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Hyundai Verna: specifications, photos and reviews of car owners

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Hyundai Verna: specifications, photos and reviews of car owners
Hyundai Verna: specifications, photos and reviews of car owners

If you look at the photo of Hyundai Verna, it is noticeable that the model has an extraordinary appearance. It is she who makes the car recognizable on the road. However, only car owners from the amateur category feel sympathy for its design.

Hyundai Verna

At a Glance

Manufacturers, creating this model, tried to take into account all the wishes of customers and market requirements. Already today the price of this car is much lower than its predecessor - Hyundai Accent. This brings the Verna to a new level of competition with other machines from other major manufacturers. Recently, the sales volume of Korean cars has increased. This stimulates the manufacturers of Hyundai Verna, and they are counting on success. The engine of their brainchild is from the middle class in terms of power, which allows the car to move quite confidently. The driver will feel comfortable behind the wheel even when driving in a large stream. The vehicle in question has a fairly simple control, which even a novice motorist can handle. Here, perhaps, are all the main positive qualities that Hyundai Verna can boast of. Reviews of someowners about this model are quite unflattering. What did they dislike so much about this version? More on that later.


The first of the shortcomings of this car can be considered interior design, which proved to be not the best. The black and white color scheme is puzzling for some owners. Inexpensive parts painted in light colors stand out in particular. The owner of such a car will not be easy to keep clean in the cabin. The designers obviously overdid it with the installation of the gearbox. Its handle is below the level to which everyone is accustomed. This creates obvious discomfort. In addition, the steering wheel is also not very conveniently located. However, to be fair, it should be noted that the Hyundai Verna manufacturers were more striving to create a "workhorse" rather than a premier-class executive car that should delight and amaze the imagination. Therefore, in fact, the model turned out to be not too bright. Do not forget that the Hyundai Verna version is a budget option. Its cost does not exceed $20,000. And in general, given the purpose, the car looks quite decent.

photos of hyundai verna

Hyundai Verna Specifications

The basic equipment is equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of the driver and passengers. Manufacturers equipped the model of this assembly with two gasoline engines to choose from: a volume of 1.4 liters and a power of 95 hp. With. and 1.6 l and 112 l. With. The car is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic. ModelHyundai Verna is a car that is comfortable to drive even in difficult weather conditions. It is undoubtedly aimed at the average buyer. In addition, the presented version is equipped with a ventilated brake system with an increased diameter. The package also includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Manufacturers have done a good job with the level of protection for the passengers of the Hyundai Verna car: the model is equipped with side and dual frontal airbags.

Car interior

Inside the Hyundai Verna one feels the accuracy of the design: all lines are precise and pronounced, the perfect size of the gaps and the elaboration of all joints are striking. However, the interior of the car is considered non-standard due to the combination of colors, which scares away some buyers. The appearance of the car can be described as modern. It cannot be said that the car stands out from the general flow of cars. But outwardly the model is recognizable. You can enhance the experience by resorting to such an event as Hyundai Verna tuning.

hyundai verna reviews

Other features

The maneuverability of the car fully meets the requirements for cars of this class. It actively accelerates and implicitly slows down. The suspension is noisy, but at the same time gently reacts to bumps in the road. The wheels are completely subordinate to the steering wheel. The dashboard of this model is not particularly prominent. It can be described as not very informative. However, for many fans this is enough. Drivers celebrate in some wayminimalism inherent in the interior. However, the cabin is quite comfortable - there is nothing superfluous.

hyundai verna specifications

Development history

How did the "Verna" model come about? As you know, the Hyundai Accent car was very popular among car lovers. The second series of "Accent" was renamed Verna. This brand was first introduced to the Russian consumer in 2006 in dealerships. The romantic name Verna is translated from Latin as "coming spring". The novelty was immediately described as a budget option. The Hyundai Accent was produced at factories in South Korea. Less than six months after the start of sales, the model became one of the best-selling in the world. Cars have become very popular on all four continents. Especially the car liked in Europe. Such a demand for the novelty was guaranteed by a surprisingly low price, which sometimes reached the cost of some bicycle models. In 1999, a new model, the Hyundai Verna, debuted on the automotive consumer market. Her popularity also grew quite quickly. The car began to be sold no less actively To avoid confusion between the two models, the next version of the Accent car in the domestic Korean market received a new name - Verna. They also began to call the third model of the famous series.

tuning hyundai verna

Price of basic configuration

Hyundai Verna is considered one of the most affordable. Basic equipment will costbuyer for only $14,000. It includes: a 1.4-liter engine, a 5-speed gearbox (mechanics), a steering wheel equipped with an electric power steering and a control mechanism. There are also airbags, as well as central locking. And for $17,000 you can buy a new car with an automatic gearbox.


The Hyundai Verna ranks between Accent and Elantra in all respects. The similarity with the brand "Accent" indicates a certain "austerity" in everything. As for the cost, the price of "Verna" is closer to the Elantra option. The demand for cars in the world is constantly growing. Many drivers would like to have a simple and maneuverable car. It may not look like a premium model, but the technical characteristics will satisfy the basic needs. In this situation, the car we examined is the most.

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