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Do-it-yourself tuning of the Lada-Kalina salon

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Do-it-yourself tuning of the Lada-Kalina salon
Do-it-yourself tuning of the Lada-Kalina salon

A modern car is not just a means of transportation, but also a place where you can hide from the bustle of the city. And if in expensive cars engineers have thought out a standard set of options, then in budget domestic cars you need to independently install the desired improvements. Consider the example of "Lada-Kalina" interior tuning.


Rear lighting

The interior lighting of the Lada-Kalina salon leaves much to be desired. Only the front of the car is equipped with a small lamp. The rear area of ​​the cabin does not have any lighting devices. According to numerous reviews, tuning the interior of the Lada Kalina hatchback includes installing a rear row light, which will help the LED strip. You can connect it to the front lamp, and hide the wiring under the ceiling card. For convenience, you can mount a separate switch in the rear row area. Thanks to this, passengers have the opportunity to turn it on themselves if necessary.


Interior tuning of the sedan "Lada-Kalina"

One of the important elements of the interior is the dashboard. For tuning the Lada-Kalina salon, two main options are used. The first, the cost of which is budgetary, is to buy a special panel overlay and attach it on top of a standard dashboard. This option is considered inexpensive because during its installation it may be difficult to select the exact dimensions. Therefore, the lining will have to be cut a little. This is a rather complicated and difficult process, which, with the wrong approach, can completely ruin the look of the cabin. The second option is to purchase a completely new dashboard. In this case, the installation will not take much time. However, you will need to spend well financially.

Tail trims

Vinyl film for "Lada-Kalina"

If the stickers on the dashboard of special decorative overlays do not seem enough, you can independently dismantle the plastic door trim and improve it. For example, the tuning of the Lada-Kalina salon, which imitates natural materials, always looks impressive and attractive. After removing the trim of standard parts, paste over its elements with a durable vinyl or carbolic film. After the material is glued, all parts are assembled strictly in the reverse order. Most often, motorists use a film with a pattern similar to the texture of wood. Recall that special pads can be mounted on parts of the speaker cabinet.

To do the work yourself, you will needstationery knife, scissors and the material itself. Experts advise sticking the film directly on the plastic.

Pre-mark the places where the holes for the buttons will be located. To do this, use a paper stencil. For convenience, dismantle the plastic panel. After you cut the pattern, clean the plastic parts and degrease their surface. Only after that it is possible to carry out pasting with a film.


Seat upholstery

Of course, the seats in a car are not the first thing passengers notice. And the tuning of the s alt "Lada-Kalina" will be inferior if the chairs are not improved or completely replaced. The main drawbacks of the Lada-Kalina seats are the short bottom cushion and the lack of lateral support.

To eliminate these shortcomings, it is better to contact a specialized studio to rebuild the regular shape of the chairs. The second way to tune the Lada Kalina is to choose a more suitable version of the seats from another car. The installation of new chairs is considered more acceptable due to the amount of money that is spent. In fact, specialized tailors will charge large sums of money for their services. But if you're lucky enough to find the seats that work best for you, you can do the bindings yourself.

Steering wheel


Not every motorist likes the standard steering wheel of the Lada-Kalina. Therefore, they very often want to replace it with a more stylish and comfortable one. One of the interior tuning optionssedan "Lada-Kalina" - installation of a sports steering wheel. This original upgrade has many advantages: the interior of the car will become more interesting, and most importantly, the updated sports steering wheel, thanks to its aggressive appearance, will allow the driver to feel much more confident on the road. But in order to simply and without problems mount the new steering wheel on the Lada Kalina, you will need a special adapter.

LED strip

LED Strip Light

In addition, a great addition to all of the above tuning options to complete the picture of interior improvement, you can carry out new lighting around the entire perimeter of the cabin. To do this, you will need to lay a diode tape of the desired color (or different shades) and connect it to a regular battery, that is, the on-board network. Additional lighting due to the LED strip will give the interior an attractive appearance and emphasize all the changes made.

The following do-it-yourself tuning of the Lada-Kalina salon is in progress:

  • Installing a diode strip around the perimeter of the car allows you to provide additional lighting for literally the entire cabin. The brightness and hue of the backlight directly depend on the LEDs that you have selected. This lighting option allows you to increase the illumination by an average of two or even more times. If necessary, you can mount individual tape inserts in the roof of the cabin, while it is quite possible to create the effect of "starry sky".
  • Mounting the LED strip in the elements of the front dashboard, in its lowerpart allows you to additionally illuminate the seats at the feet of the driver and passengers. This tuning will increase the comfort of being in the car.
  • Also, in some situations, the LED strip is mounted on the car body. Most often, such lighting is used as auxiliary or even main running lights. However, often such a tape is exposed to external mechanical influence of the environment, due to which they can quickly fail.

If you want to become a happy owner of an original and stylish car and proudly cut through the roads, tuning will help you with this. Such improvements will help improve not only the appearance of the machine, but also increase its efficiency. The envious glances of all the surrounding car owners are guaranteed!

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