary effort to press the rubber against the windshield.

In any case, we will consider the rating of hybrid type car wiper blades. But first I would like to say about a small drawback of this design. It is included inkit cost. Usually it is 1.5-2 times more expensive than normal frameless brushes. In this case, the service life is about one year.

2016 Hybrid Wiper Blades Rating

Denso stands out among the most popular manufacturers of this type of brushes. The organization has been producing hybrid wipers since 2005 and is famous for its high quality products. The toggle mechanism is hidden behind a stylish sealed housing that is almost invisible. At the same time, the range is simply huge and includes all standard sizes. The matte black finish makes the design unique. This is not surprising, because brushes from this manufacturer are installed as standard on many premium cars.

windshield wiper blade rating for winter
windshield wiper blade rating for winter

If we consider the rating of the wiper blades for the winter of a hybrid type from the company "Denso", then in the first place - Denso Wiper Blade. The elastic band is made of natural rubber with a graphite coating. The frame is made with a low profile and covered with black matte paint. Reviews of professionals speak of the highest quality of the product and relatively affordable cost. The kit will cost about 1000 rubles, which is not so expensive compared to competitors. Good reviews about Trico Hybrid. As in the previous case, natural rubber and graphite coating are used. They operate silently and keep the windshield clean even at speeds over 180 kilometers per hour.

Top Producers

For a long time of operation of various typeswipers from manufacturers from around the world, motorists have formed a rating of wiper blades-2016. These are firms that control the quality of production at all stages and produce consistently good brushes. For example, if the rating of frameless wiper blades puts one company in first place, then in the general list the situation may change somewhat.

The German company "Bosch" has long settled in the first place. Pleasantly surprises not only with the quality and range of products, but also with the pricing policy. The cost of the kit, depending on the size, usually does not exceed 1500 rubles. In second place - the French company Valeo. The company has been manufacturing brushes for a long time and focuses on the reliability of products. In third place - Heyner is from Germany. A large assortment allows you to choose not only the length, but also the required type of fastening. Of course, the rating of the best wiper blades and their manufacturers does not end there, which is a little lower.

Cheap and cheerful

Often we try to buy something more budgetary, and at the same time we want high quality. If we are talking about wiper blades, then there are no special problems. Again, in this case, it is better to avoid Chinese products for the simple reason that there is a large selection of European brands and the cost does not differ much.

At the same time, you can be sure that the Japanese "Denso" will work for a long time and will not creak after a few hundred kilometers. This is especially true for hybrid brushes.type. If we are talking about frameless, then you should look towards the American manufacturer Champion. Great budget brushes of good quality. Often they go for more than 2 years, although there are cases of squeaks and immediately after installation. So here you can stumble upon marriage. But "Alka" from Germany is a budget solution and is practically not faked. The best choice for those who count their money and appreciate German quality.

There are many more manufacturers, in particular from Europe and the USA, where brushes worthy of attention are made. These are Italian "Sparko", American Trico, etc. In any case, you need to be able to make the right choice. For example, some manufacturers fall into the rating of winter wiper blades in 2016, but others for all-weather use.

rating of frameless wiper blades
rating of frameless wiper blades

Reviews from consumers and experts

If you follow the advice of experienced motorists, then the possibility of buying exactly what is perfect for your car increases significantly. Often, original wiper blades are the best choice. Reviews, ratings of certain brushes often confirm, but the opposite happens, which has nothing to do with quality. So, it is most correct to install Champion or Trico native brushes on American cars, and Denso on Korean ones. Although this is not a panacea, the original almost never has negative reviews. If such wipers worked normally before and everything suited, then why somethingchange. Especially if the price tag is more than humane.


The presented rating of frameless wiper blades, hybrid and framed is relevant today. Of course, there is a small risk of stumbling upon a fake, but no one is immune from this. Sometimes there are situations that urgently need to be replaced, and only little-known brands are on sale. There is nothing wrong with this, as a temporary solution, brushes from any manufacturer will do. It is much more important that they fit in size or mount.

It is worth noting that it is extremely easy to replace rubber bands on your own and you do not need to seek help from specialists. If you do not know the size of the old wipers, then you can do the following. Go to the store and buy a set of rubber bands as long as possible. Remove old ones, install new ones and trim if necessary. This is quite effective, because often extraneous squeaks, as well as low cleaning efficiency, are due to the critical wear of the gum itself, and not the mechanism. In this case, it is not necessary to install the entire structure, but it is enough to perform such a simple replacement. The presented rating of frameless wiper blades of 2016, as well as hybrid and frame ones, contains a lot of high-quality and inexpensive products, and you can stop at them.

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