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VAZ-2106. Reviews, prices, photos and specifications

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VAZ-2106. Reviews, prices, photos and specifications
VAZ-2106. Reviews, prices, photos and specifications

VAZ 2106 "Zhiguli" - a Soviet subcompact car with a body type "sedan", the successor of the VAZ 2103 model. years, from 1975 to 2005.

In the post-perestroika period, in 1998, the assembly of the model was transferred from Tolyatti to Syzran, to the Roslada enterprise, and in 2001 the car began to be produced at a Ukrainian plant located in the city of Kherson. In the last three years, before being discontinued in December 2005, the VAZ 2106 was produced at the IzhAvto plant in the city of Izhevsk. In just 30 years of production, 4 million 300 thousand cars rolled off the assembly line.

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Begin production

The development of the model started in 1974, at the Design Center of the Volga Automobile Plant, under the index "21031". The project provided for a deep restyling of the already existing VAZ 2103 model. In the process of updating the Troika, AvtoVAZ management expected to reduce the costcar by reducing the number of expensive chrome parts and introducing new lighting elements that meet European standards. The exterior of the VAZ 2106 was designed according to the latest design fashion - black plastic, which replaced all the chrome trim parts. The front of the car has changed radically: instead of the previous sparkling radiator grille, a matte black hydrocarbon module was installed. Dual headlights received plastic "glasses", black "corners" appeared at the ends of the front and rear bumpers, which immediately became the hallmark of the car, it was recognized precisely by these details. The back of the VAZ 2106 was also updated: the trunk lid looked more stylish due to the horizontal lining, the taillights were also trimmed with black plastic parts.

The development of the updated model was jealously watched by the Italians, since VAZ cars are, in fact, a copy of Fiat, they began to be produced under license in Tolyatti in 1971. The modernization of the "troika" was successful: a new model with impeccable driving characteristics, a high level of comfort and low-cost maintenance was obtained. At that time, the price for the "six" was quite high, but even despite this, the car still did not go on sale, there was a shortage. Special commissions distributed cars according to the order of the Ministry of Commerce.

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Designers intended to continue their improvements, but they were stopped by the manufacturers. Tothe car did not become too expensive, we decided to be satisfied with what had already been achieved. The interior of the VAZ 2106 has also undergone changes: comfortable headrests were installed on the backs of the front seats, door handles-armrests became more luxurious. The dashboard was enriched with a panel lighting rheostat, an indicator of a critical level of brake fluid, a windshield washer switch and an alarm button with a red backlight. More expensive trims included a radio, heated rear window, and a red fog light mounted under the rear bumper.

Power plant

The engine for the VAZ 2106 car was installed brand "2103", with cylinders with a diameter of 79 mm and a working volume of 1.57 liters. The engine power was supposed to be increased from 76 to 80 hp, but the old intake system did not allow this, and everything had to be left as it was. The gearbox was adapted to the new engine: the gear ratios were reduced in the first three gears, while the direct gear remained unchanged. The result of these improvements was quite satisfactory. Later, the power plant in the same set was installed on the VAZ 2121 Niva model.

Initially, it was planned to call the new model VAZ 21031, so as not to break away from the base "troika", but the radically modified car was so different from its predecessor that it was given its own number. So the VAZ 2106 brand appeared in the AvtoVAZ family. The first "six" rolled off the assembly line in December 1975, and serial production began on February 21, 1976.

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Carburettors: which one is better

During the production process, the VAZ 2106 was constantly improved. Since 1980, the Ozone carburetor was installed on the car instead of the economical Weber. The new carburetor was structurally unsuccessful, as it was designed to save fuel at the same power. But, as it turned out, there are no miracles in the automotive world, and Ozone, with its most complex adjustments, somehow did not take root. Fortunately, the proven single-chamber carburetor of the Italian Eduard Weber was produced in the range of spare parts, and every owner of a VAZ 2106 car and other VAZ brands could, if desired, buy it in a car shop.

Improvements also affected the exterior parts of the "six", first of all, the moldings were finalized, which now ended in black plastic tips. Along the way, the fringing of the wheel arches was abolished. The outdated ventilation grilles on the rear pillars were replaced with new ones, from the VAZ 2105 model. The chassis was also improved, the rear brakes were replaced with units of the same "five", which were much more efficient. In 1986, a transmission was borrowed from the VAZ 2105.

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Saving mode

It must be said that since 1987, the leadership of AvtoVAZ has been persistently pursuing a policy of reducing the cost of the "six": the red electric lights of the door ends were replaced with simple reflectors, the parking brake red flashing relay was removed. Removed chrome trimbody gutters. Wheel covers were abolished, the interior also "suffered", panels with imitation "under the tree" were no longer installed. In 1993, they even canceled the side moldings, but the car began to look like a bare one, and the chrome lining was returned.

Export modification

The economy mode did not affect the VAZ 2106, sent for export, and small series intended for sale on the domestic market, with a complete set of the "Lux" type. In this version, the car received a contactless ignition system, the best carburetor of that period of time - the Solex brand, halogen headlights, velor seat upholstery and door panels, and improved headrests. The modification was produced with an engine of 1500 cubic meters, bumpers from the VAZ 2105 model, a reinforced generator and a five-speed gearbox. The VAZ 21064 modification, which was exported, in addition to the listed accessories, was equipped with exclusive bumpers with integrated turn signals and an improved electrical circuit. The export version was equipped with a five-speed gearbox with a reduced gear ratio, which significantly reduced fuel consumption. The interior of export cars was decorated using expensive materials, in some cases, by order of foreign dealers, the seats were covered with genuine leather, which significantly increased the cost of the car.

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VAZ "six" in the first seven years of production has consistently remained the most prestigious model in its class, being considered an example of reliability andhigh level of comfort. Due to its reputation, the VAZ 2106 was one of the most popular cars among Russians with average incomes from the late eighties to the year 2000, despite the fact that the model was already outdated and the build quality left much to be desired.


  • Body - four-door sedan, five-seater.
  • Chassis - VAZ 2101.
  • VAZ 2106 engine.
  • Fuel is gasoline.
  • Number of cylinders - 4.
  • Cylinder capacity - 1570 cm3.
  • Power - 76 hp at 5400 rpm.
  • Cylinder arrangement - in-line.
  • Number of valves - 8.
  • Stroke - 80 mm.
  • Cylinder diameter - 79 mm.
  • Compression ratio - 8, 5.
  • Food - carb.


  • Length - 4166 mm.
  • Height - 1440 mm.
  • Width - 1611 mm.
  • Wheel base - 2424 mm.
  • Weight - 1045 kg.


  • Acceleration to 100 km/h - 17.5 seconds.
  • Maximum speed is 154 km/h.
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How much does VAZ 2106 cost

VAZ 2106 cars are still in steady demand among Russians, the car has been and remains reliable, quite comfortable and fast. The high-speed engine provides acceleration, besides the motor is relatively economical. Prices for a car range from 20,000 to 65,000 rubles, depending on the year of manufacture and technical condition.

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Owner Reviews

Since the VAZ 2106 car has been generally considered the best model in its class for 30 years, customer reviews have been mostly positive. Even now, after almost ten years from the day when the last "six" rolled off the assembly line, the reviews on the car have not become worse. Owners note first of all its reliability, efficiency and relatively inexpensive maintenance. Many owners consider the "six" a prestigious model. The best VAZ 2106 that have survived to this day look good and can even be considered rare specimens.

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