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Features of tuning "Hammer H2" with photo

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Features of tuning "Hammer H2" with photo
Features of tuning "Hammer H2" with photo

Hummer is a unique car that surprises with its appearance and dimensions. This car has been out of production for a long time. But there are people - true fans who have been looking for a worthy copy for years to make it the car that is not ashamed to pass on to posterity. Consider the features of tuning "Hummer H2".

Car Features

A good Hummer is expensive now. But to create a dream car, you will need to invest at least another three million rubles in tuning the Hammer H2. And this is the minimum amount. Such improvements can be done endlessly.

The main nuance of used Hummers is that it is very difficult to find a non-tuned car. Often cars are transformed absolutely tasteless. Therefore, preference should be given to machines without modifications. In the future, you can change them depending on your own preferences.

Tuning "Hummer"

First revisions

Tuning "Hammer H2" can start with a change of wheels. They are ordered from America. The dimensions of these wheels are impressive. An important role is played by high-quality rubber.

Further transformation of the SUV consists of small and mediumrepair. The car does not always require serious intervention, but troubleshooting is a must. Then you can move on to improving the interior and audio system. Photo tuning "Hammer H2" can be studied further. Initially unpretentious "Hammer" will become a premium model. But these works are quite expensive.

Very roomy interior

Advantage benefits

Tuning the interior of the "Hammer H2" is most often done because it is a car "for the soul." The optics of the car also do not look very impressive, so it is better to change the film on the headlights to a more matte one.

In order to increase the cross-country ability of an SUV, you can increase the clearance. To do this, order a lift kit. It can also be purchased in America, because new parts of this kind are no longer made. The weight of the set is 240 kg. The production of "Humvees" has now been completed.

For tuning the audio system, it is better to turn to professionals. Users report that such work is effectively performed in Rostov.

The transformation of the interior is to remake it. Profiles change, sides are added, the pillow and ceiling change. The monitor can be left native. The car has a third row of seats. This American SUV is very roomy. You can choose the perfect quality carpet as the interior cover.

Salon "Hummer H2"

Further transformations

The car's trunk is too small, but the interior has a great center console. All aluminum coating inside the carrepainted with Beige-Black Royal Lacquer. 140 kg of noise insulation is installed for the correct operation of the audio system.

Seats from Maserati are additionally installed. The monitor also requires conversion. You will need to install a processor, all-round cameras. A satellite alarm is installed for remote control of the vehicle. With these modifications, the car will be controlled from a distance using a mobile phone.

Converted salon "Hummer H2"

Motor improvement

Off-road tuning "Hummer H2" is to flash the engine. Such conversions are necessary because the power of the car must match the size of the newly installed wheels, and they are quite impressive in appearance. Otherwise, the unit will not "pull" such a mass.

Tuning Ideas

From the "Hummer" you can make the perfect car. To do this, you need to install an electric motor, add a supercharger, tighten the brakes, think about lightening the steering wheel. It would be nice to increase the engine power. Digital memory can be installed.

The cost of the restyled Hammer today is over two million rubles. The car is worthy of attention and can be transformed indefinitely. It is believed that the Americans created this SUV as a prototype of a space self-propelled gun. She could even conquer the craters of lunar volcanoes. In the era of elegant electric vehicles, such a powerful SUV will look especially impressive. Therefore, many connoisseurs of iconic cars do not skimpinvest millions of rubles in tuning this vehicle.


The ability to carry out transformations allows you to improve the car without restrictions. It all depends on the imagination and financial capabilities of the car owner.

If we talk about the "Hummer H2", it is better to buy an unfinished version than to change other people's transformations, because this is a matter of taste. The car has already been discontinued, so in order to purchase parts, you will need to order them in the homeland of the Hammer - in America.

Motorists believe that this SUV has a terrible interior and audio system, and headlights require mandatory replacement. And this is only the beginning of transformations that can be carried out endlessly. But on the other hand, a modified SUV can become family pride and family heirloom. It will not be a shame to leave it as a legacy to posterity. The Hammer 2 is an iconic car that will continue to delight with its power for a long time to come.

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