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The essence of the blocking on the "Duster"

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The essence of the blocking on the "Duster"
The essence of the blocking on the "Duster"

A foreign car is experiencing a real "boom" in popularity, and this is a completely understandable phenomenon. An inexpensive stylish crossover from the French automotive industry is a chic gift for connoisseurs of increased ride comfort, obedient handling and presentable appearance. Dynamic, moderately aggressive, it differs in many respects from its competitors, performing worthily on the international market. What role does the lock on the Duster play?

On the expediency of the differential

Why do you need a lock on the Duster
Why do you need a lock on the Duster

When driving straight - all the disks of the car are spinning the same way. The first turn or skid causes the wheels to move along different radii from each other, that is, the front and rear wheels do not travel the same distance. An equal speed inevitably becomes the cause of slippage.

They are responsible for the heavy load on the rubbing parts. As a result, their rapid wear leads the driver to a car center for repair or replacement of spare parts, a unit. In this regard, the developers came up with a differential, the task of which is to redistribute the torque depending on driving conditions. Why do we need a block on the "Duster", if everything is going so well?

Reasons for car locking device

In fact, there are important reasons for blocking the "Duster". In specific situations, the differential interferes due to the distribution of torque in certain proportions to all wheels. In general, the planetary mechanism seeks to give it to the place where it is easiest to do it.

Situation with ice without blocking can lead to sad consequences. At the start, one wheel will begin to slip, and the strength of the second wheel is not enough to turn it. In order to avoid such cases, one has to resort to blocking on the "Duster" for the possibility of each disk to realize its own potential. This helps to better grip the road surface. Thus, the mission of the locks lies in the transmission of torque to the cardans and axle shafts. This problem is solved in different ways.

Operating principles

The principles of the blocking on the Duster
The principles of the blocking on the Duster

With this type of blocking on the Renault Duster, the differential practically loses its main purpose, turning into a standard clutch that connects the axle shafts or cardan shafts. The clutch transmits torque to them at an equivalent angular velocity. For full differential potential it is necessary to block the rotation of the satellites.

There is another way out - to create a rigid clutch of the differential bowl with the axle shaft. This differential lock on the "Duster" is made using hydraulics,pneumatic or electric drive. The driver controls it. The method can be implemented in bridge, center differential systems.

Some Features

It is started manually or in automatic mode only when the machine is stopped
It is started manually or in automatic mode only when the machine is stopped

Blocking can be total or partial:

  1. The first technique involves increasing torque on a wheel with more resistance. The transmission of force by the components of the structure is limited.
  2. In the partial version, the mechanism stops the function and the torque is distributed equally to both rims.

On all-wheel drive models, a locking device is not installed on the front differential, otherwise this leads to a loss of power.

When to apply?

Blocking can be complete or partial
Blocking can be complete or partial

It is started manually or in automatic mode only when the machine is stopped. In this case, you need to act carefully - there is a high risk of "breaking" the mechanism. They are used at low speeds, in difficult terrain. With a manual type, you need to be extremely careful - you must not forget to turn off the mechanism when leaving off-road. Forgetful car owners otherwise have to pay with the transmission, spending money on its restoration. Summing up, we can highlight some of the advantages of a blocking installation.

About the pros

Motorists note the following benefits:

  • You can forget about diagonal hanging.
  • Off-road - no moreproblem.
  • Three wheels are spinning quietly instead of two.

To increase the cross-country ability, the rear blocking "Duster" of a self-locking nature is used. This method is suitable for owners of vehicles that constantly overcome obstacles of simple off-road. Wouldn't hurt to use them in the winter. It gives stability on slippery surfaces. The work is carried out automatically with an increase in the torque supplied to the lagging tire. The maximum blocking parameters are about 80%. Unlocking is observed when the speed is reset. Self-block can be interchanged with "brothers" of the standard type.

The diff works great with the ASR traction control as well as the directional stability design. He will act as an assistant to these systems. You cannot count on a manufacturer's warranty when installing such devices on the rear gearbox. It is important to entrust installation work to professionals who do not allow mistakes and who know the intricacies of technical devices.

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