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Gear oil 75w80: overview, characteristics and properties
Gear oil 75w80: overview, characteristics and properties

Efficient and long-term operation of the vehicle largely depends on the quality of the lubricants used. Engine and transmission oils have a certain marking: for example, the designation 75W-80 indicates the possibility of using grease in the summer and winter seasons.

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75W-80 Gear Oil is of sufficient viscosity to withstand high pressures and provide reliable protection to key vehicle transmission components. The material is made on a synthetic basis, which increases the service life and allows the composition to be used in a wide temperature range.

When choosing a gear oil, it is necessary to take into account the technical parameters of the car, on the basis of which the viscosity index is determined.

Properties of oil 75W-80

Key features:

  • Keeping viscosity at low temperatures.
  • Smooth switchinggear.
  • Compatibility with non-ferrous metals and car parts, chemical inert.
  • Anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties.

75W-80 gear oils meet API GL4 and GL5 quality standards and are recommended for use by most automakers.

transmission oil elf tranself nfj 75w80

Scope of application

The main area of ​​use for 75W-80 gear oils is manual gearboxes and drive axles. They form a thin and durable film on the surface of the parts, which reduces friction and protects the elements from premature wear, increasing their service life.

Oils with the 75W-80 index are very popular, which explains their demand among car owners. Since many modern cars are equipped with a front drive axle with a manual transmission, lubricants marked 75W-80 are used in manual transmissions.

Such oils are not suitable for automatic transmissions - special ATF fluids are poured into them. It contains substances that ensure the constant and uninterrupted operation of the automatic transmission. Conventional lubricants with a good viscosity index are used for cars with a classic transmission scheme and a manual gearbox.

gear oil elf nfj 75w80

Oils for manual and automatic transmissions

Lubricants for mechanical transmissions have the characteristics necessary to ensure the correct operation of the car.The chemicals in their composition provide lubrication of parts, reduce the mechanical load exerted on the elements during the movement of the vehicle.

The main components and elements are protected from contact with air and moisture by a film formed by gear oil 75W-80, which eliminates corrosion. Lubrication removes small particles from the system that are formed when parts are damaged or during operation, which significantly increases the life of a mechanical transmission.

The fluid used in automatic transmissions provides effective lubrication of parts and additional transmission of mechanical energy. Such transmission oils are subject to high requirements and serious standards, in contrast to similar compounds used in manual transmissions. Such materials are made on mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic bases.

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75W-80 oil specifications

To ensure the stable operation of the gearbox, a high-quality 75W-80 gear oil is used, which has the following functions:

  • friction reduction;
  • protection of main parts from wear by forming a strong and thin film on their surface;
  • protecting the main components of the gearbox from corrosion;
  • removing heat from the transmission to ensure the efficient operation of the mechanism and individual parts;
  • eliminate outside noise and reduce load;
  • compacting parts by eliminating excess space.

In addition to the above requirements for gear oils, additional requirements are imposed - for example, improved oxidizing properties and the absence of foam when the temperature rises.

Despite this, the main property of the lubricant is the viscosity index. The operation of the car in extreme conditions with sudden temperature changes depends on it.

Transmission oil is heated to its maximum temperature on the gear teeth, which leads to loss of density, overheating, accelerated wear and deformation of important parts.

An equally important characteristic of 75W-80 gear oil is the protection of parts from increased friction, which increases their working life, retains the original appearance and quality. Since the lubricant marked 75W-80 has a higher viscosity, it better protects the main transmission elements and increases their efficiency. But such gear oils have their drawback - they have minimal power ratings.

Elf transmission oils

Only professional technologists are engaged in the development of gear oils. Taking into account all the requirements and standards, Elf 75W-80 gear oil is considered one of the best lubricants. Elf's many years of experience allows us to create high-quality products that meet modern standards set by automotive manufacturers.

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Using Elf oils

Elf brand lubricants are adapted to P and J class mechanical transmissions of Nissan, Renault, Dacia and Datsun vehicles. Transmission oils "Elf" 75W-80 are made on a synthetic basis and can be used in automatic and manual gearboxes, power steering, servo drives and drive axles. Reliable operation of the components is provided by EP additives, which guarantees smooth gear shifting, elimination of third-party noise and premature wear of mechanisms. Elf gear oils can be used on Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.

Benefits of Elf oils

Among the advantages of Elf NFJ 75W-80 gear oils, excellent heat resistance, high viscosity and reliable protection of synchronizers are noted. A strong and thin film is formed on the surface of the parts, protecting them from damage and wear.

In addition, Elf oils have the following benefits:

  • corrosion protection of mechanisms;
  • preservation of properties when exposed to high pressure;
  • keep gears performing under extreme conditions with extreme wear protection.

Elf gear oils do not foam, do not enter into chemical reactions with the materials from which the seals are made, reduce friction and freeze at a temperature of -30 degrees.

gear oil elf 75w80

Oil Elf 75W-80

Transmission oil Elf Tranself NFJ75W-80 is made on a synthetic basis and is designed for mechanical gearboxes operating in extreme conditions. It is characterized by high fluidity, excellent frictional properties, thermal stability, and reduces third-party noise when shifting gears.

Special manufacturing technology prevents spontaneous disengagement and protects mechanical parts from wear and damage. Has the following properties:

  • stable viscosity and anti-oxidation performance;
  • prevents corrosion of parts;
  • impervious to moisture;
  • EP package prevents gear scuffing.

Gear Oil Total

Mineral gear oil "Total" 75W-80 is considered the best for mechanical transmission, including for domestically produced cars equipped with front-wheel drive. It has a high viscosity index, which ensures the performance of the gearbox even at extremely low temperatures. Forms a thin, stable and elastic film on the surface of rubbing parts, protecting them from wear and dirt. It is highly resistant to oxidation, thanks to which it retains its properties until replacement.

Key Benefits of Total 75W-80 Gear Oil:

  • excellent flow and viscosity;
  • affordable price - 500 rubles;
  • oxidation resistance;
  • preservation of properties during temperature changes.
gear oil elf 75w80

Reviews on gear oil 75W-80

Tranself oils are used in Jxx and Pxx type gearboxes. In the case of the Jxx transmission, Elf oil can be replaced with an analogue if necessary, while only Elf brand grease is suitable for the Pxx gearbox.

Tranself NFJ 75W-80 gear oils are used in vehicles equipped with class P gearboxes. Lubricating fluid of this brand has an affordable price and excellent performance, which explains its high popularity among car owners.

Specialists and motorists note the efficient and excellent operation of the transmission in this oil. The only thing you should pay attention to when buying 75W-80 gear oil is originality, since Elf brand products are most often counterfeited. Real gear oil has a pleasant smell and bright color. Counterfeit e-liquid is much cheaper.

Elf 75W-80 oil is sold in a convenient canister with a graduated scale located on the side, which greatly simplifies its filling: the car owner can always keep track of the amount of remaining material. The reviews note the preservation of the viscosity of the gear oil at low temperatures, which is especially important when operating in Russian conditions.

Engine revs are much easier with regular use of Elf gear oil. Third-party noises are eliminated in the transmission. The gear shifts quietly and smoothly, the main gears are clearly felt.clicks, the inclusion of reverse gear is carried out from the first time, which is highly appreciated by the owners of cars of Renault, Nissan, Lada, Peugeot and Citroen brands of various models.

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