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Silencer "Kalina-Universal": description and replacement

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Silencer "Kalina-Universal": description and replacement
Silencer "Kalina-Universal": description and replacement

A silencer is installed on the Kalina-Universal to remove exhaust gases from the engine. This node consists of two main parts: main and additional. They are connected to each other by a sealing ring and a clamp. The main part of the muffler also includes a converter. It is installed on the bottom of the car. The muffler of a domestic car is designed, on average, for at least 50 thousand kilometers.

Differences in quality mufflers

muffler for "Kalina" station wagon

Purchasing a new muffler is a very responsible business. One of the main issues is the purchase of a quality product. You can buy a cheaper version that is homemade, but it will last 4 times less than a factory muffler. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to determine a quality device. Mufflers "Kalina-Universal" differ in the following parameters:

  1. Material.The factory part is made of aluminum or stainless steel. A stainless steel muffler is hard to find. Parts from other materials for the "Lada-Kalina" will not work.
  2. Cost. The price of a quality device is over 1000 rubles. A fake can be found at car markets for 500 rubles.
  3. Mass. The weight of a quality muffler will be more. This is due to the fact that the part has compacted walls, and there is also a special “cotton wool” that can hold sound.
  4. Place of purchase. It will be difficult for you to find quality parts in spontaneous markets. It is best to buy a muffler in a special auto shop or service center.

Possible malfunctions

The following signs indicate a broken muffler:

  • a growling sound is heard from the engine;
  • Exhaust fumes enter the interior of the car.

The main causes of a malfunction of the Kalina-Universal muffler:

  • water entering the muffler structure, which in the future leads to the formation of corrosion;
  • condensation due to sudden temperature fluctuations;
  • mechanical damage to the part;
  • breaking connections due to car shaking on the roads;
  • muffler burnout.

When a breakdown occurs, a problem arises - replacement of a part or repair? In any case, action must be taken. If this is not done, the powerful roar of the car will disturb others and attract the attention of traffic police officers.

Part cost

The price of a muffler for Kalina Universal ranges from 750 to 3 thousand rubles. To keep safeyourself from buying a fake, it is better to purchase an original muffler, and not its analogue. The original part will last several times longer. Many car enthusiasts try to find a suitable resonator from various foreign cars, which significantly reduces the sound, but this is not a way out.

Replace part at service center

car muffler replacement

When replacing the muffler, you need to be especially careful, as there are many options for the part, depending on the Kalina model. The desired element is selected in accordance with the attachment points and dimensions. If problems arise during the repair work, it is better to replace the Kalina-Universal muffler at a service center.

In fact, repairing or replacing a muffler is a simple but painstaking job. The cost should be appropriate - no more than 1300-2000 rubles. If the price exceeded this level, it is most likely a scam. But if specialists ask for 200-500 rubles for work, then you won’t have to expect high-quality repairs.

Most likely, you will even need to replace the resonator - the second important part of the muffler. It performs similar functions with the main muffler. However, the resonator additionally protects the device from flames and sparks. In case of problems, it is worth troubleshooting immediately.

Change the muffler with your own hands

muffler replacement "Kalina" station wagon

Work on replacing the muffler "Kalina-2-Universal" will require the preparation of the following tools and consumablesmaterials:

  • key at 13;
  • WD-40 grease;
  • hammer;
  • flathead screwdriver;
  • new part (silencer).

The dismantling of the device is considered the most difficult and time-consuming stage of this work. If you can't knock the part off with a hammer, use a screwdriver. Locate the clamp that connects the resonator to the muffler. It should also be dismantled, but it will be difficult to do this: the bolts stick with time and unscrew very poorly. They must be lubricated with WD-40 and wait 10-15 minutes. Only after that you need to try to unscrew the bolts again. Experts advise using long wrenches, because in some places it will be very difficult to unscrew the nuts.

After you have removed the clamp, dismantle the muffler from the rubber hangers. There are only two of them: the first is located near the very bottom of the car, and the second - near the edge of the muffler. After that, the device is allowed to be removed.

muffler attachment "Kalina" station wagon

To install a new muffler, do all the steps described above in reverse order. Change pillows if necessary. You need to be sure that the parts that make up the exhaust system do not come into contact with body elements, even with small vibrations. Otherwise, when driving, a constant knock will be heard. Before attaching the muffler, it is better to remove all stickers and price tags from it. At the end of the work, as a tuning, you can put on a special chrome nozzle on the Kalina-Universal muffler.

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