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Do-it-yourself Chevrolet Cruze tuning: photo

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Do-it-yourself Chevrolet Cruze tuning: photo
Do-it-yourself Chevrolet Cruze tuning: photo

Chevrolet Cruz is one of the most popular cars of our time. It has a beautiful design, excellent ride characteristics and a beautifully designed interior. The car is not very expensive, so it is popular with many people. But the car will be even better if it is slightly upgraded. On the Internet, you can most often see photos of tuning the Chevrolet Cruze (sedan), which is the most popular body type. And in order not to resort to the help of specially trained people, you can try to do it yourself.

Chevrolet headlights


Tuning "Chevrolet Cruz" should start with the appearance, because it is he who gives the first impression of the car. The following items will be subject to changes during this operation:

  • optical elements;
  • body;
  • wheels;
  • salon;
  • air collectors;
  • noise isolation;
  • acoustics;
  • camshafts;
  • engine;
  • exhaust pipes;
  • brakes.
Chevrolet Cruze tuning


Modification of optics in the Chevrolet Cruze helps the driver not only glorify his car in all its glory with a beautiful appearance, but also illuminate the road during night crossings. The first thing to start with is a complete or partial modification of lighting elements.

If the budget is slightly limited when tuning Chevrolet Cruze headlights, then many motorists are advised to purchase xenon or halogen lamps for installation on the front view. The rear ones should also not remain unchanged, and instead of conventional lamps, it is recommended to put LED ones. If money isn't an issue for tuning, then most Chevrolet owners are using lamps from more expensive cars.

The total amount of tuning that concerns the optical system will depend on the type. If you install simple lamps, then no more than 10 thousand will leave the wallet. If tuning involves the complete replacement of all optics components, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay about 30 thousand.

It is also important to fully adjust the headlights after installation, otherwise the movement of the car will be prohibited by the traffic police.

car tail lights


External modernization of the Chevrolet Cruze should begin with a change in the standard color. Most often, this car model is repainted in the brightest shades, while changing the structure of the paint, making it either glossy or matte. Spectacular drawings are applied to the doors and sides, which give the car a unique uniqueness, and also paste overspecial protective films. Photo tuning "Chevrolet Cruze" (hatchback) is the most popular in this type of modernization.

Even before the prohibition law was passed, many people tinted their car windows dark and colorful. Now the only way to protect the interior space from prying eyes is protective curtains, which are most often installed on the rear windows of the car.

When tuning a Chevrolet Cruze (sedan), it is recommended to change the doors and hood to carbon or carbon fiber. This is done in order to lighten the weight of the car, which will favorably affect fuel consumption. Cruz tuning also involves modifying the body kit, installing sports pads and a spoiler on the rear hood. But this is optional. Drivers also often change bumpers for more expensive models of cars that once had a beautiful design. The order of such a "decor" is carried out in special stores.

Factory bumpers are exchanged for parts from other models or elements that have a beautiful design (such parts can be ordered from a tuning studio or made independently from fiberglass).

As in the case of headlights, the upgraded car must be registered with the traffic police, so that later these employees do not have unnecessary questions.


Car hood

Tuning the Chevrolet Cruze wheels is to replace them with regular wheels. Instead of standard steel components, cast ones are installed, which are made of light alloys. Also available in 16" or 17" titanium.

The advantages of steel wheels are that they are highly durable, but cast wheels look more attractive and provide cooling for the brake system. There is no need to do any complicated actions - tuning the wheels consists only in replacing the disks.


vehicle interior

Upgraded car interior looks more comfortable. On sites, you can rarely find photos of Chevrolet Cruze tuning, with regards to the interior. Modernization is almost never done, but some drivers change the skin elements, which allows you to give the space an unusual look. When tuning the interior of the Cruise, car enthusiasts are not limited to one skin and try to change everything - panels, steering wheel and seats, which are made in several colors.

Noise isolation

Noise isolation "Chevrolet Cruz" has never caused negative feedback from drivers. But due to the high mileage in the car, tapping and unpleasant noises begin to occur, which indicates that an urgent need to upgrade. The first thing to do is to treat the interior with special lubricants and glue it with soundproof components. In the same way, you can improve the hood, roof or engine compartment.

Properly performed soundproofing will allow you to enjoy a pleasant trip while listening to your favorite music, and not worry about the fact that extraneous sounds can interfere with this.

Chevrolet Cruze


Musical accompaniment in the salon is also of great importance, and music loversstriving for perfect sound. Standard factory speakers are changed to powerful ones, and a subwoofer is installed in the back of the car. But it is worth considering the fact that with such tuning, the volume of the trunk will decrease to unrecognizable sizes.

In order to achieve the perfect sound, drivers also change the device for playing. Standard radios are being replaced with functional and touch-sensitive multimedia, which not only allow you to listen to music in high quality, but also give the cabin a more modern look.

Other Items

During tuning, LED backlights are installed on the instrument panels, and the glove box is also illuminated. For a more spectacular view of the cabin, you can install flashlights on the doorways. With such illumination, it is easier for passengers to board at night.


Machine engine

The next step in tuning the Chevrolet Cruze is to replace the engine. For the best effect, in addition to the new mechanism, motorists are advised to install a booster pedal and a gas amplification device. The cost of tuning in this case will be no more than 7 thousand rubles, which, in principle, is affordable for any person.

If, after the engine upgrade, the car began to drive better, this is an indicator of quality work in this direction.


If we move on to tuning the chassis of the car, then the most important element is the camshafts. Drivers install different types, which, according to the principle of operation, differ from each other:

  • Universal. These types of shafts are suitable for both good and bad types of roads. Such shafts significantly improve the following dynamics and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Shafts for heavy trucks. Camshafts of this type are installed only on heavy vehicles, which take place in the most difficult road conditions.
  • Sports. A shaft of this type significantly affects fuel consumption, but at the same time it well increases the dynamic properties of the Chevrolet.

Exhaust pipes

After tuning the exhaust system, the car becomes loud and very spectacular. To achieve this result, it is necessary to replace the regular exhaust system. According to motorists, the car looks more impressive when two pipes are installed on it.


Modernization of the brake system is one of the most important operations. As in many previous cases, do-it-yourself Chevrolet Cruze tuning involves replacing standard ones with more advanced ones. But professional mechanics do not recommend doing the upgrade yourself. Therefore, it is better to trust specially trained specialists.

If you install special two-piston calipers during tuning, this can help improve braking performance. But if this is not registered with the traffic police, then the consequences during the check can be disastrous.

exhaust pipes


And the last thing I would like to talk about is the Chevrolet Cruze suspension. When tuning, it is made either soft or hard.If we consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two types, then the rigid model improves the handling of the car. But all the bumps that exist on the road have a very strong effect on movement and cause the risk of wear on parts. If we take a soft suspension as an example, then it significantly dampens impulses when hitting an uneven surface, but handling deteriorates at high speeds.

Many motorists lower the body of the car by cutting the springs. This is the cheapest way to make your car stand out from the rest. But, according to reviews, a hydraulic suspension system would be a reasonable solution.

Concluding, we can say that the Chevrolet Cruze is a stylish, reliable and comfortable car, which, thanks to these qualities, has become one of the most popular. That is why this car is aimed at tuning, which allows you to give a beautiful design, increase comfort and improve driving performance.

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