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Bridgestone Ice Cruiser review. "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000": advantages and disadvantages of winter tires
Bridgestone Ice Cruiser review. "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000": advantages and disadvantages of winter tires

With the approach of cold weather, most motorists are thinking about changing summer tires. The experience of recent years suggests that the vagaries of an unpredictable winter make it much more difficult to choose the right rubber. Regular severe frosts, sharply replaced by short periods of almost spring thaw, leave their mark on the condition of the roadway - ice, snow drifts or "porridge" on the roads change each other throughout the winter. Therefore, the security of all road users under any weather conditions depends on the versatility of the tire. Properly selected "winter shoes" of the car are the key to efficient and safe driving in extreme conditions of unpredictable weather.

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 review

What are winter tires?

Despite some similarities between car tires, they are all very different. In addition to the fact that “car shoes” can be summer or winter,there are separate types of this or that kind. Today, there are two types of winter tires: studded and friction rubber, the so-called Velcro.

Most motorists, when changing shoes for their car, prefer reliable and proven Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires. Reviews of these winter tires indicate that many car owners in our country have already experienced this type of rubber on Russian roads and were very pleased with its quality and technical and operational characteristics.

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 price

Studded winter tires: advantages and disadvantages

Studded tires are rubber tires with special carbide spikes in the tread. Depending on the model range of the tire and its manufacturer, these elements can be of different designs, and the tread itself can have a unique pattern. The principle of operation of Scandinavian-type tires is to ensure that when the car is moving, metal spikes pierce into the ice, providing an increase in the coefficient of friction and reliable grip on the roadway. Studded tires guarantee stable movement of the car on the road covered with a crust of ice. As the rubber wears, the metal inserts wear as well.

bridgestone tires

Rubber noise and uselessness when driving on wet roads are significant disadvantages of studded models. But this version of "winter shoes" is perfect for those who travel a lot on country roads. Studded tires suit everyonethe requirements of increased cross-country ability when driving on an icy roadway or on roads covered with wet and loose snow. They perfectly hold the car on bends and corners, provide a short braking distance and a quick start without slipping in icy conditions.

Friction rubber

Velcro has a softer compound and a unique tread pattern. It is thanks to the large number of grooves and the special pattern that tires of this type literally absorb moisture from the surface of the roadway and thus “stick” to it. A good grip result is enhanced by the presence of a large number of grooves, through which excess water or snow porridge is discharged. Small cuts (sipes) provide excellent grip with small road irregularities.

Nevertheless, non-studded tires are significantly inferior to studded ones in terms of performance. This type of winter tire will be the best option for urban residents who rarely travel on country roads.

bridgestone winter

Winter tire review

From year to year, motorists discuss and argue about the choice of winter tires. In automotive forums, everyone tries to prove the viability or worthlessness of certain models. However, it is extremely difficult for an ordinary layman to assess the full range of opportunities and disadvantages of car tires. Usually car enthusiasts prefer a certain manufacturer based on their own experience and reviews.

"Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000", "Michelin X-ice", Nokian Nordman and many other brands are subjected to endless test drives on icy tracks in harsh conditions of difficult terrain, at various air temperatures and various atmospheric phenomena. However, only special experts from research centers can determine the true quality and the best technical characteristics.

The best Scandinavian type tires - official information from news agencies

According to the information collected by specialized publications (in our country, this is the Za Rulem magazine and the Autoreview newspaper) and published on thematic websites, it became known that it was Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 that showed good qualities of winter types of tires. Reviews about them were the most positive and promising.

Modern developments of the Japanese manufacturer

When developing this tire model, the Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone primarily focused on deliveries to the Scandinavian countries and the CIS countries, where, as you know, winters are usually frosty and snowy. That is why the company's developers have paid special attention to maximizing the performance of the tire.

As noted by company representatives, the amendments made to the project should have provided a significant increase in the grip of the wheel with an icy or loose snow-covered track. At the same time, the rubber itself had to become soft, but very durable. They had to work hard on a new type of rubber, but the result justified all the hopes of the manufacturer.

Another task for the developers wasensuring an acceptable price for the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000, since the release of these models was aimed at average citizens.

Special rubber compound

The secret of strength, reliability and durability of Bridgestone tires is a special rubber compound. Thanks to the addition of specially shaped synthetic crystals added during the manufacturing process of the rubber compound, tires acquire excellent traction. The latest development of Japanese scientists allows the car tire to retain all the necessary technical properties even with a minimum residual height. Moreover, the special composition of the rubber provides a long service life for the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000. Reviews of Russian motorists indicate that tires regularly serve for about 3-5 autumn-winter seasons.

winter tire review

Spike resistance technology

When comparing the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 studs with previous models of winter tires produced, one can hardly notice any serious differences. An innovative design change is hidden inside the rubber rim.

Manufacturer "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000" - developed a new type of Scandinavian-type car tires and modernized the design of the metal "fang" so that the fixation strength was as reliable as possible. As a result, the problem of spikes falling out was almost completely solved. In this case, for example, the price of "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 R15", compared with the cost of "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 5000R15" increased by about 30%.

Strong inner tire frame

The versatility of operation of this type of tires and the presence of high performance indicators are achieved due to the powerful internal frame. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser tires, in addition to being designed to perform reliably in harsh weather conditions, provide excellent resistance to external factors of damage, wear resistance and durability. They guarantee a wide "footprint" with the road and a safe ride in all conditions.

Real Japanese quality

In 2009, the Japanese company "Bridgestone" began producing new models of Scandinavian-type rubber tires. In Russia, these models have been available since 2010.

Improved driving performance "Bridgestone", winter tires that do not lose excellent performance when temperatures drop to -35˚C, reinforced tire structure and special technology to resist studs from falling out, long service life - indicators of excellent quality and reliability of automobile tires. It is thanks to them that these models are so loved by car owners.

Judging by the reviews, "Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000" is a modern series of Scandinavian-type studded tires, designed specifically for harsh conditions of use in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter. Japanese tires guarantee a safe ride on icy and snowy roads. Bridgestone products are ideal for all-weather use in northern regions.

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 manufacturer

Optimal price-quality ratio

Please note that the cost of each model depends on the tire size. The novelty of the Japanese tire industry is aimed at owners of passenger cars, mid-size sedans and small hatchbacks, which are distinguished by excellent dynamics and sporty character. Many car owners, in addition to the quality of Japanese tires, are quite satisfied with the price of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000.

Inexpensive tires, in comparison with other imported brands, provide a safe and comfortable ride in all weather conditions. In Russia, the average price of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser R17 can vary from 6 to 9 thousand rubles - it all depends on the region of sale and the honesty of the seller. Perhaps, for some, these figures may seem sky-high, because analogues of tires from Russian manufacturers can be purchased 2-3 times cheaper. However, there is absolutely no guarantee as to the quality of domestic models - our developers have not yet learned how to produce models that meet international standards. Therefore, drivers who prefer safe driving choose imported products. They feel that the asking price is quite in line with the quality and reliability of a trusted brand.

bridgestone ice cruiser 7000 price r15


The new Japanese-made product has proven itself from the best side. All the shortcomings noted in the previous version of the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser studded winter tires were eliminated and improved: the tires became durable, acquiredReinforced frame of the rim, improved design of the metal spike and secure fixation that prevents it from falling out. At the same time, the rubber itself has become much softer, which, of course, affects the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Bridgestone winter tires excel in participating in all kinds of test drives and demonstration races. Thanks to excellent technical characteristics, members of the expert jury award them honorary places. According to driver reviews, the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 is clearly the leader among many brands of branded tires of Western and European production: they perform well in off-road conditions in all situations, allow you to smoothly fit into a turn and keep the car well on bends, provide a normal start without slipping and short stopping distance. The advantages of this type of tires should also include a large selection of sizes and an acceptable cost of Japanese models.

That is why the Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000 tires are the clear favorites of many not only Russian but also foreign motorists.

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