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Do-it-yourself replacement of belts on the Chevrolet Niva
Do-it-yourself replacement of belts on the Chevrolet Niva

In the article we will talk about replacing belts on the Chevrolet Niva. There are three of them - a gas distribution mechanism, an air conditioner and a generator. It is worth noting that the timing drive only on Opel engines has a belt drive. On other motors, it is chain. Therefore, in our article we will consider only repairs on "opel" power units. It is also worth noting that the alternator drive belt still rotates the pulley of the pump, power steering. The easiest way is to change the air conditioning belt, we'll start with it.

How to change the air conditioning belt

In order to replace the air conditioning belt on the Chevrolet Niva, you need to use only one key for 12. There are no difficulties in carrying out repairs, just install the car on a viewing hole or overpass. It is much easier to make repairs, because the belt is located at the bottom. To remove it, you will need to loosen the roller mount. This will loosen the tension on the belt itself. Payattention to the condition of the roller - it must rotate without jamming, otherwise it will need to be replaced.

Replacing the rollers of the Chevrolet Niva generator belt

After installing a new belt, it is enough to tighten it with a bolt mounted on the roller. Please note that with the complex replacement of all belts, this one should be installed last. Replace the timing belt first, then the alternator, and lastly the air conditioner.

Removing the timing belt

Manipulations, which we will discuss later, should only be carried out on cars that are equipped with Opel engines.

Replacing the belt on the Niva

When replacing the timing belt on the Chevrolet Niva, do the following.

  1. Remove the air conditioning and cooling radiators completely. Before that, of course, you will have to drain the liquid from the cooling system and bleed the freon. There is no need to remove the fans from them.
  2. Remove the air filter housing.
  3. Remove the A/C compressor and alternator drive belts. Be sure to remove the tension mechanisms as well.
  4. Remove the upper part of the timing cover.
  5. Install marks on the gears of the shafts. They must necessarily match. There is a notch on the crankcase, which must match the mark on the pulley.

Installation of pump and timing belt

Chevrolet Niva belt roller replacement

Further instructions for replacing the belt withNiva Chevrolet.

  1. Remove the bolts and remove the crankshaft position sensor and pulley that tensions the timing belt. Very often it happens that the fastening of the roller does not lend itself, you have to knock it down with a chisel.
  2. Remove the pump, for this you need to unscrew the three bolts.
  3. All surfaces must be cleaned, degreased and sealed. After that, you can put a new pump.
  4. Install a new drive belt and rollers. Check if the marks on the camshaft and crankshaft match. This will require cranking the crankshaft several times.
  5. All elements that were previously removed must be reinstalled.
  6. Fill fluid into the cooling system.

In order to fill the air conditioning system with freon, you need to contact the service.

When to change the alternator drive belt

And now let's talk about how the belt is replaced on the Chevrolet Niva. There are no regulations regarding the generator drive belt, but the manufacturer still indicates the period when the element needs to be inspected. So, a condition check should be carried out approximately every 15,000 km. It can be considered normal if there are no cracks, traces of oil or antifreeze, excessive wear on the surface.

Replacing a belt on a Chevrolet Niva

If a whistle appears when the load is turned on, this is the first sign that the device needs to be replaced. Of course, you should first try to pull it up to get rid of suchtrouble.

How to change the alternator belt

If the car is equipped with air conditioning, you will have to remove the belt that drives the compressor. Replacing the belt on the Chevrolet Niva was described above. After installing a new alternator belt, install the air conditioner drive. As for the tension of the compressor drive, it is necessary that when pressed with a force of 10 kgf, it should bend no more than 8 mm. But do not tighten it too much, as this will lead to rapid wear of the bearings and belt rivulets.

Chevrolet Niva air conditioning belt replacement

When replacing the rollers and the alternator belt on the Chevrolet Niva, you need to perform the following manipulations.

  1. Remove the sleeves that supply air to the throttle. This will release the tension.
  2. Using a 13 socket, loosen the nuts that secure the tension roller bracket.
  3. Use a 13mm socket or wrench to turn the adjustment bolt counterclockwise. This will loosen the alternator belt.
  4. Remove the alternator belt from the tension roller and pulleys.

The procedure is very simple and does not require deep knowledge. Installation is in the reverse order. First, put the belt on the crankshaft pulley, and lastly start it by the roller. When the element is installed, you can begin to adjust.

Tension adjustment

In order to check the belt tension, you just need to press your finger on it approximately in the middle - between the pump gearscoolant (pump) and the generator itself. If the force is 8 kgf, then the maximum deflection value should be no more than 12 mm. But do not tighten it too much, as this will reduce the life of the bearings and the belt. And not only the generator, but also other auxiliary devices. When replacing a belt roller on a Chevrolet Niva, it is important to follow the instructions and adjust the tension correctly.

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