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Why is the Check Engine light on? Why does the check engine light come on?
Why is the Check Engine light on? Why does the check engine light come on?

In the age of modern technology, the technical characteristics of a car provide for the presence of a large number of electronics. Cars are literally stuffed with it. Some motorists do not even understand why it is needed or why this or that light is on. In our article we will talk about a small red light bulb called Check Engine. What is it and why does the "Check" light up, let's take a closer look. Drivers begin to deal with this issue when a problem arises. After they understand the purpose of the light bulb, the head starts to hurt even more, since there are many reasons for the Check Engine light to glow. Many immediately resort to the help of car services, because they believe that it is almost impossible to find the cause without a diagnosis.

What kind of light bulb is this and how does it threaten a car enthusiast?

Check Engine, or "Check Engine", literally translated means that the motor should be checked. It is located on the main panel, andthe slightest glow of the light bulbs signal to the driver about problems with the power unit. The main function of modern "Checks" is to control engine speed. They are related to fuel delivery, fuel consumption, ignition, etc. If you do not have certain knowledge in the field of car business, it will be very difficult to figure out why the "Check" lights up.

the check lights up

What to do if the check engine light comes on

First, you should remember that this light does not always indicate a malfunction in the engine.

  1. If the "Check" lights up when starting the power unit and immediately goes out, then this means that the motor is in good condition, and this is not a cause for concern.
  2. If the indicator does not go out - start to worry, because the engine has broken down. But you shouldn't be too upset, because there is a possibility that they are insignificant, although critical ones are not excluded.

Is it possible to continue driving if the "Check Angie" light is on?

The first thing to do when the indicated indicator lights up is to stop and listen to the car. There are times when the problem disappears on its own. Still, we do not have the most unique electronics. If the problem persists, you need to find the nearest service station and try to solve it.

why does the check light come on

When going to a service station, you must follow certain rules:

  • the driving mode of the vehicle must be gentle;
  • try not to max outRPM level;
  • turn off all electronic excesses in the form of air conditioning, radio, DVR and any equipment that is currently in the car (multimedia systems also apply);
  • minimize the number of sudden braking, extreme driving in this case is not welcome;
  • traffic at night with this disadvantage is not recommended;
  • if you are in trouble in the evening on the road, the best way out of the situation is to follow certain precautions.

Remember that ignoring these rules may result in engine malfunction, which may result in seizure or fire.

The main reasons for the glow of the Check Engine indicator

  1. "Check" lights up on the go. The reason may be insufficient oil level in the engine. In order to verify this, you should stop the car, open the hood and carefully listen to the operation of the motor. If the power unit runs smoothly, without extraneous noise, does not knock, there are no smudges of any kind, all parts of the case are hermetically sealed - then this is not the reason. When checking the oil level with the dipstick, remember that the machine must be on as level a surface as possible. Otherwise, the error may be plus or minus a few liters. If at least one of these shortcomings is identified, it is urgent to seek the help of highly qualified specialists.
  2. check engine light on
  3. "Check" lights up when themotor operation. If the “Check” lights up at idle, most likely the operation of the ignition sections is faulty. It is possible that one of them is out of order. Also one of the reasons is low-quality fuel. Usually this breakdown is detected immediately after leaving the gas station. In this case, this is no longer such a rarity for our region. If the "Check" light is on, the reasons for which are related to the quality of the fuel, fill in fuel with a higher octane rating or change the gas station.

Check Engine flickers due to bad spark plugs

This problem may occur if the candles have not been changed for too long. It is by no means recommended to save on them. Their cost is not so expensive. Engine repairs will cost more.

the check box lit up

If you are a great economist - replace the part yourself. To do this, you only need a candle key.

Unscrew the candles for them, check them for operability. If the problem is not in them at all, clean them of soot and only then install them in place. If the candles are out of order, get new ones. When carrying out work, pay attention to the gap between the electrodes. It should be no more than 1.3 mm. Correct in case of discrepancies.

Ignition coil problem

May cause the Check Engine light to come on and the ignition coil to fail. Use a multimeter to test the coil. Check for a spark at the outlet.

Oxygen sensor problem

Signs: troit the engine, "Check" caught fire. The reason for this malfunctionis the exhaust system. The readings of the lambda probe are regularly checked by the on-board computer. The probe monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases, which allows you to determine how efficient the power unit is and how well the fuel burns.

If there is more than sufficient oxygen in the exhaust, the cause may be a violation of the air-fuel mixture preparation system. Or the fuel does not burn completely. Whatever the reason, "Check" will signal a malfunction in the engine.

check light on

In some modern cars, 2 lambda probes are installed. The first is before the catalyst, the second is after. If the catalyst works properly, then the oxygen supply will be appropriate. From this it follows that the operation of the oxygen sensor largely depends on the performance of the catalyst, because it controls the reduction in exhaust toxicity.

Faulty mass air flow sensor

The element may have failed due to dust covering it. But this is not the main reason for the loss of their performance. There may simply be deviations in the readings. To eliminate this cause, it is necessary to clean the sensor with a special liquid.

check light on the go

It should be remembered that using a carburetor cleaner as this means can cause irreparable damage to the sensor. In the event of a complete failure of the oxygen sensor, it is necessary to replace it.

Catalyst failure

In case of exitif the catalyst fails, you will not be able to fully drive a car in any way, since the engine will work unstably, as evidenced by the "Check" button. In this case, your car will experience significant fuel consumption and there will be no traction. In this case, preventive and corrective measures will not help. The equipment needs to be replaced. Yes, the catalyst is a rather expensive thing, but if the problem is in it, the defect will completely eliminate itself.

Faulty injectors, fuel pump

If the injectors are confirmed, clean them. If the pump and fuel filter are unstable, you will first have to check the pressure in the rail. If it is at least three atmospheres and the flaws are clearly visible, replace the fuel pump and clean the nozzles.

troit engine check light

Recommendations for checking high-voltage wires

High-voltage wires are another reason when the "Check" lights up. To check it, follow the instructions below. To check the high voltage wires yourself, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill a stainless steel bowl with water and a tablespoon of baking soda.
  2. Dip the wires into the solution, leaving the ends on the surface. Next, start checking the wires using a megger. Connect the device itself to the first tip, and the other wire must be connected to the container with wires. If an insulation fault is detected, the resistance will be less than 500 kOhm. In this case, the wires need to be replaced.

Say nopanic

When you detect the glow of the "Check" button, do not panic. This will not help to eliminate the shortcomings. Get together and try first to correct the shortcomings on your own according to the recommendations indicated in our article, and only then look for the reasons more deeply.

If the above tips did not help you, and you still cannot decide why the “Check” lights up, you should seek help from professionals. You don't have to invent anything on your own. Today's service stations are equipped with the most high-tech and modern equipment that will help find a solution to this issue. Of course, you may have to spend a certain amount of money. But it's not the end of the world. The main thing is to find the cause, because your safety on the road depends on it.

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